Difference Between Pool, Billliards, And Snooker. Which One Should You Play?

Difference Between Pool, Billliards, And Snooker. Which One Should You Play?
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If you are not an avid gamer yet then you may have come across the terms billiards, snooker, pool, 8-ball, 9-ball, etc. Popularly, these days the three games have become synonymous. However, they cannot be more different if they tried.

Today we are about to debunk the synonymous myth of snooker vs billiards vs pool and learn what each game is really about.

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What is snooker in pool?

If you look into snooker origins, you will find that the table cue sport was introduced by British officers stationed in India during the late 1800s. The game was popular among competitive champions since the gameplay is engaging and considerably tough.

Billiard Snooker is a pool game that uses 22 balls instead of the commonly used 15-ball setup. In billiard snooker, there are 16 red balls, each carrying 1 point. Then there are 6 colored balls with points varying from 2 through 7. The object of this game is to score the maximum points.

What is snooker in pool

A snooker game is racked in a diamond form. Each player takes their turn to sink one red ball which is followed by a colored ball of any number of points. A player continues his or her turn as long as they keep pocketing balls in that sequence. When they miss or commit a foul, the opponent gets their turn.

The players play multiple frames and the one with the highest score wins irrespective of even and odd number sets.

What is the main difference between pool and billiards?

To be perfectly honest, the pool is a variant of billiards that comprises any table cue sport. However, there are distinct differences between the games once categorized sufficiently.

Here are a few difference between pool and billards to look out for

  1. For starters, a basic game of billiard vs pool differs in the number of balls used.

    Billiards only uses 3 larger balls, i.e., one red, one white, and another yellow or white with a spot on it.

    Pool utilizes 9 to 15 balls comprised of solid and striped variants based on the gameplay.
  2. Secondly, a billiards table is wider and lengthier than a pool table with no pockets.
  3. Thirdly, the surface material used on the billiards table facilitates faster movement of the balls by reducing friction.
  4. Fourth, a pool stick is thinner and longer as compared to a billiard stick.
  5. Lastly, a game of pool requires the players to pot their respective balls and end with the 8-ball.

    A billiards game, on the other hand, requires the players to jump the balls on the table over the others.

The unconventional gameplay is the reason why another name for billiards is Carom Billiards. The main billiards and pool difference is that all pool games are billiard games but not all billiard games are pool games.

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Snooker vs Billiards vs Pool

To start with, the snooker vs pool difficulty level varies due to the stringent scoring system. While snooker relies on a point-based scoring where each ball potted adds the subsequent point on the scoreboard, pool only has a winner and a loser.

Snooker vs pool difficulty also relies on the size of the pockets on the table. The snooker table is larger than a pool table, however, the pockets on the snooker table are smaller, thus making the gameplay more challenging.

Snooker vs billiard gameplay also differs in terms of the number of balls and the rules. In billiards, the objective is to touch three cushions and hit the object ball to reach a predetermined score. Pool, on the other hand, follows a stringent scoring system.

  Billiards Pool Snooker
No. of balls 3 15 22
Racking No racking Triangle Diamond
Table pockets None 6 6
Scoring system Counts Win or lose Point score
Level of difficulty Very difficult Easy with practice Difficult

When we compare all three games as snooker vs billiards vs pool, here are the major differences that stand out.

Which should you play and why?

Now that you know the basics of gameplay, the important question arises, which game is suitable for you.

For a novice, learning the variants of the pool may be easier. The rules of the pool are simple and straightforward.

Additionally, with more practice, you can advance from 8-ball to 9-ball, then straight pool, and so on. It is an excellent game to start.

For those who enjoy healthy competition with higher stakes, Snooker may be a far better choice. The level of difficulty is considerably elevated due to the smaller pockets and the alternative potting method. The game calls for more precision and strategy.

Lastly, if you are someone who wants to improve your focus and fine-tune your abilities at geometry, spatial reasoning, angular momentum, and concentration, then carom billiards is the game for you. This game can be played solo or with a partner to hone your levels of accuracy and is highly regarded by ambitious busy-bodies.

And if you want to know some of the alternatives to these games, you can read them here.

What are the benefits of playing 8-ball pool on GetMega?

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Here are a few benefits of using this extraordinary platform to play 8-ball pool:

  1. You can hone your skills and learn the basics of pool play accurately.
  2. You can play with multiple players thus learning new strategies and techniques.
  3. The players are assigned different colors and subsequently pool balls of those particular shades which makes it easier to follow the gameplay.
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