Best Pool Cues And Sticks: General, Beginners And Pros

Best Pool Cues And Sticks: General, Beginners And Pros
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Which are the best cue for pool

The best pool cues are ones that are designed to not only balance the load of the shaft but also optimize for accuracy.

best pool sticks

When you look at a cue stick, the head is usually blue. This is the tip of your cue which is the most important part of the entire stick. You may have noticed that pro players often chalk the tip during gameplay. It is because the tip needs to be optimized such that you can strike the cue ball at the exact spot that you need to. It also ensures that the force of your strike is directly transferred to the cue ball. Lastly, the tip of the cue stick also determines how you make contact with the cue ball thus resulting in spin, straight, or bounce shots.

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Here’s how you know which are the best pool sticks:

1. Phenolic pool cues:

These pool sticks are best suited for billiard games where breaking is involved. The tips on these cool cues are made of carbon fibers which makes them extremely sturdy. Thus, these cue sticks can withstand an immense amount of force when they make contact with the cue ball.

These pool sticks are relatively the best pool cue for beginners as they require zero maintenance and add force to their strikes. However, if you want to work on torque and accuracy, then invest in these sticks only for breaking, then switch to a soft or medium pool cue.

2. Soft pool cues:

These are arguably the best pro pool cues, even though they are quite high-maintenance. The cue tip on these sticks are extremely soft therefore they tend to absorb and transfer more energy to the cue ball.

A soft pool cue makes it easier to hit the cue ball with maximum accuracy. The amount of energy transferred from these pool cues generates enough momentum to create incredible spin action, which in turn helps rotate the object balls into target pockets.

The only problem is, soft cue tips are inclined towards quick breakage thus they must be chalked and brushed often. If you are looking for the best pro pool cues, go for it. However, if you’re an amateur, perhaps start with something a little more low maintenance like beginner pool cues, and work your way up to the softer ones.

3. Hard pool cues:

These pool cues are commonly found in bars and taverns where pool playing is a form of entertainment rather than a competitive sport. Hard pool cue tips are very low maintenance and have long shelf lives. They are extremely durable because they absorb very little force during gameplay. These sticks tend to be less accurate though.

Hard tips can be the best beginner pool cue as they require less attention and provide enough force for breaking the rack and hitting straight targets. Beginner pool players can practice with these and opt for a medium or soft stick once they start working on advanced pool tricks.

4. Medium pool cue tips:

Lastly, these are the most commonly used pool sticks. They are considered the best pool cues since they are the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, medium-tipped cue sticks are quite versatile and absorb a significant amount of force, thus improving gameplay. They tend to transfer this energy into cue balls which results in some amount of spin action, sufficient to make a number of trick shots including cuts.

On the other hand, these cue sticks are a little more high-maintenance than the hard tips so they require a lot of care.

Which are best cue for beginners?

When choosing best starter pool cue for beginners, pay attention to the tip and the first 5 to 10 inches of the stick. Make sure that the pool cue is capable of withstanding forceful impact. Additionally, make sure that the beginner pool cue is well balanced so it doesn’t hurt your arm after rigorous playing.

pool sticks for beginners

Here are the 5 best beginner pool cues that we personally found to help novice players improve their game:

  1. Crimson Maple C-96 – These are the best beginner pool cues. They come with a medium-hard cue tip which facilitates higher accuracy and force throughout the gameplay. It has an Irish wrap that absorbs moisture thus providing better grip. It is also highly portable due to the two-piece shaft.
  2. McDermot Lucky L9 – One of the most highly regarded beginner pool cues comes in a soft case. This pool cue tip has Hard Maple Rock which allows you to strike with significant force. It also has an Irish wrap around the shaft that absorbs any moisture and makes it easier to hold and control the cue stick.
  3. Viking’s Valhalla – Although this beginner pool cue comes with a hard tip, it is one of the best pool sticks in the market for novice enthusiasts. The weight of these cue sticks is adjustable thus causing less strain during gameplay. The tip of the cue stick is optimally shaped and scratched for better accuracy.
  4. Bird’s Eye Maple Sneaky Pete by Lucasi – Made by one of the best brands for cue sports, this stick is highly durable. The tip on this beginner pool cue is medium, sometimes hard, which facilitates a considerable amount of force in each shot. Use gloves or customize a wrapping to make it easier to hold.
  5. Cuesoul 58 – The Cuesoul beginner pool cue is customizable as per your preference. You can choose the size and style of the cue tip and the color of the stick. Although the cue stick may not be very durable, it does help beginners improve their game with accuracy and applied force.

Which are the best pool sticks for pros?

Unlike beginner pool players, professionals require the best pro pool cues to win their games. Here is a list of the best pool cues and we don’t need to tell you why they are the best. You already know, probably avidly collect these:

  1. ELM02 limited edition Mezz Efren Reyes
  2. John Parris
  3. McDermot Bridgeport
  4. Players HXT15 and C-960
  5. Valhalla Va31

Professional cue sticks are often customized with soft to medium cue tips. They come with great endurance for forceful strikes and have moisture-absorbent wraps with better grips.

Why cue sticks are so important in the pool?

Pool cue sticks in billiard games are like oxygen to scuba drivers. These wooden shafts are not just ornamental but instrumental in any variant of billiard games.

Choosing the best pool stick is very important for every player, regardless of their expertise in cue sports. An adaptable and suitable cue stick makes a difference in the player’s performance. Each cue stick has special powers, not like the Avengers but the powers to improve your performance during the game.

Choosing the best pool stick not only depends on your level of expertise but also the amount of weight that is comfortable for you, the cue tip on the stick, the required maintenance, and what kind of shots you prefer during gameplay. So, take some time to choose your pool cues wisely.

Worlds best pool cue

  • Viper Desperado 58 Inch 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue
  • Viking Valhalla Pool Cue 58 Inch Billiards Stick
  • Viper Sinister 58 Inch 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue
  • CUESOUL House Bar Pool Cue.
  • McDermott G201 G-Series Pool Cue
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