8 Ball Pool - The Game: Meaning, Rules, How To Play, and More

8 Ball Pool - The Game: Meaning, Rules, How To Play, and More
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There are many games of pool that you can play with friends using the number 8 pool ball. Today, we will learn to play pool in the easiest gameplay. In this 8-ball pool guide, we will discuss pool for beginners and experts alike. When you learn how to shoot pool the right way, you will see how entertaining and exciting a game of pool can be.

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Significance of different balls in 8-ball pool gameplay

The basics of how to play 8 ball dictate that there are 16 balls in a game of pool.

1. White:

The white ball also called the cue ball, is like a striker.

You use a cue stick to hit the cue ball which subsequently touches the other balls to move or sink them.

2. Solid Balls:

These are part of the 15-ball rack.

A player who chooses solid balls must only pocket these 7 single-colored pool balls.

3. Stripped Balls:

The other 7 pool balls are striped white.

The player designated with striped balls must only aim to pocket these in order to prevent fouls.

Visit this to learn more about the stripes and solids balls in the pool.

4. Black 8-Ball:

The black ball, which is the number 8 pool ball is the queen in a game of pool.

Once a player has pocketed all their designated balls, they must sink the 8-ball to win the game.

Rules of 8-ball pool gameplay

When you learn to shoot pool, there are a few rules to bear in mind:

  1. The players must only shoot when it’s their turn
  2. They only pocket their designated balls, not the opponent’s object balls.
  3. They must only sink the number 8 pool ball after pocketing all their 7 designated balls.
  4. They must not sink the cue ball.
  5. A player who pockets their designated object ball continues their turn till they miss or end up sinking the cue ball.
  6. In case of a foul, the other player or team gets the cue ball in hand. They can place it anywhere behind the second dot or the diamond, i.e the head string to take their turn.
  7. If a player sinks an opponent’s ball, the ball is not resurfaced. It is a lucky break for the opponent and the player losses their turn.
  8. A player must always conduct a legal break of an 8-ball pool ball setup. This entails that 4 of the balls in the rack must hit the cushion.
  9. If the 8-ball is put into a pocket during the break, the 8-ball pool ball setup is re-racked. When sinking the 8-ball at the end of the game, the player must sink it in the pocket where they sunk the last object ball. If the last object ball was sunk in a middle pocket, then the player can choose one of the six pockets to sink the number 8 pool ball.
how to play 8 ball

Breaking an 8-ball pool ball setup

When you learn how to play 8 ball, the first important rule is to learn a legal break.

A legal break in 8-ball pool gameplay dictates that you must break the rack with enough force so that at least 4 balls touch the cushion.

You can also aim to sink one ball, which decides the designated object balls for you and your opponent. During the breaking of an 8-ball pool ball setup, you must not sink the cue ball. You must also avoid sinking the number 8 pool ball or bouncing any of the balls off the table.

What are fouls in a game of pool?

It is common to foul when you learn how to play pool. When you commit a foul, you lose your turn to the opponent. Here is a list of fouls as per the basics of pool that you must try to avoid:

  1. A common mistake in a game of how to play pool for beginners is hitting the ball two times. It can be a nervous tick, yet the player loses their turn.
  2. A player may push the cue ball instead of appropriately striking it with the cue stick.
  3. A player may accidentally bounce the cue ball so that it gets off the table.
  4. A player may pocket the opponent’s ball by mistake.
  5. A player fails to hit his or her designated object ball.
  6. A player takes a shot out of turn.
  7. A player sinks the number 8 pool ball before sinking all their object balls.
  8. A player sinks the 8-ball in an undesignated pocket.

What is a proper stance in 8-ball pool gameplay?

In order to learn to play pool correctly, you must know the appropriate stance.

A correct stance is one of the basics of pool games. It ensures proper balance and much like any other sport, it affects the gameplay immensely. So here is an 8-ball pool guide for your stance:

  1. You can choose to keep one leg in front of the other for better balance.
  2. You can also choose to keep both feet parallel to each other but make sure they are shoulder-width apart.
  3. Always hold your cue stick in your dominant hand.
  4. Now place the bridge hand, which is popularly your recessive hand on the pool table.
  5. Place the cue tip of your cue stick across the bridge of your hand and ensure that the stick glides smoothly across the dent of your thumb and index finger.

    If you have to lean in to take a shot, try to bend at the waist.

    If you have to bend your knees, make sure they are loose and facilitate a little spring action.

How do you play pool?

Now that you know the basics let’s discuss what is a play pool. In order to learn how to play pool games, you must follow the rules and the stance correctly.

1. How to rack the 8-ball pool ball setup?

Start by placing the triangle such that the tip touches the head string on the lower end of the table.

Now place the balls within the triangle with the number 8 pool ball in the middle of the third row.

You can place the other balls as you like although keeping the number 1 ball in the forefront is a popular choice.

Place the cue ball on or behind the head string. The head string is the imaginary line between the two diamonds on the breaking end of the table.

2. How to start the game?

Once you are prepared with your stance, hit the cue ball with the cue stick using substantial force to ensure at least 4 balls break free and touch the cushion.

If you sink a solid ball while breaking, then that is your designated object ball. On the other hand, if you pot a striped ball, then that’s your group of object balls.

If you don’t sink any ball during the break, then the player who sinks the first ball is assigned the group.

3. What happens if you pocket a ball?

If you pocket a ball, then you get another turn to sink a second object ball, a third, and so on.

If you miss sinking your designated ball, then your opponent gets their turn.

If you sink the cue ball, then it’s a foul.

4. What happens if you commit a foul?

If you commit a foul, then the opponent gets to place the cue ball anywhere behind the head string and take their turn.

5. How does the game end?

Continue to take turns and sink your object balls.

Once all your object balls are in pockets, aim for the number-8 pool ball. If you potted your last object ball in one of the four corner pockets, then ideally, that is the pocket where you need to sink the 8-ball as well.

If, on the other hand, you potted the last ball in one of the middle pockets, you can choose one of the six pockets on the table to house the 8-ball. You can also make this interesting by having your opponent choose the pocket for you.

6. Who is the winner in a pool game?

Whoever successfully sinks the 8-ball after all their object balls, wins the game.

A game of pool usually takes place in frames. Therefore, you can win two out of three, three out of five, or five out of nine to be the winner.

Benefits of playing a game of pool on GetMega

GetMega is an extraordinary gaming platform where you can play pool with your friends or random players on the internet.

Here are a few benefits of playing pool on GetMega:

  • You can enjoy a virtual game of pool with friends and family who are located elsewhere.
  • You can play during a lockdown when you can’t actually visit bars and sports centers.
  • You can make new friends, open a chat section, etc.
  • You can play multiple tournaments.
  • The gameplay is simplified. Based on the number of players, the pool balls are colored with the players’ designated shades.
  • You can play solo or up to a 5-player game.
  • Lastly, the cherry on the ice cream sundae is that you can earn real money while enjoying a zealous game of pool with friends and family, or even strangers.

We think the option to earn money while playing one of the most popular games of champions is definitely dope. However, you must play strategically and know all the tricks and tips to play pool games to win maximum.

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