Get To Know If Online Betting Legal In India Or Not!!

Get To Know If Online Betting Legal In India Or Not!!

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Betting is an act of gambling wherein you choose an event, be it a sporting game, animal races, casino games, etc. and place your wager. The idea is to accurately anticipate the outcome of the event, or as close to accuracy as you can get. If you are right, you get paid as a percentage hike on the amount you wagered. If you lose, well, you lose.

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While the activity of betting in itself poses a high risk, many countries, including India have banned the functionality. However, even though betting as overhead is banned, there are certain aspects that facilitate legal betting in India. The legislation and Acts are framed in ambiguous terms, which makes it easier to find loopholes. Let’s discuss these innovative methods that make online betting legal in India these days.

Is online betting legal in India?

The provisions under the Gambling Act in our legislation states that while gambling is illegal, betting money on events that involve skills is allowed. However, the provisions are not clear on what constitutes an act of skill. Thus, the question of whether or not betting is legal in India still remains.

People petitioned for certain games and sporting events to be legalized, in particular, poker and sports bets. Since most of them employ wagering on skilled activities, the betting law in India had to be scrutinized. Finally, it was declared that online betting is legal in India, granted that the platforms abide by the legislative policies.

With this in mind, several app developers and website creators have designed programs that allow people to take part in a lot of betting action on online platforms. The reason that makes online betting legal in India is that these sites and apps acquire the licenses to facilitate these games and sporting events. These licenses to make online betting legal in India are also optimized to include those states that disallow gambling activity, including skilled games and sporting events.

So, to answer the big question: Yes, online betting is legal in India as long as the platforms are appropriately licensed.

What is the current legal situation of online betting in India?

Online betting is legal in India for the most part, however, there are certain aspects that put them in hot water.

For starters, most online sites don’t have valid licenses to abide by the betting law in India. This means that in order to facilitate legal betting in India, they need to acquire the required license. Regardless of which games they allow on the platform, each India betting legal game has to be licensed as per the laws that govern making online betting legal in India.

Secondly, most betting platforms also lack proper security measures, which is a crucial part of making online betting legal in India. Since these sites and apps deal with money, they need to tighten the security so gamers who use bots and colluding techniques can be eliminated.

Once these problems and violations of laws that make betting legal in India are addressed, the situation of making online betting legal in India will take a leap forward. For now, there are some sites that are authorized to make India betting legal, however, the situation is pretty short-sighted.

Buying lottery tickets and betting on horse races is legal in most states of India. Poker has been classified as a non-gambling skill-based game, which also makes online betting legal in India for this particular game. Overall, online gambling is legal in India as long as the sites and apps don’t violate the Gambling Act and all its updated provisions.

Betting sites

Which betting sites in India are legal?

There are several sites that make online betting legal in India. Here’s a list of the apps that you can use to partake in gambling games, sports bets, horse races, and fantasy sports leagues:

  1. GetMega – They allow casino games online such as Poker and Rummy.
  2. 22Bet – The site allows online participation in casino games and sports betting, which makes betting legal in India.
  3. Betway – The site is licensed to host casino games and sports bets, which makes online betting legal in India.
  4. Casumo – They have both sports bets and casino games on which you can bet money and earn.
  5. ComeOn – They also host casino games and online bets on sporting events.
  6. 10Cric – Another platform for legal betting in India on sporting events and online casinos.
  7. 4Rabet – The site makes online betting legal in India for horse races.
  8. Rabona – Another legal online sports betting site.
  9. Parimatch – A site that makes online betting legal for sports matches and casino games.
  10. Bet365 – An online casino site that allows legal betting in India.
  11. Genesis Casino – Another casino site where betting is legal in India on casino games.
  12. BetWinner – A site that hosts legal betting in India for casino games.
  13. Shangri La – An online site for hosting casino games with a license that makes online betting legal in India.
  14. BetTilt – A casino site for legal betting in India for casino games.
  15. 1xBet – An online site that hosts licensed casino games and sportsbooks that make online betting legal in India.
  16. Fun88 – An online sports betting site that holds licenses for legal betting in India.

These sites abide by the betting law in India and are properly licensed so you can take part in betting action safely.

Where is betting legal in India?

There are certain states in the subcontinent that allow legal betting in India, regardless of whether it is a casino game or sports betting.

To start with, online betting is legal in India, so you can use online sites and apps for your betting needs.

