Know Some Of The Best Alternatives To 8 Ball Pool, Snooker, And Billiards

Know Some Of The Best Alternatives To 8 Ball Pool, Snooker, And Billiards
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Whether you’re at a bar or a house party, a billiards game entertains all. Games of pool to play are awfully fun, be it a two-player pool game or a multiple-player pool shot. The excitement is palpable and you really cannot go wrong with pool billiards games.

While our ‘go-to’ billiards game to play is 8 ball, there are several alternatives you can choose from.

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Why 8 ball is among the best playable pool games?

As a fun-loving gamer, you will find that 8-ball is the best among all billiard games. The object is to pocket all your assigned balls and finish with the 8-ball.

The gameplay is simple and extremely fun. Most importantly, the 8-ball pool among similar games can be enjoyed by amateurs and experts alike.

You can play it on a table or across online platforms as a 2player pool game, multiple-player pool game, or even alone.

What are the alternative games similar to 8 ball pool?

Here are some game similar to billiards 8 ball pool / 8 ball pool alternative to get you started in this exciting arena of billiard games to play:

1. Snooker:

Snooker is a game mostly for advanced pool players.

With 22 balls in play, there is one cue ball, 6 colored balls, and 15 red balls on the table.

The red balls are for 1 point apiece and each colored ball has 2 through 7 points assigned to them.

You have to alternate between pocketing a red ball followed by one of the colored balls on the table.

The person with the highest score, based on the balls they pocket, wins the game. To know more about how snooker is different from the pool? Read here.


2. Billiards Game:

There are 16 balls on the table which includes 1 cue ball, 7 solid-colored balls, 7 striped balls, and one black 8-ball.

Based on who pockets first, you are assigned from a set of striped and solid balls to hit.

If you pocket your assigned balls, you score and you can keep playing till you miss or commit a foul.

If you pocket your opponent’s ball, bounce the cue ball off the table, or sink the cue ball then it’s a foul and your opponent’s turn to play.

3. 9-Ball Pool:

This pool ball game is for pros.

Start by hitting the number 1 ball to break the diamond rack.

Score by sinking balls one after the other and you will be awarded the points designated with each ball.

The game ends when one player pockets the 9-ball at any point during the gameplay.

You can play multiple sets and the player who scores the maximum points wins.

You can read more about this game on our guide on 9 ball pool.

4. Straight Pool:

This is one of the difficult billiard games to play. But to can refer our guide to learn in-depth about the straight pool.

You must select a ball to pocket and declare which pocket you’re aiming for. There are two different balls called stripes and solids in the pool.

If you manage to sink it in that particular pocket, you score.

If you miss, then the other player gets a turn.

Straight pool

5. Pure Pool:

Put on your favorite music, choose a custom table, sprinkle visual details, and create your very own gaming environment with a chat option.

You can play with friends or random participants, just like a bar.

How to play multiple-player pool games on GetMega?

GetMega has the best option for multiple-player pool such as 8-ball pool and similar games.

Here are the rules to a round of poolball games to play:

  1. The game has 2-5 players with a specific color designated to them.
  2. A set of colored balls are assigned to each player.
  3. You must only aim to sink the balls with your assigned color using the cue ball and cue stick.
  4. You can adjust the speed and angle of the cue stick with the sliders on the side of the screen.
  5. Only after you pocket all your assigned colored balls, pocket the 8-ball otherwise you commit a foul.
  6. Avoid the following fouls:
  • Hitting other players’ balls directly
  • Not hitting any of your balls with the cue ball
  • Sinking the cue ball

Not only are GetMega billiards games easy to play but you can also earn money. Isn’t that absolutely the best thing you’ve ever heard?

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