How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Magic Rummy(मैजिक रम्मी)?


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magic rummy

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Magic Rummy

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Rs 510

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Features of Magic Rummy

Magic Rummy (मैजिक रम्मी) is an online version of the widespread Rummy Game, and it is one of the best Rummy Games available in the country. This app allows the players to play their favourite Rummy Game conveniently anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it also gives a chance for the players to earn money while playing. Besides, Magic Rummy offers one of the smoothest gaming experiences on iOS and Android platforms. Also, the money transaction in the magic rummy app has the smoothest experience.

Due to the hard work of the ardent developers, Magic Rummy (मैजिक रम्मी) has over 10 lakh players. Moreover, the developers of Magic Rummy are passionate players of Rummy, which allows them to offer updates with player requirements and the latest trends. Read along to find the stepwise process of the Magic Rummy app download and play Magic Rummy games.

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GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
  • Magic Rummy Online offers one of the fastest money withdrawal and deposit services.
  • We offer customer service in eight languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.
  • Magic Rummy also provides the fastest match-making on all tables.
  • We also offer discount codes and leagues with huge cash prizes.
  • Moreover, if you don’t like the game, we offer a 100% refund of deposited money on the same day.

History of Magic Rummy

Magic Rummy was founded by three friends who were passionate about Rummy. All the founders were IIT and IIM graduates, and they started the Magic Rummy app in Noida in 2020.

Following are the founders of Magic Rummy:

  • Vaibhav Gupta - Co-Founder and CEO
  • Himanshu Devra - Co-Founder and COO
  • Nishtha Gupta - Co-Founder and CPO

Being passionate about Rummy, the founders knew all the pain points of the existing Rummy players. This knowledge gave them an upper hand over their competitors, and they developed the game by keeping all the significant issues in mind.

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How to Download Magic Rummy (मैजिक रम्मी) for Android and iOS?

1. Steps for Magic Rummy Download on Android:

  1. Go to "” from your local browser on your mobile phone (for example, Google Chrome on Android).
  2. Then, scroll down and click on the 'DOWNLOAD NOW' button on the website's homepage and proceed to download.
  3. Afterwards, you can open the downloaded file to install the magic rummy app when the download is complete.
  4. Now, if the installation process asks permission to install apps from untrusted sources, allow the request. Then, return to the installation page, and click on 'Install'.
  5. Now, the installation of the app will begin after this procedure. Once the Magic Rummy Download finishes, you can open the app.

2. Steps for Magic Rummy Download on iOS:

  1. First, click on the App Store icon on your iOS device and open the App Store.
  2. Then, search “Magic Rummy Online” on the top search bar.
  3. In the search results, click on the first result: ‘Magic Rummy’.
  4. After clicking, the page for the Magic Rummy app or rummy magic app will open. Here, click on the ‘Get’ button on the right side of the app’s name.
  5. The Magic Rummy apps download process will start.
  6. You can open the app and start playing once the Magic Rummy app download(magic rummy download) completes.

Alternatively, to do the Magic Rummy download apk, you can directly search for the Magic Rummy apk file on a search engine. From there click on the relevant result and press the download button. Your Magic Rummy apk download will start.

How to Play Magic Rummy for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

Magic Rummy download is not yet available on Windows and Mac OS for play magic rummy games.

How to Register, Login, Sign Up and Create an Account on the Magic Rummy App ?

Follow these steps for the Magic Rummy (मैजिक रम्मी) login and signup.

  1. Firstly, download and install the app by following the Magic Rummy Download app steps. Then, open the app.
  2. Enter your mobile number in the ‘Join Now’ pop-up menu, and then click on the double arrow button beside it.
magic rummy download

3. Then, the app will send an OTP on your given mobile number and ask you to enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.

4. After verifying your mobile number, the game page will appear, where you can now start playing the game.

Hope you understand the magic rummy login steps.

How to play on the (मैजिक रम्मी) app?

The Rummy Game is usually played with two decks of cards consisting of two jokers. Each player gets 13 cards for themselves, and two piles of cards are kept at the centre to pick and discard cards accordingly. One deck is not visible (face down), and the other is visible (face up).

The cards from the closed deck are faced down, so they are not visible, whereas the discarded cards by all the players make up the open deck, which is visible to all the players. Players have to collect the right number of cards in the right sequence to win the game.

Types of Games Magic Rummy Offers

Magic Rummy offers a variety of card games with different entry fees and rewards. It offers six games and a tournament mode. The card game includes Point Rummy, 51 Pool Rummy, ₹510 Bonus, Deal, 7 Patti, and Point Joker. However, all these games have different sets of rules, entry fees, and rewards.

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How to Play on Magic Rummy?

Firstly, go through the Magic Rummy Download steps mentioned above to install and download the app on your device. Then, open the game and select the game you want to play. Now, choose the number of players you want to play, 2 or 6. As the game starts, it will distribute 13 cards to all the players, and one random card is selected as a wild joker.

Now, arrange your cards in basic sequence. You can pick a card from the close-set or discard one of your cards in the open-set during your turn. When you have made two valid sequences, including one pure sequence, and other sets, by grouping 13 cards, you win.

How to Earn Money Using Magic Rummy?

If you have the sufficient skill set to win a Rummy Game, you can play Rummy on Magic Rummy or rummy magic and win a ton of money. Moreover, Magic Rummy offers various options to play Rummy with various entry fees and prize pools. Players can enter the desired game by paying an entry fee, and they get a reward after winning the game.

With every game you win, you will earn reward money. However, you need to have the proper skill set to win the games. So, if you consistently use your skill and knowledge of the game, you can earn a lot of money using Magic Rummy(magic rammy).

