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Brief About the App

Rummy Tour app interface

App Name

Rummy Tour

Signup Bonus

55 MB

Min Withdrawal

Rs 100

Min Deposit

Rs 25

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Features of the App

The Rummy Tour app has tons of entries under its features list, which includes things like:

  • Game variation- The Rummy Tour app is a game that packs plenty of other variants of rummy within, in addition to some other cool casino, card, sports, etc. games.
  • Online playability- One of the key points of this app is that it allows you to play online, including matches against your friends and other qualified opponents.
  • Language accessibility- There are multiple game language options that you can choose from for an overall better understanding of everything on the app.
  • Chat feature- There is a decent in-game chat feature that allows sending and receiving messages among other players on the Rummy Tour platform.
  • Optimized gameplay- Even for a considerably small-sized Rummy Tour apk file, the game runs very smoothly after installation on the supported devices.

Table of content:

In the modern era of online mobile games, the traditional rummy card game has swiftly been implemented over the digitalised platform and the Rummy Tour game is a prime example of that. The game comes loaded with tons of features, functionalities and gameplay options, where players can have an amazing time playing the fun game of rummy online.

Their fresh take on this traditional game with a modernized approach has let thousands of players have fun while playing rummy and win cool gifts and rewards while doing so. If you are interested in this type of game, then you should give Rummy Tour app a fair chance and it will prove the decision to be worth your while. Go through all the pointers and details mentioned on this page about the game, along with the Rummy Tour apk download guide, to get a clearer idea.

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History of the App

Rummy Tour app interface

The Rummy Tour app is among the leading choices for online rummy gaming platforms, thanks to its playability convenience on mobile devices and free-to-download and registration aspect. The game is owned by MYONETHING Technologies Private Limited and the developer behind the game has done a fantastic job in maintaining its platform and providing a huge stage for all kinds of players, including beginner, amateur, intermediate and professionals, to showoff and, at the same time, showcase their online rummy skills at the table.

The Rummy Tour apk has over eight million downloads and is close to hitting the nine million mark. The game also has a gigantic and enthusiastic player base, so you will always be finding opponents to compete against on this application.

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How to Download the Rummy Tour apk for Android & IOS?

The instructions for the Rummy Tour app download, in accordance with the mobile device’s operating system, are mentioned below for reference.

The Rummy Tour download process for Android mobile devices is explained here:

  1. Select a web browser of your choice on your mobile and search for the official Rummy Tour website to get redirected to that page
  2. Scroll a bit down until you find the “Download to Play” button in blue and press it
  3. Hit “Yes” and the Rummy Tour download process will begin
  4. After the Rummy Tour apk file is downloaded on your device, open it and install the application.
    After installation, you can open up the app and start playing. You can also use the alternative method and search and download the Rummy Tour app from the Android app store page.

The Rummy Tour app download process for the iOS mobile device is clarified here:

  1. Simply open up the iOS app store, sign in with your account and search for the Rummy Tour app
  2. Click on the app name from the search return results and press “Get” to start downloading the appThe installation will automatically start and complete and the Rummy Tour app can then be opened.

Downloading or playing the Rummy Tour app on Windows and Mac OS directly is not possible as of now, because the game is not offered for the PC platform. So, you can’t get this game running on your desktop or laptop until an official Rummy Tour PC version is released by the game developers. Even still, the game is free and very fun to play on mobile and you should get started with that.

How to Download the Rummy Tour apk for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

Downloading or playing the Rummy Tour app on Windows and Mac OS directly is not possible as of now, because the game is not offered for the PC platform. So, you can’t get this game running on your desktop or laptop until an official Rummy Tour PC version is released by the game developers. Even still, the game is free and very fun to play on mobile and you should get started with that.

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How to Register, Sign Up, Login and Create an Account on the App/Website?

Once the app is downloaded, the main section of using it is very simple and it also applies to the registration and account creation process. Creating an account on the platform is a wise choice and users can get the Rummy Tour login details for their account in case they want to sign in later. The steps for registration are:

Registration process in Rummy Tour
Registration process in Rummy Tour
  1. Start the game and go to the main game screen of Rummy Tour
  2. Click on the “User” settings option, which is located right in the middle of the top border section
  3. Make any required profile changes here and move forward with the “Bound” option, which will open the linking pop-up window
  4. Now, enter the phone number you want to register, establish the password for the account, enter the OTP sent to the provided number and then pick the “Confirm” option.
    You can use these details to further complete the task of Rummy Tour login easily.

