Best Tips, Tricks, Tactics, And Strategy For Chess


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A game of chess is all about testing yourself. You test your analytical skills, your tactical skills, and even your memory at times. If you want to play a game of chess and actually enjoy the experience, you need to start with chess tactics and chess tips and tricks.

Let’s face it, winning is more fun any day of the week. So, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the chess winning tricks up your sleeve to tip the scales in your favor during every game?

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Even if you end up not winning them all, at least the gameplay is more spirited despite who you play with. When playing against beginners or professionals, having the best chess tricks can go a long way in determining the outcome of the game.

Thus, today, we have decided to share some of the chess tricks that every chess player ought to know. You can find chess tricks to checkmate, chess tricks to win fast, and even a few chess game tricks that will enhance your strategic thinking. We strongly suggest that you learn chess tactics and start implementing them to increase your chances of winning.

Top ways to learn chess tactics efficiently

As you know, there are actually countless tricks to play chess using popular strategies, gambits, etc. However, there are other smaller tricks in playing chess that you can implement in personalized strategies. The following chess tips can be incorporated in most of the popular chess tactics:

  • Start by learning about the different player pieces in chess and how each of them moves. You can develop the best chess trick by combining these singular moves to checkmate your opponent or at least increase the pressure on the opponent’s king.
  • Another tip involving the chess tricks of piece movement is to check which pieces can complement each other’s movements. The queen, who can move N number of steps in any direction would be your best bet.

However, some pieces work better together to flank each other with their movements. A knight or rook has a better capacity to perform in pairs when you challenge your opponent’s strategy, especially to create two-weakness spots.

  • One of the important chess tricks involving gameplay is to always open with a pawn. As you know, the pawns block the important pieces, thus rendering your wish to use chess tricks to win fast absolutely moot. Therefore, start the opening game using the chess tactics of playing a pawn.

Good chess tricks always involve moving the king or queen’s pawn since it opens up a gateway to develop the bishops and occupies center positions on the game board. The double benefits are what make this one of the best chess tricks in gameplay.

  • The only piece that can jump the line of pawns is the knight, so keep a few strategies handy where you can also begin the game with a knight. Although a pawn move during the opening is the best chess trick to start the game, using knights is a close second. It also allows you to develop an important piece at the beginning of the game and you can easily dominate several squares in the center of the chessboard. These qualities qualify to play the knight in opening moves as one of the chess tricks to win.
  • Another important point regarding chess tricks would be to develop the knight and bishop as early as possible if you are opening with pawn pieces. If you played the pawn to liberate the bishop, then develop it in the second move. If you played a pawn from the sides, then develop the knight and look for the first best opening to develop the bishop as well.
  • Possibly one of the most important tricks to play chess is to castle your king early. When you start developing your knights and bishops, you are already clearing a path to castle your king. The only decision that you need to make at the start of the game when using these tricks in playing chess is whether you want to castle kingside or queenside.

If you want to castle kingside, then start developing the pieces beside the king first. If you want to castle queenside, start developing the knight, bishop, and queen in the first 6 moves and castle the king.

  • Another important segment of chess tips and tricks is to never leave your pieces isolated or even hanging. Always flank one piece with another because if you don’t chances are, you are going to lose the hanging pieces during critical moments. The pawns can flank each other almost all the time, which are favored chess tactics. You can use the pawns to also flank the important pieces or pair up the major pieces to flank each other.
  • Try to create double weakness points on the opponent’s side of the game board. There are several important squares aside from the four central squares on the chessboard where either player can exercise a lot of advantages.

Target one of these critical squares in your opponent’s territory and attack it with two of your chess pieces. Thus, if the square is unoccupied, then you can limit your opponent’s movements to advantageous locations. If the square is occupied by an opponent’s piece, then you can capture it to get a tactical advantage.

  • Another important structural chess tips to help develop your side towards a win is to have an idea about your pawn structure. The important pieces like bishops, knights, rooks, and the queen pretty much traverse one to the other side of the board constantly but your pawn structure is your basic line of defense.

With an ideal pawn structure, you can occupy a major portion of the center of the chessboard where you can implement most of the chess winning tricks. Additionally, it keeps your king securely in the castle till the middle game.

  • Speaking of the middle game, the best way to use the chess tricks to checkmate is to stop using chess tricks to win fast. There are several strategies wherein you can checkmate the opponent’s king in 2-7 moves, however, those gameplays are rarely challenging or fun.

Instead, use the chess tricks to develop the structural positions of your pieces during the opening sequence and launch all your attacks during the middle game. If you take the time to prepare the battleground, you can use the chess tricks to win fast in challenging gameplay.

  • There are chess tricks that involve losing critical pieces on gambits to gain a considerable advantage on the game board. Most beginners find these chess tips and tricks hard to implement since they can’t identify an elaborate plan. But that’s alright. You need to study two-weakness points and special gambits. Eventually, you will start to recognize the chess tricks when sacrificing a minor piece or even a queen can give you immense tactical advantage by ripping apart the opponent’s structural tactic.
  • Develop your game slowly and deliberately. Some of the most common chess tricks to win involve gradual development. If you take the time to build your pawn structure, identify critical points in your opponent’s strategy, and start unraveling it, you are bound to lead to a winning endgame, which is the whole point of playing chess.

Practice thinking of your moves and the possible consequences of two to three moves before implementing them. You need to build towards the chess tricks to checkmate your opponent in the endgame.

  • The last best chess trick is to develop consistency in your gameplay. Much like poker, in chess, you play as much using the chessboard pieces as you do with the opponent’s mind. It is psychological warfare where each player is trying to get a read on the other to identify their possible next moves.

At a time like this, it is essential that you play consistently. This means, the way you sit, the way you talk (if at all), the way you pick up and play a piece, the way you react when an opponent captures your piece, and the way you react to where an opponent plays a piece has a huge impact on gameplay.

Thus, you need to have a certain manner of conducting the mundane activities so your opponent cannot identify which chess tricks you are using to win the game.

Using these chess tips and tricks goes a long way into developing your gameplay towards a win. You need to personalize these chess tricks to befit not only important chess tactics but also your personal style of playing. Thus, using the chess game tricks don’t seem forced and don’t tip off your opponent.

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