Scratch Placement In Pool: How To Play 8 Ball Scratch And More

Scratch Placement In Pool: How To Play 8 Ball Scratch And More
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There is a myriad of pool games where you come across the word Scratch. In cutthroat pool and 8-ball in particular, the pool scratch rules are stringent and widely prevalent. To learn the basic terminology, refer to our term book first.

For those who want to learn how to play pool for fun or to build a career out of it, today we will discuss 8-ball pool scratch rules. Just for the record, when we say career, you can opt for offline tournaments that present prizemoney or even consider the online version on GetMega.

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Define scratch in pool

When you hear the words ‘8-ball scratch,’ the likely image in your mind is that of a vandalized or mutilated pool table, maybe the 8-ball, or scratches on the surface of the cue ball. The last one is the closest but not accurate.

Scratching on 8-ball is actually a phenomenon during a game of pool when the cue ball is sunk.

Scratch placement in pool

Simply put, if you put the cue ball in one of the six available pockets on the pool table, it is a Scratch. This may be intentional or an accidental potting of the cue ball.

Nevertheless, it is considered a foul and the player who commits the scratch loses his or her turn.

Keep in mind that a foul may occur due to a variety of reasons during a game of pool. However, not all of them are Scratches. Only when you sink the pool ball is it considered a Scratch.

8 ball pool scratch rules

If the 8-ball is not pocketed or jumped from the table, a scratch or foul does not result in a game loss. The incoming player is holding the cue ball. It's important to note that a combination shot can't be utilised to legally pocket the 8-ball.

How many types of scratch words are there in pool?

The name for this particular type of foul remains the same during a game of pool. There is, however, more than one way to commit an 8 ball scratch during an exciting game of pool.

Let’s say you are breaking the 8 ball rack to start the game. It is possible that instead of sinking one of the solid or striped balls on the table, you end up putting the white ball in a pocket. That is a Scratch.

In another instance, you may strike one of your assigned balls on the table with the cue ball. As you know, if you sink your object ball, you are close to winning. However, if your cue ball follows suit and ends up in the pocket after the object ball, then it is a scratch.

There are other such scenarios where the white ball or cue ball may bounce on the table cushion and dunk right into a pocket. Perhaps when you strike the cue ball with the cue stick, instead of hitting an object ball, the cue ball plummets into a pocket.

Regardless of how it happens, if the cue ball ends up in a pocket, it is a Scratch.

What are the rules for scratches?

Pool scratch rules differ based on where the game is played and how lenient the players are with each other. Additionally, based on the type of pool game in play, the pool scratch rules may vary for cutthroat pool, 9-ball, and 8-ball scratch.

While cutthroat pool and 9-ball have their own set of rules, let us focus on the 8 ball scratch rules today.

For starters, if a player commits an 8 ball scratch, then pool scratch rules dictate that the player loses his or her turn.

Rules of scratch

Secondly, if the 8 ball scratch occurs after the player sinks one of their object balls then both cue ball and object ball is returned to the table. The object ball will be placed along the long string as a penalty.

In an 8 ball tournament, if a player incurs a Scratch then the opponent gets the ball in hand. A ‘ball in hand’ scenario means that the opponent can choose where to place the ball on the table to take his or her shot.

Given that a tournament rewards the best player, the pool rules scratch placement indicates that the opponent can place the ball anywhere on the table. This hugely differs from a cutthroat pool where the player must place the cue ball behind the head string in a ‘ball in hand’ scenario.

However, 8 ball scratch tournament rules allow the player to place the cue ball in any position on the table and move it at will for their convenience.

This 8 ball pool scratch rule is simply to discourage players from committing an intentional scratching on 8 ball. You see, a player might assume that if the opponent is close to finishing the game then having to place the cue ball behind the head string could put them at a disadvantage.

However, since the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere on the table after an 8 ball scratch during a tournament, players have to be cautious. The opponent might just place the cue ball right behind the object ball and simplify their situation.

On the other hand, during a bar game or most online games, the criteria for 8 ball scratch remains constant. However, the pool rules scratch placement differs based on the leniency and ability of the players.

If you are playing a friendly match with your friends, family, or some folks you met at the bar or online, you can choose to follow tournament rules or adhere to strict cutthroat pool rules.

In this scenario, once you incur a scratch during gameplay, your opponent gets the cue ball in hand, which they must place behind the head string to make their next shot.

How many players can play together on GetMega pool at a time?

GetMega is an online multiplayer platform that facilitates interactive gameplay with your friends and family. As a rule, you can play these games solo as well, for practice. However, if you’re looking for multiplayer fun on your devices, then you can choose anywhere from 2 to 5 players for a game of pool.

Despite GetMega’s desire to accommodate more players on a single table, the pool is played with 15 balls plus the cue ball.

Therefore, for an equilateral division, you can play with 2, 3, 4, or 5 players.

While the two-player gameplay follows conventional rules, a game with 3, 4, or 5 players accommodate the situation differently.

Each player is assigned a color and a set of balls in those shades appear on the table for distinction.

All this fun and gameplay comes with an opportunity to earn real cash from playing multiplayer online pool games. Neat, isn’t it?

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