Goa has always been on top of the list, popular for hosting tournaments for various gambling games and sporting events.

Apart from Goa, betting casinos are legal in Sikkim and Daman too. There are also several states that allow betting in poker games except for the states of Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa where betting is illegal even on poker games.

What should you look for when partaking in online betting in India through a site?

There are multiple important factors to consider when you choose your sites and apps for online legal betting in India. These factors must abide by the online betting law in India and ensure absolute safety for your monetary transactions. They are as follows:

  • Check to see if the site supports transactions in Indian Rupees. You can play games and partake in betting on international platforms too but they must support Indian Rupees if they have a license to conduct business in this country.
  • The site must use verified payment methods that are supported by the Indian government. This includes sites like PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal least.
  • Check the license and registration of the site. In order to host legal betting in India, the sites must have a proper and valid license that indemnifies them to conduct betting events in all states, especially if you reside in one of the states where betting is illegal.
  • Make sure the site offers a verified physical location as their headquarters. Most sites that make online betting legal in India have physical headquarters for resolutions of any disputes involving money.
  • Ensure that the app offers a detailed report on Income Tax filing. Every legit website that holds a license for online legal betting will be registered with the Income Tax department, including having a GST number.
  • Check the kind of documentation that the site requires for registration. For sports betting apps, in particular, the site will ask for your PAN card and Aadhaar details to verify that you are a genuine individual and above the legal age to partake in betting activities.
  • On online gambling sites that host legal gambling games, they may not ask for Aadhaar and pan details but the site must have a scrupulous security policy to discourage scams and bots. This security measure is important to make online betting legal in India.
  • Lastly, go through the policies of the online site or app with a fine-tooth comb. It will specify the penalties that you may incur if you violate their policies with unsolicited action. It will also specify to what extent the site is liable for allowing you to partake in legal betting in India.

These factors account for the online betting law in India and ensure that the participants are legally credible to take part in betting action. Make sure to read their corporate policies thoroughly since it holds most of the information. Apart from that, you can check the sites’ level of transparency to ensure that it makes online betting legal in India.

Why is it better to bet on your skills by playing games on GetMega?

While the debate over whether or not is betting legal in India is dying out, the act does involve a lot of high risks. Most betting platforms, especially those that support sports betting on games, horse races, and partaking in fantasy sports are scams. It is difficult to determine which platform is genuine and which is not.

Thus, placing your wagers on these platforms that too on the hopes that the animals or players on the field are sufficiently motivated is a risky mission. You never know how they will perform before the game starts, and that’s when you need to place your wagers.

However, on a platform like GetMega, you can play games that you know and understand very well. You are the one playing so you can determine whether or not to wager your money based on self-analysis of your skills.

Additionally, the GetMega site doesn’t just facilitate legal betting in India for casino games. They also have a variety of other gaming categories where you can wager on your knowledge or the ability to partake in virtual sports. This unique ability allows you to take a break and refresh your mind while you compose yourself for betting events.

The site also provides several bonuses that you can take advantage of and keep up your winning streak and make money.

Furthermore, since you are betting on your own caliber, you can choose to halt the wager or raise it as per the likelihood of the outcomes that you determine with your skills. This is the primary factor that makes online betting legal in India so you might as well use it to your advantage.

In conclusion, while online betting is legal in India, and the governing betting law in India allows several acts of gambling as long as they are skill-based activities, the act in itself poses risk. Therefore, you can limit that risk to your own skills so you can abide by the online betting law in India and play easy games to earn money.

That’s what makes it ideal to play games on GetMega and wager on yourself.


  1. Is betting illegal in India?

Betting is legal in India as long as the activity is skill-based. Despite that, there are certain parts of India that prohibit betting based on the legislation of their State policies.

So, in a way, betting is legal in India as long as the individuals and gambling platforms abide by the Gambling Act in the legislation and the State laws.

2. Is India's online betting legal through licensed sites?

Yes, you can partake in India online betting legally by playing gambling games and placing wagers on websites and apps that have thorough licensing and policies.

3. What is the online betting law in India?

The online betting law in India is not defined but it allows people to partake in online betting on licensed sites and apps. However, violating the license and policies of these apps using bots and colluders to cheat in betting would constitute an illegal betting action. The penalty for this is either imprisonment for 1-3 months or a heavy fine.

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