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Brief About Indigo Rummy

Indigo Rummy App

App Name

Indigo Rummy

Welcome Bonus

Cashback upto Rs 5000

Min Withdrawal

RS 100

App Size

26 Mb

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Features of Indigo Rummy

The Indigo Rummy app comes with exciting features for players to utilize and enhance their gaming experience. Some of the features are:

  1. Rummy game variations- The Indigo Rummy app offers the widespread game variations that are prevalent within the online rummy game genre.
  2. Tournaments mode- There is a vividly thrilling tournament mode included within the Indigo Rummy game, which players can easily join in and play on their own accord.
  3. Simple layout- The overall app layout of the Indigo Rummy game is very straightforward and quite easy to understand, even for recent players who are new to this game genre.
  4. Free registration process- To make the Indigo Rummy game accessible to a vast range of players, the game offers a free registration feature for all gamers.
  5. Online game lobbies- As per your game choice and type, the Indigo Rummy apk provides a full-length available game lobby, where players can join a match as per their choice.

Table of content:

Rummy is played using a standard card deck or numbered tiles. It also has a few variations, including chinchón and mahjong. With Indigo Rummy, we have access to the card version and the option to play online games against others from around the globe for free or by placing bets on ourselves with real money.

You'll always have tables to play at in Indigo Rummy, where you can socialize or play to win cash by showcasing your abilities at any table you choose to join. You can choose from eight variations to play, adding to the game's entertainment value. You only need to join an existing table that has gamers or wait for one of them to join yours to participate. You will likely take home some cash prizes as you play more Indigo Rummy games. You can also participate in tournaments where you strive to be the top online rummy player.

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History of Indigo Rummy

Indigo Rummy app

The Indigo Rummy app has been among the primary choices of online rummy platforms for quite some time now. The game dates back to 2016 when its popularity started to grow at a very increasing rate and since then, the developers of this app have decided to expand upon maximizing its player base. The game has thousands of active players, averaging and partaking in online matches of rummy on a daily basis.

The game has tons of potential and it has kept its name afloat in this era of competition, especially within the genre of online rummy gaming. The Indigo Rummy apk gets improvement updates quite often, making it a considerable option even now. Indigo Rummy also continues to keep the rummy game authenticity intact, by providing the game with generalized rules and regulations.

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How to Download the Indigo Rummy App for Android & iOS?

Just like how a game has to be downloaded and installed properly before you can begin using it, the Indigo Rummy app also requires a proper download and installation before you can start off your online rummy journey on the platform.

To download the Indigo Rummy apk on your android mobile, here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Search for the application through a web browser and click on a trusted third-party site
  2. Once you get to the Indigo Rummy download option, click on it to initiate the process
  3. The Indigo Rummy download should finish within a few seconds and you can then roll forward to the app installation part
  4. After the installation completes, you will be ready to open and use the Indigo Rummy app on your phone.

To get the Indigo Rummy app download settled on your iOS devices, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Type in the Indigo Rummy app name on your App Store and hit enter for the results
  2. Start the Indigo Rummy app download from the product page by clicking “Get”
  3. The app download will be followed by its installation and after that, the Indigo Rummy game will be ready on your device.

How to Download the Indigo Rummy App for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

The Indigo Rummy app used to have a website client for computer users to log in and play the games without any issues. However, the developers of the game never released a working Indigo Rummy PC version for players to download and install on their Windows and Mac OS computers. Thus, at the moment, players can not directly play this game on their PC, and can only continue having fun on the Indigo Rummy online app by playing it over the mobile platform.

How to Register, Login, Sign Up and Create an Account on the Indigo Rummy App?

The registration procedure on the Indigo Rummy app can be completed in a fairly easy way. The procedure is completely free on the app and is required to obtain the Indigo Rummy login details for future use. The steps for the process are as follows:

Register Indigo Rummy
  1. Open the Indigo Rummy online game app and click on the “create account” option
  2. Then under the “New User” option provide a username, password and email address
  3. Click on “Create” and go forward with the verification link that is sent to your ID
  4. Alternatively, you can register on the Indigo Rummy account with your existing Facebook account, by simply signing in with your social profile

Once you complete the registration process, the provided details will act as your Indigo Rummy login credentials. If you have a referral code for the game, then you can provide it under the “Have a referral code” option to get a good signup bonus.

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How to Play on the App?

