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Chess is a remarkable game to play wherein you can not only test your strategic skills but also inspire yourself. Executing a quick checkmate in 3 moves, or even 2 to 7 moves is an extraordinary talent that only a few chess players can successfully do.

There are precise gameplays where you can play the 3-moves chess but to be fair, these strategies only work against beginner players or if someone makes a mistake in the first move that they cannot counter.

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Today, let us consider how to win on chess in 3 moves and what the steps played by both the players with black and white pieces are to execute how to beat someone in 3 moves in chess.

How to win chess in 3 moves

In order to play out how to beat in chess with 3 moves, you need to contemplate the opening moves. If the opponent opens with a different piece on their side, you can still execute how to do a 3-move checkmate but you’ll have to get creative and think ahead.

Ideally, this is how the gameplay starts in order to successfully execute how to win chess in 3 moves:

  • The player with the white pieces initiates the gameplay by pushing the e-pawn to E4. This move indirectly exposes the white king which is fine since you can flank the E-pawn with the D-pawn. However, planning to play the F-pawn will make the white king vulnerable.
  • The player with the black pieces counters this move by playing the F-pawn. The positional shift is short to accommodate the F-pawn from F7 to F5. This move invariably exposes the Black King and the white queen can quickly develop to the H5 position in the next move itself, thus checkmating the black king, much like a 2-move checkmate.
How to win chess in 3 moves
  • The player with the white pieces then takes that pawn on F5.
How to win chess in 3 moves
  • Black tries to counter by moving the G7 pawn to G5.
How to win chess in 3 moves
  • The white queen should move to H5 and checkmate the king.
How to win chess in 3 moves

This ‘how to do a 3-move checkmate can also work if white doesn’t develop the queen in the second move. In fact, since the warning move is not made, black is unlikely to recognize the glaring flaw in their strategy and will most likely develop the G-pawn and use the F-pawn to flank it.

If the player with the black pieces does develop the H-pawn to be captured, the gameplay will continue and if played precisely you can reach a position where the chess rules stalemate 13 moves comes into play. The gameplay goes a lot better if the whole process of how to win chess in 3 moves is completed without having to capture the black H-pawn.

How to 3-move checkmate without capturing

As we have mentioned, when the white queen makes a preemptive development, the player with the black pieces will likely try to stop the winning chess in 3 moves strategy that white is clearly employing. Instead, if the white queen sits back and allows another piece to develop, granted it doesn’t block the white queen, then the gameplay will go as follows.

  • The initial move of white to shift the E-pawn to E4 stands.
  • Black then needs to develop the F-pawn by one step to F6.
How to 3-move checkmate without capturing
  • Now the player with the white pieces can liberate the king-side bishop on the off-chance that the ‘how to win chess in 3 moves’ plan doesn’t pan out. They could also play any of the queen-side pawns and develop a sturdy pawn structure.
How to 3-move checkmate without capturing
  • In order to execute how to win chess in 3 moves, black must develop the G-pawn by two steps so as not to hinder white’s ‘winning chess in 3 moves without capturing’ strategy. Therefore, the player with the black pieces moves the G-pawn from G7 to G5.
  • Now, since none of the defensive moves remain to stop the principle of chess – how to win in 3 moves, the white queen moves to the H5 position thus directly checkmating the black king.
How to 3-move checkmate without capturing

This is a more plausible option for the player with the white pieces to execute how to win chess in 3 moves. If they develop both the bishop on the light squares and the queen, they could execute the 4-move checkmate instead of how to 3-move checkmate the opponent.

You can’t possibly play how to checkmate in 3 moves while playing against a computer AI but you can use the program to check the glaring flaw in playing the F-pawn by 1 move for both black and white pieces. In the case of white, you learn how to checkmate in 2 moves actually. In case the player with black pieces plays the F-pawn by one step, the ‘how to win chess in 3 moves’ comes into play quite smoothly.

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