How to Play on the App?

You can start playing the game by either creating an account or with a provided guest profile. Whichever method you select, head to the main menu of the Rummy Tour app and select the game from the available categories. For example, click on Rummy and it will download the required files within seconds and the online match lobby table will open up. Now make the game variant selection from this lobby table and scroll through the available lobbies for the match. Then, choose a lobby with your ideal conditions, like maximum player count, minimum entry value, point value, etc. and click on the “Play Now” option to get directly put into the match table.

Types of Games this App Offers

All three rummy game variants are offered within the Rummy Tour online game, which includes Points, Deals and Pool rummy. Apart from these variants, there are multiple other types of games offered on the platform, including Crash, Cricket, 10 Cards, Andar Bahar, Car Roulette, Ludo, 7 Up Down, Zoo Roulette, Dragon vs Tiger, Black Jack, Poker, etc.

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Rummy Tour Review

Bonuses and Offers

Rummy Tour has a special sign-in bonus and a referral bonus! Here is how you can earn it:

  • A player with a new Rummy Tour account will earn a Rs 51 signup bonus from the Rummy Tour bonus platform after registering.
  • If the referee links an account via the referral code and successfully sets up an account, the referee will earn an instant bonus.
  • Furthermore, if the referee wins the game, the referrer will receive a 30% commission on the winnings.
  • The signup and referral bonuses are non-refundable, and only the winning amount will be credited to a savings account linked to the game.
  • Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 100, which allows the user to redeem it into a bank account.

Withdrawal & Deposit

The Rummy Tour withdrawal process on the app starts with a few initial steps that players must complete first. The first step is to create an account, log on to the game and link your contact details and banking details to your new Rummy Tour account.

Now that we've cleared that up, here's how to withdraw money from the Rummy Tour app:

  • Open the Rummy Tour app and go to the main menu.
  • To enter the billing window, look for and pick the "Withdraw" icon.
  • You can see your "Total Balance" and "Withdrawable Balance" in the new game window.
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw in the "Amount" tab and choose a payment option from the left side.
  • Fill out your banking details and proceed to request a withdrawal.

To deposit funds into your new Rummy Tour account, follow these steps:

Users can easily fund their game accounts through the app! After setting up an account and providing personal and banking information, gamers can proceed as follows:

• Click the "Pay" icon in the bottom right corner of the main game screen.

• To move to the payment method, pick the chip price and select "Add Cash."

• Finish the process by transferring funds using the method you choose.

• Payments are typically processed within 24 hours, but larger sums could take a little more time. The current minimum deposit required at Rummy Tour is Rs. 11.

Leaderboards & Tournaments

Play as many Rummy Tour games as possible to remain in the leading position on the leaderboard. The more Rummy Tour games you play, the more likely you will win a fraction of the cash prizes. Check the leaderboard daily to keep your position. To stay at the top of the rankings throughout the tournament, you should play every day.

Always contact the Rummy Tour customer care number for more information about the Rummy Tour Tournaments! Get the chance to win Rummy Tour bonus prizes or deals!

Customer Support

Rummy Tour is at the top of the list when it comes to providing excellent customer service to rummy fans. The entire team comprises incredibly intelligent individuals with sufficient experience in dealing with player inquiries regarding online rummy games.

Support is available in six different languages:

• Hindi

• English

• Punjabi

• Kannada

• Tamil

• Telugu

Question Answer
Where is the user profile option located on the Rummy Tour online game app? Players will find the user profile option on the Rummy Tour app, right at the top middle portion of the main menu screen.
Can I download the Rummy Tour apk on my android tablet? Yes, as long as the device meets the game compatibility requirements you can both download and play the game on your android tablet.
Does the Rummy Tour application require a data connection to operate? Yes, the Rummy Tour app requires an active internet connection to operate.
Can I link my phone number with the Rummy Tour account? Yes, you can follow the general registration steps to get your phone number linked to your Rummy Tour account.
Can I join any match lobby of my choice on the Rummy Tour app? Yes, players can select and join any of the available tables on the game, as long as they have the entry fee for it.

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