Top Game Sites To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment

Top Game Sites To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment
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Ever wondered how to earn money by simply playing games, and how it isn’t as simple as it seems to be? Because even though games are indeed engaging and enough, there is a level of skill and logic to be honed on your part. Not to worry, with enough practice and observation when playing free online games to earn money you can easily sharpen your dormant skills.

GetMega is an amazing platform that lets you play Hold'em Poker with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega Hold 'em Poker now!

List Of 10 Gaming Apps Which Lets User Play With No Investment

Investment in this sense refers to channeling a bunch of funds towards something that brings you returns or needing great equipment in order to start gaming. The following apps require simple downloads, alongside a smartphone. Stay until the end for an explosive app choice that you will not want to miss at all.


The most exciting thing about GetMega is just how personalized it can be made during the gameplay aside from being able to play free online games to earn money. The interface is smooth and seamless, and the gameplay is insanely brilliant. The colours, the transitions, the maintenance of the leaderboard, and your account details and stats— are all completely swoon-worthy. Not only are you able to play free online games such as card, trivia, and casual games, to earn money, but you’re also finding an exhilarating app that satisfies all aesthetics and accessibility needs as well. You’re also able to join in with your friends and family and earn many rewards.


Mistplay is an Android app that is home to countless games. Once you download the app, you can browse through the games, choose one to play and download it. Even downloading the app gives you bonus points.

By playing the games, you earn player experience points (PXP), which converts in game experience points (GXP). The GXP are game specific points that you can only earn by advancing through the levels of the game, or by playing the game more times. Once there’s enough points you’ve earned, you can convert them into gift cards and coupons, or as Google Play Credits.


Being primarily a UPI app, the games on the app make it easier to transfer money to your account, since most games on PayTM have offers and codes that offer cashbacks and bonuses.

PayTM First is a gaming specific service by PayTM that is a unique portal for playing games, socializing and maintaining game and personal stats on the app. Even aside from that, the existing games can be downloaded, which offers a cashback of Rs. 50/- and more rewards as you keep playing, rising through the levels. You earn free PayTM cash that gets credited to your wallet, that you can further use for daily purposes.


GameHag is incredible because it lets you play desktop games on your mobile. Alongside the mobile games available on the app, the desktop games are a thrilling, immersive experience to indulge in. You can even use the website to play the games. Based on your gaming level, you can open treasure chests and other exciting rewards that offer you great gift cards, codes and coupons. And this is all for free.

Ready Gamesready-games

Ready Games is impressive for allowing such a smooth and flawless interface for users to play mobile games. You can play free online games to earn money on Ready Games, where by competing against other players, you stand the chance to win prizes and rewards. A new game drops on specific days of the week, and the winners are cashed out Wednesdays. Because of the competitiveness of the app and the constant reward pools available, the matches are fun and intense, and nothing is going out of your pocket either.


Dream11 is a fantasy sports avenue where with the help of the fictional versions of real players in the app, you choose a team that will guarantee a win for you. By winning, you end up being able to earn a bountiful amount, especially when they participate in leagues and tournaments. There are prize pools for which you can compete in so that you can play free online games to earn money. But, you need to know about the domestic players in order to truly shine in the game. A good and deep roster is in your control, and with that you bag a win.


Ace2Three is a platform to play free online games that deal primarily with card games and poker. A beloved platform for Rummy players, for free and for cash. The customization between the number of players on the table, with or without joker etc. enables a personalized gameplay that further increases your chances of trying to win the table.

8 Ball Pool8-ball-pool

Cueball games are a great favourite among many players. Being the largest pool association of games, 8 Ball pool prizes and reward pools are giant and lucrative. The matches are usually 1 on 1 in a really vibrant and atmospheric user interface. There are leaderboards and frequent challenges available that if you manage to win, or beat other competitors, you get to earn easy money.


Loco is a household name among many people in India. With live quizzes in dedicated time slots, participants can partake in such quizzes that have a money pool which gets distributed among the top participants and scorers in the game. The rewards earned are credited back to the user’s PayTM accounts.


Parimatch has been stirring excitement for nearly two years now and with the amount of money that users are able to earn, it will continue to remain as well. Parimatch offers all major sports and their fantasy versions, also with other card and table games. There are bonuses to claim, referral rewards to earn when a new user you’ve recommended the app to joins and more.

Why Is Investment Necessary To Earn More In The Gaming Industry?

Earning money through online games is mostly by getting to pit an amount of your own against that of another person. The greater the amount put, the greater the win for any of the players.

As such, by channeling some part of your funds into the online gaming landscape, you are advancing the prospect of interest in the game. Which will give you returns, surely. But being drawn to that game means that you enjoy and appreciate the effort and the gameplay of that game, and are interested in pursuing enjoyment and profit in it.

Gaming is also an interesting way of storytelling for many people. The diversity of games that an online platform hosts means greater choices for the players to choose from; but it also means to the developers that their story has a platform where it can be launched and enjoyed by an audience.

By investing in the gaming industry or even choosing to play on online platforms does not just mean gains or profits for you. It is also a much needed incentive for developers to step up and tell their story too.

Benefits of Choosing GetMega for Games and Gains

The easiest answer is probably to play free online games to earn money, or even the personalization that the one stable audio-video conferencing gaming offers.

But above it all, games never get old on GetMega. There are countless options of games, including old games that were lost to your memory, available on GetMega. It’s a nourishment for nostalgia, and also an opportunity to cherish an old memoment once again. Because there’s always new games on the app, your curiosity grows and gives the boost for GetMega to keep you satisfied.

GetMega is an online gaming platform where you can choose your stakes using real money and against real players. It’s unfair that a steady, standardized AI or a bot should play against a logical, skillful human being, and so the app has no bots in its gameplay at all. All members are verified by their documents and their public Facebook profiles. Money management, game stats and personal achievements are all meticulously maintained.

The only thing GetMega is lacking is your presence; so hop on there and have fun playing free online games to earn money!

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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