To start playing the Indigo Rummy online game, you will first need to open the app and log in to your game account. If you don’t have one already, make sure to create an account on the platform first. Now click on the “Play Now” option and wait for the lobby list to load in. After this, scroll through the available lobby options, game variants, game categories, etc. until you find the mode you want to play in. Also, remember to use the filters of player count and bet stakes to sort out a better lobby selection. After this, you will find all the eligible matches listed below, just head over to it and click on “Join” to head right into the online game table. There are both free games and cash games available on the Indigo Rummy game app, so verify before joining in on the match.

Types of Games Indigo Rummy apk Offers

The Indigo Rummy game offers tons of choices in terms of game types and modes. To begin its offering, the Indigo Rummy app includes Points rummy, Pool rummy (101 Pool and 201 Pool) and Deals rummy (Best of 2 and Best of 3). There are three main game categories in this app, including Free Games, Cash Games and Tournaments.

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Indigo Rummy Review

Bonuses and Offers

In addition to a referral bonus, Indigo Rummy also offers a special sign-up bonus! Here is how to obtain it:

Indigo Rummy APK
  • A new Indigo Rummy account holder who registers will earn a Rupees 51 sign-up bonus from the Indigo Rummy bonus platform.
  • The referee will get an immediate bonus if they successfully link an account using the Indigo Rummy referral code.
  • Additionally, the referrer will receive a 30% commission on any earnings if the referee prevails in the match.
  • The winning amount will be transferred to the game's associated savings account; neither the registration nor referral bonuses are refundable.
  • Additionally, it is redeemable in a bank account for a minimum withdrawal of Rs. 100 by the user.

Withdrawal & Deposit

If you would also like to make money playing video games. In order to play the games, you must first add some money. We'll notify you that you can add at least 25 here as well. The most you can add in one go, if we're talking about the utmost, is one million. The entire process of adding money is detailed here, step by step.

  • The Shop button located within the game must first be clicked.
  • A new interface will then show up in front of you. where you must select your quantity.
  • You must now select the Add Chips button. The next step is to choose a payment method. Next, you must select Next Step.
  • After providing your name, mobile number, and email, click Continue to fill up your KYC information.
  • You can contribute funds through UPI, your bank account, etc.
  • You can start playing the game after a successful add-on.

You must first select the Withdraw button to do this. You can withdraw at least 100 yen here. You can withdraw money using UPI and your bank account. Follow the instructions below to add.

  • You need to start by going to the Rummy Indigo App's Withdraw option.
  • The option with Chip to Bank then needs to be chosen from there. Moreover, you must click on +Bank Account.
  • You must now type in the account number.
  • User Name must then be entered after that. You then need to enter the IFSC Code.
  • You must enter your email after choosing the bank name. You need to press the Save button.
  • You can now apply for Withdraw simply.

Leaderboards & Tournaments

Play as many Indigo Rummy games as possible to keep your top spot on the leaderboard. You will likely take home some cash prizes as you play more Indigo Rummy games. You can also participate in tournaments where you strive to be the top online rummy player. You must play every day to remain at the top of the standings during the competition.

Call customer service for additional details on the Indigo Rummy Tournaments! Gain access to winning Indigo Rummy bonus offers or prizes!

Customer Support

Indigo Rummy comes in first when giving rummy lovers top-notch customer service. The entire crew comprises competent individuals with sufficient experience answering player questions regarding online rummy games.

Support is available in six languages:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada

How to Refer and Earn?

Get a 100% bonus up to Rs. 500 on your friends' initial deposits when you refer them. Simply meeting the below conditions will get you the bonus

  • Indigo Rummy should be the player's first sign up in the game.
  • The initial deposit incentive for your friend will be credited to you in increments of 100%.
  • To be eligible for this bonus offer, both you and your friend must have made at least one deposit.
  • No one who is referred will be eligible for the sign-up incentive.
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Question Answer
Where to check game chips on the Indigo Rummy app? The Real chips and Fun chips will be listed at the top of the screen and players can check the balance out there
What are the Pool variations offered on the Indigo Rummy online game app? The Indigo Rummy apk includes 101 Pool and 201 Pool under its Pool rummy variations.
Is there a filter option available on the Indigo Rummy game lobby window? Yes, there is a filter option available on the Indigo Rummy app with the options to select from player count (2 or 6) and Bet value (low, medium, and high).
Is the account registration process on the Indigo Rummy app free? Yes, interested players can register their accounts on the Indigo Rummy app for free.
Can I buy additional chips on the Indigo Rummy app? Yes, you can buy additional chips as per your requirement, on the Indigo Rummy app

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