Rummy Villa Withdrawal - How To Withdraw And Deposit Money?


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Rummy Villa

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22 MB

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upto 15,0000

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Rs 100



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It is widely known among the online rummy gaming community, that the Rummy Villa app provides one of the best platforms for playing card games and earning money in this category. The application has been providing its service for a long time now and it has accumulated a huge player base and a loyal fan following. There are tons of ways to win games of rummy and you will need to develop your skills and abilities accordingly. The more games you win, the more rewards you earn and these winnings of yours can be cashed out. You will find all the details regarding the Rummy Villa withdrawal, deposit, account verification, and other processes on this page.

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How can you withdraw your money from the app?

This application offers one of the smoothest and most efficient cash-out features in the category and here are all the steps involving the Rummy Villa withdrawal process:

Rummy Villa Withdrawal
  1. Launch the game on your phone and head over to the game selection screen
  2. Register your game account on the platform and in case you have one already, make sure that you are logged in on it
  3. Now, click on the option called “Wallet” that is located on the right side of the user profile icon
  4. Within the wallet section, look under the “Winnings” tab to find out your withdrawable amount
  5. Click on “Withdraw,” then add the bank card by verifying your bank account on the platform
  6. After the bank account gets verified, enter the preferred amount for withdrawal and click on “Withdraw”
  7. Your application for Rummy Villa withdrawal will be submitted and processed within the next few hours.
Withdraw money from rummy Villa

You will receive the amount after a short period and it will be directly deposited into your selected bank account.

A Video On How To Withdraw Money From Rummy Villa

How to make deposits on the app?

The process of depositing money on the app is quite similar to the Rummy Villa withdrawal procedure. Here are the steps for its completion:

  1. Open the app, sign in to your profile, and head to the main screen
  2. You will find the “Wallet” option on the top left corner, click on it
  3. Under the “Total Balance” section, press on the “Add Cash” option
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit and proceed further with the preferred online payment mode and confirm it.

The minimum deposit amount on the Rummy Villa app is INR 100. After payment, the fund should reach within the next few hours, however, the deposit time can take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days.

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Withdrawal methods at Rummy Villa

There are two main ways to settle your Rummy Villa withdrawal procedure and the choices are:

  1. PayTM- You can use the various online payment modes offered by PayTM to withdraw money from the Rummy Villa account. You can either use your PayTM online wallet or the PayTM Payments Bank for the process.
  2. Bank Transfer- You can provide your bank details and use that account to receive your Rummy Villa withdrawal amount.

Both of these withdrawal processes will need you to fulfill KYC verification requirements and you might also have to upload a few pictures of the required documentation for its completion.

Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app.

There are some specific terms and conditions that apply during the procedure of the Rummy Villa withdrawal process. It includes things like:

  1. Players must register their account with phone number and email ID verification on the app
  2. Players must complete bank account verification before using it for withdrawal
  3. Players are required to complete KYC verification to be able to withdraw money
  4. KYC authentication process can take anywhere between 1 to 3 working days
  5. The withdrawal process can get canceled in case of a breach of terms of services

How to do bank account verification on the app?

In order to get your bank verification complete on the app, you will need to follow these instructions:

Bank Verification on Rummy Villa
  1. Launch the Rummy Villa game and go to the “Wallet” option
  2. Click on “Withdraw” and then select the “Add Bank Card” option
  3. In the new “Bank” window, enter the details of your bank account including the account number, IFSC code, bank name, and branch name
  4. On the right-hand side, upload any document that records or shows your name, bank account number, and the IFSC code and press submit
  5. After this, the application for bank verification will be raised and it will be authorized within 1 to 3 working days.

How to do PAN card verification on the app?

In order to submit a request for Rummy Villa withdrawal, you will need to complete the KYC verification on the app, which includes verification of the phone number, email ID and PAN card. The steps for PAN card verification on the app are:

Pan Verification On Rummy Villa
  1. Open the game, go to the “Wallet” option and select “Fill KYC Documents”
  2. Complete the phone number and email ID verification first and move on to the next phase
  3. Under the PAN verification window, enter your name, PAN number, date of birth and your province
  4. On the right side, upload the image of the front of your PAN card and press “Submit”
  5. After submitting your PAN card verification request, the authorization will be sent to the registered email within the next 1 to 3 business days.

Why do withdrawal request gets cancel on the app?

These are some of the reasons that cause the cancellation of Rummy Villa withdrawal requests on the app:

  1. Using unethical means to obtain cash rewards on the app, which includes things like scams, implementation of hacks, or MOD game files
  2. The exploitation of game-breaking bugs to achieve cash rewards is also a reason that can cause the cancellation of withdrawal requests
  3. If the player gets convicted of cheating, then the withdrawal request can get canceled
  4. In case of any issues with the provided account for withdrawal amount transfer, like incorrect details, counterfeit documents, and account deactivation.

These are a few known reasons that can cause the withdrawal request on the app to get canceled.

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How to Cancel Withdrawal Requests on Rummy Villa

After submitting the request for Rummy Villa withdrawal on the app, it goes under the state of pending for some time, depending on the total value of the amount. So, in case you change your mind afterward for whatever reasons, you can revert your decision for the time being by canceling your pending withdrawal request on the app:

  1. Go to the “My Recent Transactions” tab on the app and look for the pending withdrawal request
  2. Click on it to proceed with the cancellation and press confirm
  3. The alternate way to cancel your Rummy Villa withdrawal request on the app is by contacting the game’s chat support system
  4. In this case, you will need to submit your game account details and the pending transaction ID.

What is the Daily Limit for Withdrawal?

The Rummy Villa app doesn’t have a daily withdrawal limit warning on the game or on the chat support system. Usually, online rummy applications impose certain daily, weekly or monthly withdrawal limits in terms of amount or requests. Players can contact the game support staff for further details on this factor. The minimum daily withdrawal limit, however, is INR 110 on the app.

Withdrawal fees on the App

A certain amount of service fee or commission is levied upon Rummy Villa withdrawal amounts. As per this game, it charges a commission fee of 1% of the total withdrawal amount. However, the Rummy Villa app offers the first daily withdrawal on the app for free, which is one of its many perks.

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When will the Withdrawal be processed?

The Rummy Villa app offers instant withdrawal for the most part and in the case of larger amounts, the time for the withdrawal to be processed may increase to some extent. As per the game support, the withdrawal amount transfer can take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days to be processed.

Withdrawal Time On Rummy Villa

According to the game’s support system, it delivers upon Rummy Villa withdrawal requests quite instantly. Generally, small amounts don’t take much time for the transfer, however, in the case of large amounts, it can take up multiple hours and even days. The Rummy Villa app mentions that the process can take up to 1 to 5 working days.

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Question Answer
Can I use net banking to deposit funds on my Rummy Villa app? Yes, you can use net banking to deposit funds on your Rummy Villa app.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount on the Rummy Villa app? The minimum Rummy Villa withdrawal amount is INR 110.
What is KYC verification and where can I find the option on the Rummy Villa app? KYC verification stands for “Know You Customer” and it is necessary to become eligible for Rummy Villa withdrawal on the app. You can find the option within the Wallet section.
Do I need to verify my email and phone number on the Rummy Villa app? Yes, email ID and phone number verification is a crucial part of the KYC process on the app.

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