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GetMega: Play Games with Friends

GetMega is an online gaming platform that takes gaming to a whole new level. It allows the players to play games with their friends while chatting with them. Moreover, GetMega has tons of different games from which players can select their favourites. It also gives a chance to all the players to earn money.

GetMega makes the games more interesting and interactive by allowing all the players to chat with their friends while playing. Moreover, the process to start the game is easy. Players can select a game from the list and invite their friends to play with them or compete against other users.

GetMega offers several games such as poker, rummy, and more. Moreover, players can withdraw money from the app within 60 seconds using UPI, to your Paytm wallet, or directly to your bank account.

Add money

You can deposit anywhere from 100 up to 50000 in the Rummy MagicApp. Add payment to this app, and you'll be eligible for 2% to 10% cashback offers! Here are the measures you must take to add a payment to this application.

  • Launch the Rummy Magic App, then select the "Cash Add" menu item.
  • In the new window that just appeared, you should be able to enter any sum between 100 yen and 500,000 yen as an additional payment.
  • Next, enter the sum you'd like to add.
  • The Know Your Customer (KYC) process must be finalized before you can add a payment method.
  • You can finish KYC by providing your name, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • Paytm UPI ID debit and credit card payments are now supported.

Withdrawal Process

Payment withdrawals in Rummy MagicGames require a balance of at least 100. To make a single withdrawal in this app, you'll need at least 100. If you withdraw the money from your account in this country, you will be subject to a 3% tax.

  • To withdraw from the Rummy MagicGame, launch the program and select the corresponding icon.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw now.
  • Enter the information for the bank account from which you intend to withdraw the funds.
  • After filling out the necessary fields, you can withdraw your money by clicking the "withdraw" button.
  • Your money will be deposited into your specified bank account within 24 hours.

Referral Program

This application offers a referral program to help you find new users. Through our generous referral program, your earning potential is virtually limitless. When a friend joins through your link, you each receive an INR100 bonus. In addition, you will receive a 30% commission of any applicable tax if the person you referred plays the game by adding a payment to their account.

Recruiting more users increases your potential earnings from this app. Here, all reductions are discounted at 100%. Spreading your referral link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram will increase your earnings potential. You earn more money by inviting friends to use this app through your referral link.

VIP Bonus

The primary motivation for most Rummy app users is financial gain. As a result, this rummy app provides you with VIP bonus card features. You can put in a small amount of money and get a good return. The VIP bonus card contains three different packages. Putting money into various schemes can yield satisfactory returns. We outline all three VIP bonus card packages for your perusal.

The VIP bonus card plan requires an initial investment of 500 and pays out 560 after one week for a total of 550. The second plan requires an INR5,000 investment and pays out INR5,600 after 30 days. The third plan also necessitates an investment of INR 10,000. In exchange, after 11000 days, you will receive INR30. By investing in various schemes, you can maximize your returns.

Add Money Extra Bonus

When you invest money in an app, that app may have a companion program that allows you to earn more through ad cases; this app may have a companion program that does the same thing. The tables below list all the details, including the substantial bonus available for adding people.























































GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

Magic Rummy Review


Magic Rummy is created by some of the ardent players of Rummy who have the knowledge of the pain points. This has resulted in creating a seamless leaderboard. Being a winning and task-based scoreboard, you see changes as per the games played.

You can also acquire the required information of the upcoming matches that you can take part in from the leaderboard.

User Interface

The user interface of Magic Rummy is very easy. The developers of this game have designed an understandable user interface that helps users acquire any information without facing any issues. You can play Rummy in different ways with the real-time players in this game.

Game Play

The gameplay of Magic Rummy is to offer a great experience to the users. Keeping the agenda to offer fun to the gamers, this gaming app delivers a fantastic platform for the Rummy players. Every element in the app is designed to offer maximum entertainment and concentration of people. Using vibrant color eases the use.

No of Players

The Magic Rummy includes 2 to 6 players in it by offering multiple decks. You can choose according to your needs. All you need is to arrange 13 cards in 2 sequences from which one needs to be pure. You will play and compete with other members to win.

No of Games

Magic Rummy is a game that only allows the Rummy enthusiasts. If you have knowledge of playing Rummy, this is certainly a gaming app for you. However, Magic Rummy brings variation in the game by keeping some variation of one game in different methods. The variations include:

  • Points Rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • Deals Rummy

Real Players

You can stay assured that when you are playing Magic Rummy, you are competing with real players. The verification process is strong and allows players to participate only post verification.

Referral Reward

Magic Rummy keeps telling us to share good things with friends. Make sure you share the unique referral code and start earning a big shot from each friend.

Signup Bonus

Magic Rummy keeps encouraging the user to sign up in their game by offering a minimum reward to the users. When you first log in, you will instantly get a Cash + Bonus amount, allowing you to play instant cash tables. With more deposit, you can acquire higher value for the extra cash and deposit bonus.

Safety & Security

Magic Rummy is absolutely safe to use. It has taken strong security measures to make sure that the players stay assured about the credentials. You can stay assured about the safety protocols and start taking part to compete with the real players.

Question Answer
Can I get free money on Magic Rummy? Yes, you get free money after completing the registration process. Moreover, Magic Rummy also features a daily rewards system, where you get a chance to win money daily.
How long does it take to withdraw or deposit money? Magic Rummy offers a quick money withdrawal and deposit system, which allows the players to withdraw and deposit money in no time. Moreover, it has partnered with Paytm for fast and secure payments.
How many games does Magic Rummy offer? Magic Rummy offers six different games and a tournament mode. Moreover, all these game modes are also available with different entry fees and prize pools.
What is the maximum amount of money I can earn from Magic Rummy? On Magic Rummy, we do not have any limitations on your earnings.
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