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Rummy Nation

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44 MB

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Rs 30

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RS 100

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Features of Rummy Nation

Rummy Nation is a competitive online game that is popular due to its several qualities. To attract potential customers, it offers several attractive attributes:

  • Rummy Nation comes in three modes, viz. Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy.
  • Players can play 13-card Indian rummy and 21-card rummy games in the Rummy Nation apk.
  • The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount on the Rummy Nation app is Rs. 100.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to handle because of its basic layout. Rummy Nation apk is perfect for those who want to improve their rummy skills without worrying about other things.

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Introducing Rummy Nation, the fastest-growing online rummy site in the world. The team of professionals at Rummy Nation is dedicated to improving the rummy-playing experience of the users. They provide premium games, hassle-free gameplay, regular promotions, and cash prizes, all for an enjoyable experience.

With the best rummy website, Rummy Nation, players can play their favourite rummy games online while downloading the rummy app, allowing them to play cash games online in real-time. Rummy Nation was launched to give Indian rummy players the best gaming experience possible. It is possible to play rummy in various formats against other players using Rummy Nation.

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History of Rummy Nation

Since the players are genuine, one has a great chance to win more money on Rummy Nation than on any other rummy website. Players can win a lot of money when they play on the Rummy Nation apk.

Founded in New Delhi in 2016, the company has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Any rummy fan will find Rummy Nation the ideal place to play the card game. It allows players to play with peace of mind as it offers100% legal and safe gameplay. Ensuring fairness is one of the significant concerns when playing online rummy. The RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm determines the cards dealt in the rummy games and maintains the game's integrity.

How to download Rummy Nation for iOS and Android

Players can download the Rummy Nation app for their Android phones, and the game is available in English and Hindi. Sadly, the game is not available for iOS users currently.

There are just a few easy steps that Android users can follow to get the Rummy Nation apk:

Step 1: The Rummy Nation app can be found with a simple search on Safari or Chrome, depending on the device. The players must open reputable and secure websites and click the offered Rummy Nation APK link to complete the Rummy Nation app download procedure.

Step 2: After finding the app, the players can click on the Rummy Nation download button.

Step 3: If their app does not allow installation from unknown sources, they must go to their settings and enable it first.

Step 4: Now, they can click on the install option and complete the installation process.

How to register, log in, sign up and create an account on the Rummy Nation

To start playing online rummy games on the Rummy Nation app, the players can follow these steps:

Step 1: The players need to install the Rummy Nation app first.

Step 2: The players can register with their Facebook account or mobile number. The easiest way to register is through a mobile number.

Step 3: The players must enter their mobile number in the designated box and choose a password. After that, they will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number, and they can enter the OTP to proceed with the registration process.

Step 4: Finally, they can tap on 'Bind' and enter their email address and name to create an account on the Rummy Nation app.

How to play on the Rummy Nation

The steps listed below will guide you through the process of applying without any issues:
Step 1: Rummy Nation offers three types of games once the players initiate the Rummy Nation login process. These games are cash games, tournaments, and practice games.

Step 2: The new players can choose the practice game to improve their skills. Later, they can test their skills in the cash game and tournaments. A bonus of Rs. 25 is available to verify each mobile number and email ID. This bonus can be used to play cash games or be included in the withdrawal amount.

Step 3: Once the players win a game, they earn points. The reward points can be converted into cash as per the below image.

Types of games Rummy Nation offers

Several games can be found within the Rummy Nation app, where you can choose from categories such as Point Rummy, Indian rummy, Andar Bahar, Dragon vs. Tiger, and many other card games.

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Rummy Nation Review

Bonuses and Offers

In addition to a payback bonus, Rummy Nation offers a unique sign-up incentive and a referral bonus! Here is how to obtain it:

  • After registering on the Rummy Nation bonus platform, a player with a brand-new Rummy Nation account will earn a Rs 51 registration bonus.
  • Referees will immediately be rewarded if they successfully link their online accounts to the Rummy Nation reference code.
  • The referrer will also receive a 30% commission on the prize if the referee prevails.
  • The sign-up and referral incentives are not transferred to the game's associated savings account; only winnings are.
  • Additionally, the user can withdraw it for a minimum of Rs. 100 into a savings account.

Withdrawal & Deposit

To make a withdrawal from the Rummy Nation app, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Withdraw button from the main menu on the Rummy Nation app to start the withdrawal process.
  2. Using the Rummy Nation app, you can take a minimum of INR 100 if the withdrawal is less than or equal to 100 INR.
  3. Enter the desired withdrawal amount. Then click the "Withdraw" option.
  4. Include details about your UPI or payment method.

Your withdrawal from Rummy Nation has been completed, and you will immediately receive your funds in your bank account.

You can use the app's online banking feature to add more than INR 10 and as much as INR 100,000 to your account. Following are the steps for funding your Rummy Nation account:

  1. Pick the Add Cash icon from the menu to add a payment.
  2. Specify the amount you wish to add.
  3. Click Add Cash to add money.
  4. After choosing UPI or another method of payment, click Next.
  5. Select Proceed after completing your KYC on the Rummy Nation app.
  6. After inputting your Card or UPI ID details, click "Pay Now."

The money is deposited into your savings account on Rummy NationVungo within 10 seconds of your withdrawal request. Even on Sundays, withdrawals are completed every day of the week. 500 INR is the minimum withdrawal amount, and 2,000,000 INR is the maximum withdrawal amount.

Don't hesitate to contact the Rummy Nation customer care number for further details on the deposit and withdrawal process!

Leaderboard and Tournaments

You only need to create an account, which would be a fairly straightforward process, to begin playing online rummy. After properly registering, you can begin playing different rummy games and participating in their competitions. You are free to select the formats, degree of difficulty, and awards that you desire.

Rummy Hero events are the perfect venue for playing and winning money in online rummy tournaments. These competitions are well-structured and offer a smooth user interface. The Rummy Hero competitions are the perfect blend of enjoyment with rewards.

On the platform, numerous cash games and tournaments are now underway. You just need to complete the registration process to start playing online cash rummy games. You can play rummy on a mobile device and a web browser by choosing the "rummy game download" button.

For more information about the Rummy Hero tournaments, make sure to contact the Rummy Hero customer care number.

Customer Support

Rummy Nation is at the top of the list regarding providing our gamers first-rate customer service. Each staff member is knowledgeable and possesses the knowledge to respond to user inquiries about free online games. They have devoted customer service agents available to help with any problems. When you email Rummy Nation or submit a ticket, an automated response is delivered along with the request details for your records. Their team will respond to your inquiry in a short while.


Question Answer
What is the minimum withdrawal amount? The minimum withdrawal amount with Rummy Nation is R. 100.
Is downloading the Rummy Nation APK secure? Rummy Nation is a safe program created by a group of highly competent individuals. It is anchored on top-notch server infrastructure with all the necessary security measures, making it secure.
How can I add cash? The available balance and bonus cash will be automatically visible to the players when they open the Rummy Nation apk. They can click on the '+' symbol beside the Cash option to add money to their account.
How to Withdraw Money From Rummy Nation? Players can use the IMPS transfer process to withdraw their earnings from the Rummy Nation app. The option of UPI withdrawal is not available currently on this app.

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