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Lately, with the rise of sports betting, apps like Casumo have gained substantial recognition in the market. As the games and earnings potentially developed, so did the need for applications that allow more and more options for betting on live sports.

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However, people using Casumo are looking for better apps with more earning potential as their side hustle to make a living. That’s why we have put together a list of gaming and betting apps to aid you in your quest. Also, get a complete guide on How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Casumo.

Using sites like Casumo, not only can you bet on the potential of other gamers but you can also partake in highly-rewarding games yourself and earn a living. Moreover, Learn Best Casumo Tricks For You To Play And Earn Money.

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List of apps like Casumo

Here is a list of Casumo alternatives where you can make a good sum of money by playing games or betting on them:

1. GetMega

The GetMega platform is not just popular in live gaming circles but also among gamblers because it allows you absolute control over your gambling.

However, the highlight of this app is the availability of casino games such as Rummy and Texas Hold'em Poker which offer better earnings with your skills rather than luck. Luck, after all, is fickle but your skills can take you a long way into succeeding financially.

The best part about GetMega is that their low-stakes games start from Rs. 5 and the high-stakes can go up to thousands. Your earnings in a month will be sufficient to make a living when you keep winning.

Whatever you earn on GetMega, you can quickly transfer to your bank account or online wallets via secure servers and payment gateways.

2. Betway

The Betway is one of Casumo alternative which not only supports betting on sports games but is quite popular with the Indian public. The app allows you to choose from various cricket matches on which you can place your wager. You can get really good odds and make an informed decision about your betting needs.

Betway is a user-friendly site like GetMega even though their premises differ. The site is trusted in the inner circles of the betting industry for its exceptional odds and assured reward system.

In order to bet on this site, you can add money to your Betway account using a convenient and secure payment gateway. There are no conversions required since the site works on Indian Rupees. It supports multiple features for live betting so if you are inclined to partake in bets while the gameplay continues, you can keep improving your odds of winning.

The only problem is that the Betway platform offers a limited number of promotions so you have to invest if you want to earn big.

3. 10Cric

If you like live betting options on Cricket games then you may enjoy 10Cric. Among casumo alternative, this has quite a few similarities because of their ease of transfers, high odds for betting, and easy withdrawal options.

To start with, you can use features such as net banking and UPI platforms to add money to 10Cric for your betting needs. When you win, the money is transferred to you quickly via the same channels.

The betting odds available on this app pose high returns, which is a welcome feature to any gambler. You can literally earn a ton of money from a single inning.

10Cric is one of the most trusted betting apps in India. The only drawback is that you can bet on cricket matches alone. There are no options for betting on tracks and races.

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4. Parimatch

This app is a little different from the other betting apps and sites on this list. Parimatch allows you to partake in Virtual sports betting in a spread book format. They have a wide range of odds and earning opportunities and a simplified user interface that makes things even easier.

Not only can you participate in betting but also watch live streams of various sporting events. Of course, their live betting options could use an upgrade but the overall features sort of makeup for it.

You can easily transfer money to and from your PariMatch account. You can use the money for betting or play several casino games and escalate your earnings. Sure their customer support lacks promptness but the convenience of transferring money quickly through UPI channels balances that out.

All in all, you can use PariMatch to participate in more than just betting on sporting events.

5. 22Bet

Another well-regarded Casumo alternative is the site called 22Bet. Unlike most betting sites in India, this particular platform supports wagering on Football games. Since the game itself is quite popular in this country, the site has gained considerable recognition.

Among other facilities, this site offers an intensive amount of betting picks for gamblers. Based on that, the odds are determined for high values in rewards. There are also a ton of promotions ongoing on the platform so you can expect to get some good deals.

The site itself is very easy to use and depositing money is even easier. You can deposit the sum directly from your bank account or via UPI channels. When you win, you can transfer your earnings in the same way.

The only problem is, 22Bet does not have any games or casino models to help pass the time or earn any additional cash. Therefore, if you lose, it is difficult to earn your money back without depositing more cash in future betting.

6. ComeOn!

Another Casumo alternative that supports both sports betting and allows you to play casino games is ComeOn. There are several appealing features such as free bets on cricket matches as promotional events, a large number of enticing casino games, and ease of access to deposit money.

Although it does offer a good selection, the casino games on ComeOn are missing some very important ones such as Roulette and Blackjack which appeal more to people. Nevertheless, you can use this site to gain some free earning opportunities when they have promotions going on.

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How to make money from these apps similar to Casumo?

As you know, the concept of Casumo is to encourage people to partake in games for live playing or to bet on the outcome of sporting events. Thus, you need a little strategy and tactics to make money.

We have a few suggestions for you.

  • Choose your manner of earning. Do you like to partake in games yourself so you have absolute control over your money or do you prefer using your knowledge of various sports to make money? If it is the former, then register on Casumo alternatives such as GetMega and take matters into your own hands. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay on the sidelines of the actual action, you can use sites like Casumo to bet on sporting events.
  • Register on multiple sites and apps like Casumo. Each platform has its own set of rules, odds, picks, and percentage earnings. You can diversify your investment and make more money that way.
  • Consider the sporting endeavor in which you’re betting. Make sure that you know everything there is to know about it. These are not games of chance. You can make informed decisions to improve your odds of winning the bets.
  • Learn the features and opportunities on the app or site that you use. Instead of relying on age-old traditions, some apps have much more to offer than simply betting on games. You can exploit these opportunities to earn more money.
  • Create separate financial accounts for your gaming and betting actions and maintain detailed records of the same. This way you will keep your additional expenses and income separate from your savings and daily livelihood.

In order to make the most out of these sites like Casumo, use these tips to improve your earning potential. There is scope to earn lakhs in a month, sometimes even through one event. If you plan ahead, you can definitely escalate your standard of living by simply partaking in these apps and sites.

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How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming site where you can play different types of games including Trivia games, Casual games, and Casino games. The trivia games are diversified by the purpose they serve. You can use them to test and improve your mathematical skills, reasoning skills, and general knowledge. The Casual games are excellent additions for full-fledged entertainment with friends and family as well as with strangers on the internet. You can learn how to play games like carrom, pool, warships, dot and dash, and several others to earn money.

Casino games in particular have immense potential for earning a living. There are games like Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. If you don’t know how to play these games, you can easily access the rules and detailed strategic guidelines on the GetMega platform and learn them.

Now, here’s how you play games on the GetMega site:

  1. You will need to create an account using your Facebook ID.
  2. Share your referral code with friends, family members, and on social media platforms.
  3. Check the drop-down menu and find games to your liking.
  4. Use the gems or add some cash to your GetMega wallet and enter the games. You can add money by simply clicking on the wallet icon. It will take you to your wallet where you can check your balance and deposit money using UPI channels.
  5. There are cash games, tournaments, as well as contests on GetMega that range from Rs. 5 to thousands. Choose the ones that benefit your level of expertise and start playing.
  6. When you win games, the money you earned will be credited to your GetMega account. You can use this money to play more games or withdraw it using one of many secure payment gateways such as PayTM, PhonePe, etc.
  7. For increased earning opportunities, consider entering the paid leaderboards. If you maintain your ranks among the top 10 players, you will receive additional cash rewards and prizes.

Playing games on GetMega is super fun and easy. You can earn enough money to support yourself and your family by simply playing these exciting games.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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