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Choosing the right pool cue affects the gameplay no matter if you’re a novice or a professional. You need to create torque, bounce, tricks, and whatnot. Each action requires a certain sturdiness, not to mention, the ability of the pool cue to withstand the energy and force used.

Therefore, you need to choose the right pool cue for the specific action.

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What is the difference: break cue vs playing cue?

Here are the differences between players break cues and a playing cue:

  Break Cue Playing cue
Tip The tips are phenolic or hard to facilitate more movement and withstand force. They are not designed to sustain the chalk for very long but they do pack a lot of energy and last longer. The tips are softer to sustain the chalk. They allow more spin action and control over the cue ball.
Ferrule It is much shorter, close to half an inch, and made out of carbon fiber to absorb the tremendous force of each shot. They are longer, nearly one inch or so, and made out of varieties of linen. The softer material provides better grip and absorbs the shock for balance.
Shaft They are thicker and shock-absorbent to withstand extreme energies expended during a pool break.  They are slender and withstand less force which is perfect when pocketing balls.
Butt They are larger and usually made of leather or something equally shock absorbent. They facilitate better grip for quick and powerful shots. They are shorter and often thinner. They facilitate moisture absorption for fluid movements with sweaty palms.

How to determine the purpose of each pool cue?

At a glance, the break stick in pool is thicker than a playing cue. If you wish to determine the purpose of the stick you’re holding, start by checking the tip. If the tip appears harder than the other sticks, then you’re holding a pool cue-breaking stick. If, on the other hand, the tip appears softer then it is a playing cue suitable for shots with low stress.

If you cannot determine the rigidity of the tip then take a look at the ferrule. It is the section right beneath the tip. If the ferrule is shorter than the other sticks, then it is a pool break cue. If the section is longer and the stick appears more slender then it is a playing stick.

What happens when we play with the player break cue?

If you play the entire game of pool with your break cue then chances are, your shots will be stronger and scatter the balls across the table. The best break cues pack enough power to split the rack quickly.

The problem is, they cannot facilitate spin action. The energy that these sticks expel is much higher, which creates momentum but not torque. Therefore, chances are, you won’t be able to make the trick shots because they lack accuracy.

However, if you are a pro-level pool player and know how to utilize the force expended to your advantage, you can bounce the cue ball and take other types of trick shots which require a wider trajectory. Use the momentum to your advantage and take combination shots.

While using the break cue to play the game does have its disadvantages, it also lasts longer and allows quick shots. It is not like you cannot play the game or win with the best break pool cues at your disposal, because you absolutely can.

The same cannot be said for using playing cues for breaking, though. The amount of energy needed for a legal break cannot be sustained by a playing cue. They are slender and much more delicate. Therefore, using them too many times to break could cause the pool cue to split.

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