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Chess is an incredibly fun and exciting game to play, with the strategic planning and war ensuing on the chessboard. The original idea for the game was to inspire individuals to sit across from each other and enjoy the spirited gameplay. However, in recent times, with the development of software and apps available for literally everything, it is time to start enjoying chess on electronic devices as well.

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The notion is quite welcome given that you don’t have to seek a partner to play with. Now, you can simply install software that supports chess for laptops, PC, or even apps on your phone. Cellular apps are quite prevalent but most chess enthusiasts are unaware of the software programs that allow chess for PC and laptops.

Today, let us discuss the top chess games for PC and how useful the software program is. We will share the best free chess game for PC that you can play online. We even have options for you to choose the best offline chess game for PC that you can play against your computer. So let’s take a look.

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List of the top chess games for PC

Chess for laptops and chess for PC are useful variants of the popular board game that you can enjoy from the comfort of your homes. We have a list of the top chess games for PC so you can choose the best chess game for PC that suits your needs perfectly.

Here’s the list of the 9 top chess games for PC and laptops:

1. Chessmaster: Edition 10

Chessmaster: Edition 10

The oldest chess for PC software was introduced as Chessmaster back in 1986. To date, it is the best chess game for PC due to the multitude of features it has to offer. In 2004, the 10th edition of ChessMaster was released with updated online tournaments, visual graphics, a community forum, online leaderboards, and a lot of other cool features.

Speaking of features, there is a lot to offer when it comes to ChessMaster. The game itself allows you to play on a chess engine, the primary setting features the King’s Engine. The settings in this chess for PC version allow you to modify and adjust various components including the pawn’s weaknesses, the sentinels’ randomness, mobility of the pieces, the King’s safety protocol, and various other modules that affect the gameplay.

You can join the ChessMaster community online and exchange tactics and strategies with fellow chess enthusiasts. You can also use their learning tools to not only adapt to chess for laptops and PC but also to discover new playing techniques.

ChessMaster hosts tournaments as well in which you can partake and put your chess skills to the test. These features are what justifiably make it the best chess game for PC.

2. Battle Chess

Battle Chess

Released in 1988, Battle Chess is one of the oldest variants of chess for PC. This particular software has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay and entertainment.

The game allows you to rage chess battles against your opponents with exciting animations, sound effects, and even high-quality graphics. The sound effects for this game alone will make you feel like you are in the live chess game in Harry Potter.

Battle Chess allows you to play chess games against human opponents or against the PC or laptop’s Artificial Intelligence bots. The gameplay can range from beginner to advanced levels with the AI program. This makes it the best offline chess game for PC for anyone.

The game offers 30,000 moves in its open library and over 35 different game battles. You can use this program to learn chess and implement your best moves to try out varying results.

3. Battle vs Chess

Battle vs Chess

Back in 2011, a game called Battle vs Chess was introduced and since then it has quickly made its way to the list of the top chess games for PC with its incredible features.

Battle vs Chess, as the name suggests, is a game in which you can play chess of course, but there is also an ongoing battle between you and the missions offered by the program. Simply put, the gameplay allows chess for PC with additional features to complete two major strategy campaigns.

The strategy campaigns are further subdivided into 30 missions. Every mission in this software program of chess for laptops and PCs has a different goal. You need to accomplish each goal to complete the missions and thereby each strategic campaign.

Battle vs chess is the best chess game for PC, especially for those who are bored with the age-old chess games.

4. Battle Chess: Games of King

Battle Chess: Games of King

Released in 2015, Battle Chess: Games of King is truly one of the most spectacular and best chess games for PC. The software program has a lot to offer in respect to animations and graphics, which makes the gameplay realistically entertaining.

The Battle Chess: Games of King offers a multiplayer platform where you can play the chess game against worthy opponents over the internet or simply play the best offline game for PC with the AI program. There are different complexity modes that you can adjust as well.

As a beginner in the world of chess, you can opt to learn the gameplay thoroughly with the Battle Chess battleground training program. Once you gain a little proficiency, you can opt for higher game modes and play spirited games with other chess aficionados.

5. Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra

Released in 2017, Chess Ultra is one of the best chess games for PC available on Windows 10 operating systems. The model of this software has a lot of cool features to offer which makes it the top chess game for PC by long strides.

For starters, Chess Ultra jumped on the 4K visuals wagon and brought forward high-definition gameplay like no other. It allows a multiplayer platform where you can play chess against your loved ones or compete against a complete stranger with intense skills.

What’s even better is Chess Ultra has an inbuilt AI program that allows you to play chess offline for practice against the computer. This sure makes it the best offline chess game for PC and we’ll tell you why. It’s because along with an Artificial Intelligence bot, they also have a Virtual Reality mode that makes the gameplay feel super realistic.

If you want to prepare for a time-controlled chess game, as commonly found in tournaments where they use chess clocks, you can do that too. To help you prepare for time-managed games, Chess Ultra offers three timed game modes called Classic, Blitz, and Marathon. You can enjoy a fast-paced game of chess for PC with worthy opponents.

6. Simply Chess

Simply Chess

Another best chess for laptops and PC was introduced in 2015 called Simply Chess. As the name suggests, the software allows you to play simple chess games against your opponents online and offline.

The Simply Chess for PC software has 100 levels that you can play with the computer’s Artificial Intelligence program. Furthermore, you can choose your level of difficulty in each of the 100 puzzles to achieve success. The game is well suited for chess aficionados.

There are options to play with people online in the event that an opponent leaves the game, it will continue asynchronously for a seamless experience in Pass n Play mode.

7. Brain Games: Chess

Brain Games: Chess

The best free chess game for PC is Brain Games: Chess wherein you can play the game with the computer AI program as opponents.

The game offers 12 levels of difficulty that program the computer AI to modify the gameplay. As a beginner chess player, you can opt to partake in the training program to learn the game proficiently before indulging in actual gameplay against the machine.

Brain Games: Chess has another incredible offering in the chess for PC department. Here you can choose from 15 chess sets that are themed. These are ideal to use if you need to find a comfortable chess set or you want to teach the game to children.

8. Grace of Zordan

Grace of Zordan

If you want to play chess for PC with a twist, then you cannot go wrong with Grace of Zordan. The game was released in 2017 and successfully combines the magical realm of the supernatural and the entertaining strategies of chess.

You will find yourself in a battleground to play the game against your opponent using magical cards and spells. They offer varieties in terms of genre as well where you can find Heroes of Might and Magic, Chess Diablo, and more exciting genres for gameplay.

It is one of the most magical forums in regards to chess for PC.

9. Board Defenders

Board Defenders

This chess for PC software was developed in 2016 and provides an entertaining challenge to play. For starters, you have a lot of locations within the chess game that you can travel to. Each location will have a set of individual challenges that you need to overcome.

Board Defenders is one of the best chess game for PC and laptops simply because it offers a lot of levels. You need to finish these levels by solving the puzzles, which is essentially what a chess game is. The conceptual graphics of the game are also pretty entertaining. You will find that your enemies are advancing against you, creating different innovative challenges, and teaming up too. It makes chess for PC that much more fun to play.

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