One Pocket Pool: Everything You Need To Know


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What is one pocket pool?

One pocket pool is a variation of pool games wherein players must call a certain object ball then sink it in their designated foot pocket. The premise of the gameplay is fairly simple but the rule of only pocketing the ball you call in a particular pocket makes it quite challenging.

The objective of the game is to pocket any 8 of the 15 balls on the table legally before your opponent.

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How to play?

The 1 pocket pool game is quite easy. It is either played between 2 players or two teams of 4 players.

Start by racking all 15 balls used in the 8-ball pool game with the help of the triangle. The rack must touch the foot spot and line up parallel to the foot rail. The breaker then takes their turn for a one-pocket break and chooses their preferred pocket for subsequent shots. This leaves the opponent with the remaining pocket.

Please note: There are only two pockets used in one pocket billiards and the other 4 pockets on the table are disregarded for legal shots. If a ball does travel into them, they are simply spotted and the shot is considered a foul.

Anyway, next the players aim to pocket eight balls out of the total 15. They can pocket more but they already win when they have 8. Instead of choosing the group of object balls (striped or solid), the players choose the pocket and strive to pot the object balls only in their own designated pocket. If a player pots a ball in an opponent’s pocket, then the opponent effortlessly scores a point and the ball is not spotted.

At the end of the game, whoever potted 8 balls in their own pocket wins the game.

Scratch and Break – one pocket pool rules

One-pocket break rules are a pivotal part of the game. Much like the breaker in other pool games has the advantage of choosing their group of object balls, a similar advantage is provided for the one-pocket breaker.

Whoever wins the lag can either choose to break or offer the opportunity to their opponent(s). The breaker then performs the one-pocket break of the triangular rack. Following the break, the breaker has the unique opportunity to choose the designated pocket as per their preference. The opponent must comply with shooting his object balls in the remaining pocket, no matter how tricky the shots may seem.

Another important aspect of one-pocket billiard rules is the cue ball fouls. While it is possible to Scratch the cue ball, i.e., pocketing it in your own or an opponent’s pocket, it is also likely that it can bounce off the table due to improper technique. In either case of a scratch or a cue ball jump, 1 pocket pool rules state that the player loses their turn. The opponent, now, gets the cue ball in hand to place it anywhere behind the head string for their convenience.

It is noteworthy that the cue ball in hand only comes into play when a player commits a cue ball-related foul in a one-pocket pool game. In case of any other fouls, the cue ball remains where it is but the player who made the foul loses their turn.

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