Best Break In 8 Ball Pool: Significance, Strategies And More

Best Break In 8 Ball Pool: Significance, Strategies And More

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A break shot is the first play of the game. Overstated or understated as it is, a good break can change the tone and the momentum of the game. 8 ball break tips can come in handy for the same, though without knowing why and how you need the good break, you may be causing more damage to your game than you think. For a good break, and to make it work, there’s a little more to simple strategy; you need an objective. But first, you need to learn the difference between playing cue and break cue.

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Strategies For The Best Break - Points And Explainers

The break shot is what sets the game in motion and gives it the momentum. The best break is the one that:

  • Has enough force to send some object balls right into the pockets
  • Has enough force and strategy to scatter the balls for their momentum to stop in the optimal places
  • Has proper ball control so that the cue ball stops in the best possible place for your next shot

8 ball break tips include the best methods to assume to make a good break. But the easiest 8 ball pool break cheat is this— you hit the cue ball dead in the center. The most amount of energy you can generate in the cue ball to smash through the rack can be achieved by hitting the cue ball full in the face.

Best break in 8 ball pool

This energy is enough to scatter the object balls to the most optimal spaces, and kill the momentum of the cue ball, stop it at the center of the table and prepare for your second hit.

But in order to hit it right in the center, the form you maintain is critical. If your cue stick isn’t leveled, because of which you miscue the cue ball and make an English/Side hit, you may end up throwing the balls in the rack out of the table, end up scratching the cue ball, and calling many fouls at once.

The best of 8 ball break tips is this: keep your form and hit the center and keep in mind the breaking rules of the 8 ball pool game.

Benefits Of A Good Break

Since a break is just the first shot in an 8 ball pool game and not the last, it probably doesn’t matter right to aim for a good one right from the get-go. But opening the table with a good break can set a statement and show a distinctive style of play.

A break is where you hit the ball the hardest, so it gives you a chance for a head start. You get to decide where to hit the cue so that the balls go in a specific way, which opens the table for you to pick the colors and play— the solids or the stripes, and then strategize to win the game.

Step By Step Process to a Break

  • Recheck the rack.
  • Use a lighter cue stick and chalk it properly.
  • Decide where you want to put the cue ball. Ideally, right outside the rail so that you can hold the rail for stability.

Depending on how you want to scatter the balls, choose any of the following strategies to make a good break.

  • The easiest hit for a break is to hit the nose of the rack, which is the center ball on the foot spot of the table. For this hit to work, place the cue ball at a point that is halfway from the center and the side of the table.
  • In games where sinking the 8 ball will mean you will win, aim for the second ball / second row. To hit the ball this way, place the ball three inches from the second diamond/dot on the side rail.

The cue ball will hit the second ball, bounce back to hit the rail and then sink one or more balls on break. But for this to work, the shot needs precision and practice.

How to break in 8 ball pool

What Happens If The 8 Ball Goes In On Break?

Local rules and international rules in standard games matter in cases when the 8 Ball is pocketed on a break. It differs between BCA, APA and EPA and other pool games regulating organizations that set the rules for cue games.

Some pool games and their subsequent rules declare it a win, and sometimes the play is illegal. The opponent can request a re-rack and re-break, or the 8 Ball is spotted with the cue ball in hand, and the game resumes.

It’s best to read the rules of the game before playing and confer with the rest of the players about it.

what is the best break in 8 ball pool

  1. The best breaks in 8 ball pool is the easiest because it doesn't need you to spin the ball at all. On the Baulk line, position the cue ball all the way to the left and aim it at the second ball. Your criteria should be identical to the ones shown above, with the lines completely aligned. Hit the cue ball as hard as you can, and the rack should break apart wonderfully.
  2. Because it's one of the best breaks in 8-Ball Pool, this is a fairly popular method among the pool community. Begin by placing the cue ball on the Baulk line all the way to the right and aiming directly towards the fourth ball. Make sure your guidelines are in the shape of an L. Add a little backspin, move the hitting point slightly to the left, draw back your pool stick, and strike it hard!
  3. This next breaking technique takes place on the right side of the Baulk line, but this time make sure the guidelines are pointing squarely at the second and fourth balls' centres. After you've aligned the shot, give the cue ball some top spin and whack it with maximum force.
  4. Next on our list of the finest 8-minute breaks is Ball is a slightly more difficult shot. When you're putting this one together, keep an eye on the clock. The cue ball is positioned at the top-corner pocket and aimed directly at the second row of balls, as shown in the image. Toss the cue ball with some top-left side spin and hit it as hard as you can.
  5. Last but not least, there's a shot that can make you look like you're bragging. Make sure your pool stick is pointing in the opposite direction of the rack and that it is perfectly centred. To hit the cue ball, add some backspin and use the entire power metre. This technique, like many others on this list, has a good probability of landing balls in some pockets, so practise it.


  • What if I didn’t hit the center of the ball on the break?

The rack will still break, though not in the way you wanted it to. Putting an English spin on the cue ball is usually recommended on the second hit when you score, though the spin reduces the accuracy and power of the cue ball.

  • I’m still having difficulty understanding the break shots…

The pool table is a compass for you. The north point is where your cue ball is, and the south point is where the ball you are targeting is. The best break shot that is called a power break is the one that hits the object ball (be it the 1 Ball, the second-row ball, etc.) square in the face.

No matter where your cue ball is; be it the strategy mentioned here or one of your own, the wisest of 8 ball break tips is this— to simply keep your form, hit the centers of both the cue ball and the object ball.

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