Top 10 Food Delivery Apps In India

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps In India

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Food delivery apps have become quite popular in India. They are highly preferred modes to order food among Indian citizens. Its lightning speed delivery services and affordable meal rates attracted a massive gamut of consumers within a couple of years.

You can enjoy food from a vast range of affordable to luxury food joints at your door convenience. The best part of these online food delivery apps is that the customers can track their food in real-time mode.

Are you feeling hungry already? Want to eat your favourite dish but feeling tired of cooking by yourself?

Fret not! We have your back with the specially curated list of India's top 10 food delivery apps. So, just read the below-enlisted food delivery apps to order and eat delicious food within minutes.

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Top 10 food delivery apps in India

1. Zomato:

Zomato is one of India's most prominent and leading food delivery apps. The app was launched in 2010 as FoodieBay; later, it was renamed Zomato. The company is managed jointly by four organisations – Info Edge, Uber, Alipay Singapore, and Antfin Singapore.

Zomato company's name was derived by wordplay - Tomato to add a zing to the previous name - FoodieBay. This food delivery app serves internationally and has established a smooth trade with international food delivery markets.

Zomato app offers a wide range of food catalogues with hundreds of restaurants and food joints. It also has monthly and annual subscriptions – Zomato PRO to avail exclusive discounts on each food delivery.

This food delivery app offers several in-app games to access discount coupons apart from sundry food options from home-style food joints and cloud kitchens to luxe hotel restaurants and eateries.

These in-app games and contests are launched occasionally and offer users to stand a chance to win exciting discount coupons. These coupons apply to food orders at Zomato, health and wellness subscriptions, a selected range of eCommerce websites, and more.

2. Swiggy:

Swiggy is one of India's popular food delivery apps after Zomato. Bundl

Technologies launched the app in 2018. Swiggy app has a user-friendly interface with easy to navigate search and filter options.

You can filter the budgeted eateries to the nearest ones for quicker delivery. It has a 100% secure payment page that accepts almost every wallet payment app and UPI IDs to Debit Card and Credit Card.

Usually, each food delivery via Swiggy takes approximately 35 minutes. This food delivery app is also best known for its groceries. It is integrated within the Swiggy app household items delivery through its section known as Instamart.

Instamart is an eStore with doorstep delivery services within a scheduled slot of a day. It has a vast digital catalogue neatly categorised into different categories.

Some of the top-selling categories are Bakery, Meat, Dairy, Pan Corner, and Fresh vegetables and fruits.

However, ordering items from the Pan Corner category is restricted to underage customers or customers below 18.

3. Faasos

Faasos was launched as Food on Demand by an online restaurant company – Rebel Foods. It is one of the biggest ghost-kitchen operating companies in India. With over 160 successful kitchens, the Faasos app caters to four major food brands.

These food brands are Faasos, Behrouz, Frinagi Bake, and Oven Story. This food delivery app is known for its lip-smacking budget, snacking items, and quick bites.

The best selling food options in the Faasos app are its signature wraps and rolls. Customers can avail of free delivery on orders above 99 INR.

4. Eat Fit

Eat Fit is a child company of Cult fit. This food delivery app is quite popular amongst gym and fitness enthusiasts. Each food option available on the Eat Fit catalogue is calorie counted and rich in nutrients. This food delivery app offers a wide variety of balanced meals and diet food options.

Each food order from the Eat Fit app is hygienically prepared, packed, and cooked with utmost care regarding calories and diet plan.

5. Uber Eats

Uber launched Uber Eats in 2014. It is a well-known international brand that serves significant countries and cities globally. It is becoming popular in the major cities in India too.

Uber Eats offers customers the ability to order food online and purchase groceries with a secure payment gateway.

6. Domino's

Domino's is one of India's biggest Pizza delivery apps. It has a vast network and good service connectivity in most cities and towns in India. The app has sundry Pizza options, pocket-friendly side options and desserts.

The app is known for its quick food delivery within 30 minutes.

7. Pizza Hut

It is one of India's popular food delivery apps after Domino's. The app has a massive range of regular to large pizzas seasoned with multiple delicious toppings of sauces and vegetarian to non-vegetarian toppings.

Also, you can change or add more toppings to your pizza while confirming the order.

8. Dunzo

Dunzo is a food delivery app in India that offers food delivery services and grocery and household delivery services within a day. Also, customers can book service to pick up a package and deliver it within the same city.

9. McDonald's

McDonald's was launched by an American MNC. It is one of the biggest fast-food giants globally. Its food delivery app has lip-smacking and budget-friendly fast food options. One of this app's best-selling food options in India is Mc Aloo Tikki Burger, McPuff, and Happy Meal.

10. Box8

Box8 is quite a popular food delivery app in the major cities of India. It is known for its delicious, hot, and budget-friendly wholesome meal. The central concept behind this food delivery app is to provide its customers with a complete meal in a hygienically packed box. One average meal box of Box8 contains wheat-based chapati, Indian lentil, seasonal spicy vegetable curry, a small portion of green salad, sweet, sufficient portions of rice, and cutlery.

However, you can also select the type of chapati or add more chapatis while ordering a meal box from this app. Box8 has over 15 types of meal boxes that are specially curated to tantalise the taste buds of their customers. Apart from meal boxes, this food delivery app has sundry food options.

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