American 8 Ball Pool Vs. English 8 Ball Pool: Learn The Differences

american 8 ball pool

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Pool is a game that has been around for centuries. The exact origins of the game are unclear, but what we do know is that it was most likely invented in 15th century France. Pool is played by two or more players with cue sticks hitting balls on a pool table to score points. The American 8 ball pool is very similar to the English 8 ball pool, but there are some key differences between them - namely the number of balls and how they behave when being hit by the cue stick. This blog post will cover all you need to know about American 8 ball pool versus English 8 ball pool rules so that you can decide which variation best suits your needs!

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Points of differences between American 8 ball pool and English Pool

  • The main difference between the two is that in American 8 ball pool you must call a pocket while in English pool, you can pot whichever ball you wish.
  • In American 8 ball, if a player pockets any of their balls on the break shot without scratching, they receive another chance to shoot again.
  • In English Pool this is not allowed, so if you are to pocket anything other than the black ball, your turn is automatically over.
  • American 8 Ball pool allows for a player to call the pocket they wish to shoot at, while this is not allowed in English Pool.
  • The rules of American 8 ball pool are very similar to those of snooker. There are fifteen object balls that have different point values, the 1 ball being the lowest and fifteen being the highest.

Break Rules, Fouls and general scoring tactics

Breaking is when a player breaks open both ends of the pool table by striking the lead object ball which is called the cue ball, with the cue stick. When a break is performed properly it can increase the potential of an easy run-out. A foul occurs when any of the following are committed by a player or their coterie or team across all games within the pool:

  1. Jumping - The act of contacting one ball with another ball to the same or a different pocket. It is legal to jump into a new ball, but not into a new rack.
  2. Double hit - If the cue stick comes in contact with the cue ball more than once during a shot, a foul will be called if a player makes an attempt on his/her object ball
  3. If the cue ball is jumped off the table or into a pocket accidentally, it is a foul.
  4. Failure to contact exactly two cushions after landing on the bed of the table
  5. Running - The object balls must stop moving forward before being struck
  6. Double hit on any object ball followed by a redo shot which is not an attempt to move the cue ball.
  7. If the cue ball, after two legal hits by a player, is jumped off the table or into a pocket accidentally it's not a foul
  8. The opponent does not call any shot he might be entitled to make (for example, if his/her object ball is partially hidden behind another ball)
  9. Touching a ball with a hand or cue, which is not in contact with the cue ball
  10. Touching any object ball with the cue while the cue ball is still in motion
  11. After a foul has been committed and called by either party or it has been detected, thus continuing play from that point is legal
  12. When a player touches or moves any ball other than the cue ball when it is in hand, touching the table, or another object on the way to striking the cue ball. Also, placing his/her hand on anything other than the cue while reaching for the cue ball
  13. If two consecutive fouls are committed by either party during an inning without any shooting, the party who committed the second foul will lose his/her inning
  14. Making a ball of your own suit miss on purpose
  15. Touching or moving balls not on hand or touching anything other than the cue ball while reaching for it If you do all this wrong during gameplay you will get an automatic loss.

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