Bumper Pool: How To Play, Rules, Strategies And More

how to play bumper pool

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Cue games have many descendants and bumper is just one of the many exciting bumper pool games. It has simple rules and portable build, which fits into your life and your house perfectly. The game doesn’t stretch for too long, which can be just the strategy to engage your friends, kids and family with for a quick, short game. How to play bumper pool then? Read on.

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What Is Bumper Pool?

Bumper Pool is a variant of most common pool games, and it is smaller than your usual pool table. It is also affectionately, and professionally too sometimes, called Pocket Billiards.

It’s not just smaller; the surface of the table has bumps that act as soft obstacles challenging the course of the ball’s path. There are two each obstructing the two pockets of the pockets, while almost ten more are arranged at the sides and ends.

The two pockets are arranged at the middle of the edges of the side of the table. Ten balls— five red and five white, out of which one ball in both the sets are marked.

How to play bumper pool? Bumper pool games are played between two people, who try to win by sinking four of their balls in the opponent’s pockets before their opponent can

Why To Play It

Bumper Pool is a hit among children too, for whom the table size frankly suits. Elders find the game amusing, and it’s all fun and smiles throughout the game. But that’s not the only reason. Here are some more:

  • Because of its relatively smaller size, the table is affordable and can easily be accommodated in the house.
  • How to play bumper pool? The rules of the bumper pool are very easy to explain to anyone, so it becomes more accessible to all kinds of people in ways that professional pool games cannot.
  • The size and the rules of the game make it more accessible to any person interested in playing. It also fits snugly in your home and your life.

How To Play Bumper Pool

Due to how simple it is, the game strategy is very straightforward. The bumpers offer an exciting, physical challenge for players which eases the pressure to learn the rules of the game and just simply enjoy.

There are 5 red and 5 white balls, and the aim is to sink four of your balls into your opposite pocket before your opponent can sink theirs. The balls are arranged at the side’s edges by the pockets, where the marked ball is placed directly in front of the pocket.

Though there are no cue balls, the marked ball is more or less a starting ball using which the game starts. With a cue stick, the players either sink the marked ball first and then sink the rest of the balls, or use the marked ball to shoot the rest of the balls into the pocket.

The game begins when both the players shoot the balls simultaneously towards their respective pockets and try to sink it. The one who sinks it first, or comes close to sinking it while the opponent is not able to, is the player that gets to go first in shooting the same or the next ball to the pocket. The opponent will have to wait, try to shoot, and if the opponent fails, the first player keeps getting the chance.

Rules To Play The Game

How to play bumper pool with rules?

  • If a player sinks the last ball into the wrong pocket loses the game even if they got the previous shots right.
  • No jump shots are allowed.
  • If a ball bounces off the table, the opponent gets to choose where to put the ball (usually in a tough spot) for the player to hit.

The rules are not strict nor governed by any official body. They can be modified as local custom dictates or as the community or company wishes.

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