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Play Hop Pop — multiplayer Chinese Checkers online. Download Mega on your android phone. Hop your marbles & pop other players off the board to win real money.
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Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain
Surat, Gujarat
I always check out whatever fun game has come up here — Fruit Kaat, Warship or ABC Rummy. I start with small amounts before going big. Now I am pretty confident in my skills - what's better than earning pocket money just playing casual games
24 January, 2021
Tejas Saliva
Tejas Saliva
Surat, Gujarat
I found some of my favourite childhood games here - Carrom, Warship & even Dot n Boxes. And playing them now, with real players & real stakes makes them so exciting. The games are so colorful, short & fun — totally binge-worthy.
26 January, 2021
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma
New Delhi, Delhi
Mega has some of the most stylish looking, fun games I have ever played online. All my childhood favourites - Carrom, Warship & GK quizzes - are present here. Add to it that I am winning real money playing games — it's just perfect!
3 February, 2021

Learn more about HopPop

Remember Chinese Checkers? The star-shaped board game where you skillfully jump colourful marbles to capture the opposite side? Trying to find the best route on the board, and showing off long dramatic moves?

The family favourite game of Chinese Checkers is played on a 6-pointed star shaped board, between 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. The rules of the game are fairly simple — hop your marbles across the board before anyone else — but winning totally depends on strategy, tactics and quick thinking. Trying to predict others’ moves, spoiling their tactics while making our own moves — Chinese Checkers was a fun experience for everyone sitting together.

What if we told you that you could play Chinese Checkers online with real people, in real time? And what if you could win real money while doing so?

Download Mega on your android phone. Play Hop Pop, a multiplayer game of Chinese Checkers online, with the added thrills of real money. Find the best route, hop your marbles to the opposite side and pop away others’ marbles on the way. Beat real players in short fun rounds, and win exciting real money rewards!


  • Hop Pop is played between 2-4 players. Each player starts with 10 points. The goal is to ‘race to zero’ — reduce points the fastest and reach zero to win.

  • Move your marble to the next empty hole or jump over other marbles to make bigger leaps, before the timer runs out.

  • You can move only one marble in a turn. Each possible move from current position is highlighted in the game.

  • Jumping over opponents’ marble eliminates that marble and reduces the score by 2 points. Any player who loses all the marbles is out of the game.

  • Every marble that reaches the opposite home reduces the score by 5 points.

  • The player who reaches ‘0’ first wins. The total points of the remaining players are added to decide the total cash prize.

Tips and Strategies

A few simple tips before you jump into playing Chinese Checkers games online. A basic strategy is to create or find the longest hopping path leading to the opposite end, since multiple-jumps are faster to advance marbles than step-by-step moves.

Skilfully empty your own starting house by lining your marbles and creating gaps to hop your marbles forward in fewer moves. Predicting and blocking opposing players’ moves can help you block their win.

Remember, unlike regular Chinese Checkers, there is more than one way to score in Hop Pop. — by hopping your marbles to the opposite home, and also by popping off opponents’ marbles. So keep a look out for opponent marbles, and find the best way to score the most.

Real people, Real fun

HopPop is played in short, fun rounds between 2-4 people. Mega allows only 100% verified profiles to compete on the platform. So you can play the game of Chinese checkers in the safest and most reliable way online. No bots, no tricks. Real people, with real money wins.

Quick, exciting games for everyone

HopPop is designed for the quick rounds of nail biting gameplay. It is rich in strategy and tactics, and rewards players who practice, and possess good observation skills and decision making. The buy-in amount of Hop Pop tables start from as low as ₹1 — so whatever be the size of your pockets, or your level of expertise, there is a perfect way for you to play Chinese checkers online.

User-friendly controls, bright graphics

The shiny colorful marbles will take you back to your childhood days, and the simple, clean design helps you maximise the fun. Each possible move of the selected marble is highlighted, so you can focus on making the right choice . Tap on the right hole, and find the best possible route to hop over to the other side, without any hassles.

Instant Wins & Withdrawals

You can play any number of rounds on a table. The total amount won is credited to your winnings wallet as soon as you leave the table. The winnings can be transferred to Paytm, through UPI or directly to your bank account, in less than a minute.

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