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Playing games on Rummy Soul app is beyond just casual fun as there are way too many features and opportunities offered on the game platform. One of the major advantages of playing online rummy matches on the Rummy Soul app is its rewards function, through which players can earn rewards on the Rummy Soul app, including cash prizes. The best way to earn cash on the Rummy Soul app is via winning online rummy games against other players, the “Refer and Earn” feature, etc. If you want to make your casual hobby of playing rummy on mobile into a way to make money, then go through this page and learn about Rummy Soul withdrawal and deposit methods, terms and conditions, etc.

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How can you withdraw your money from the app?

You can play games and secure a decent amount of cash winnings on the app. And here is how you can get your Rummy Soul withdrawal process settled on the game app:

Rummy soul Withdrawal

Launch the Rummy Soul game and create a profile on the platform

  1. Bind your name, phone number, and email ID to the game profile
  2. Now, select the “Wallet” button on the left button corner of the main game screen
  3. In the “My Balance” window, click to open the “Withdraw” option that is adjacent to the balance of the winnings
  4. Select the preferred method of withdrawal and enter the account details correctly
  5. After that, enter the value that you want to withdraw and finalize the transaction by pressing “Confirm” down below.

Once the application has been made, the request will be processed within the next few hours and the Rummy Soul withdrawal money will be transferred onto the selected account.

A Video On How To Withdraw Money From Rummy Soul

How to make deposits on the app?

In order to be eligible for making a deposit on the Rummy Soul account, players must complete the account creation, account binding, and verification procedure in advance. After that, they can follow these steps to complete the deposit:

  1. Open the Rummy Soul game app and click on “Add Cash”
  2. Select or enter the deposit value manually and press confirm
  3. Choose the desired payment mode and finish the transaction.

The deposit time on the app is within 24 hours since payment and users can deposit amounts between INR 1 to 9999. However, a minimum deposit of INR 10 is required to be applicable for getting a bonus.

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Withdrawal methods at Rummy Soul

In contrast to the deposit, the Rummy Soul withdrawal has two choices for payment methods. The options are:

  1. Bank Account- Users can enter their bank details and use the account for the withdrawal procedure.
  2. PayTM- If users have a PayTM Payments Bank account, then they can use it for the withdrawal process.

In both these Rummy Soul withdrawal methods, users will have to correctly enter their account details to complete the process successfully. The essential details under this section include bank name, account holder name, account number, IFSC code, bank branch, etc. All of these methods are pretty efficient and take a few hours at maximum.

Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app.

The terms and conditions regarding the Rummy Soul withdrawal feature on the game are listed as follows:

  1. The deposited balance is not eligible for withdrawal on the app
  2. The balance listed under the Winnings wallet is available for withdrawal in the game
  3. There is a daily withdrawal limit which is capped at a maximum of 3 times
  4. The first daily withdrawal minimum amount is INR 30 and INR 180 for the second
  5. It can take up to 1 to 3 working days for the amount to be transferred
  6. Account registration and linking are vital for becoming eligible for the withdrawal procedure.

How to do bank account verification on the app?

Players on the app will require to verify their bank account in order to continue with the Rummy Soul withdrawal process. Here are the steps for it:

  1. Open the game and sign in to your main account
  2. Click on the “Settings” options and select “Bind Account”
  3. Now choose bank account verification and enter the details it asks, including account number, holder name, IFSC code, bank name, and branch name
  4. Provide a clear photograph of a document that records all your bank account details, like a canceled cheque, passbook front page, etc.
  5. Finally, press “Submit” to conclude the process and send in a verification request.

How to do PAN card verification on the app?

Players can complete the PAN card verification for their Rummy Soul withdrawal process and the steps for it are as follows:

  1. Launch the Rummy Soul game and login into the registered account
  2. Open the settings options and click on “Bind Account”
  3. In the next step, select KYC details and then PAN card verification
  4. Within the new window titled “PAN”, provide all the crucial details including the PAN card number, your name, province, and date of birth
  5. Then, take a clear picture of the front of the PAN card and upload it under the documents section
  6. Finally, click on submit to send in the PAN card verification request on the app.

Why do withdrawal request gets cancel on the app?

The Rummy Soul withdrawal requests can get canceled on the app and some reasons behind it could be:

  1. In case the game has convicted the player of committing collusion or fraud on the app
  2. In the event that unusual means were adopted to earn rewards or cash on the app, including the use of game mods, hacks and even exploiting a game bug
  3. In the event, that the player has committed a violation of the game’s terms of services
  4. In the event that the provided account details for the fund transfer are false, incorrect, or unclear
  5. If the game account or the payment account gets deactivated while under a pending request.

How to Cancel Withdrawal Requests on Rummy Soul

Players can get their Rummy Soul withdrawal request canceled only under a pending status as once it gets transferred, the game will not be able to cancel or revert the process. The steps for cancellation of the withdrawal request are as follows:

  1. Login to Rummy Soul and open up Support Center
  2. Select “Contact Us” to get a support staff member
  3. Let them know about your query and provide the required details, including transaction number and player ID
  4. Submit a ticket and wait for them to handle the process.

If the support staff member confirms the cancellation request then it should go through soon.

What is the Daily Limit for Withdrawal?

The daily limit of Rummy Soul withdrawal is very interesting. The first minimum withdrawal limit on the app is INR 30 and the following, i.e., the second daily withdrawal has a minimum threshold of INR 180. The maximum amount is stated to be INR 4,999 and a maximum of 3 withdrawals can be made each day.

Withdrawal fees on the App

There’s no exact commission fee or withdrawal charge stated on the game window. This means, there is no withdrawal fee for the cash-out amount. However, this can be different in the case of a larger amount, thus it is recommended for players to check with game support before submitting a request.

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When will the Withdrawal be processed?

After making the Rummy Soul withdrawal request on the app, it gets under the procedure of verification quite quickly. Players can rest assured that the withdrawal request will be processed within the next few hours, and if not, then within 24 hours of submission. However, the amount transfer can take up to 1 or 2 working days for completion.

Withdrawal Time On Rummy Soul

The Rummy Soul withdrawal time is quite quick as compared to other competitor platforms out there. The time basically depends upon the withdrawal amount and smaller ones take less time for completion than higher amounts. According to Rummy Soul, the withdrawal time can take between 1 to 2 working days, at maximum.

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Question Answer
What are the withdrawal methods available on the Rummy Soul app? Players can use their bank or PayTM Payments Bank account for the Rummy Soul withdrawal process.
Are the deposit and winnings balance different on the Rummy Soul app? Yes, the deposit amount and the winning balance are different on the app and only the latter one is available for Rummy Soul withdrawal.
What games are available on the Rummy Soul app? Players can play Points, Pool, and Deals rummy on the app and win rewards for winning matches and referring the app to their friends.
What detail verification do I need to complete to create my account on Rummy Soul? You will need to verify your email ID and phone number to create your account on the game.

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