How to download, register, login Adda52 Rummy


Brief About the App

App Name

Adda52 Rummy

Signup Bonus

Upto Rs 1000

Min Withdrawal

Rs 100

Min Deposit

Rs 200

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Features of the App

The offered features that players will be getting on the Adda52 Rummy app are both useful and will enhance the overall playing experience. Here are the essential features of the Adda52 Rummy apk:

  • Free registration- The great thing about the app is there are no fees required to create and register an account on the platform. The process is absolutely free and players are also eligible to earn an Adda52 Rummy sign up bonus when starting with this app.
  • Friend play- If you and your friends are up for a challenge, then get the Adda52 Rummy apk installed as it offers the option that lets users play rummy online against their friends in a very smooth and efficient way.
  • Instant withdrawals- The Adda52 Rummy app allows a quick and straightforward withdrawal process for users.
  • Secure platform- The gameplay on the Adda52 Rummy is safe and secured, so players don’t have much to worry about.
  • Rewards- The app offers great rewards for users in terms of winnings, which is a great feature of the Adda52 Rummy app.

Table of content:

Playing rummy on a convenient platform of mobile is widely available. However, selecting the right medium to play it can turn out to be a hard challenge. By choosing the Adda52 Rummy apk to play the popular card game online, you will be making a wise decision. There are so many things you will be able to experience through their well-established and properly maintained platform. The games of rummy on the Adda52 Rummy app are a perfect mixture of difficulty levels, which are great for both new and proficient players. The app not only provides a great rummy playing experience on the internet but also presents the chance of earning great rewards, which can be secured by winning games. If you want to learn more about this app, then continue reading this page as it contains all its vital details, including the Adda52 Rummy apk download processs.

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History of the App

The Adda52 Rummy is one of the most popular and widely selected platforms for playing the famous game of rummy online. The app and its platform are owned and handled by Deltatech Gaming Limited (which was formerly called Gaussian Networks Private Limited). They have been tirelessly working on their app to make it better and grow their player base wider, which they have successfully done. The Adda52 Rummy has numerous app downloads and they implement technologies like iTech Labs Certified RNG mechanics to ensure an unbiased and fair gameplay environment for all. The Adda52 Rummy not only provides a stable platform for one of the best online rummy experiences but also introduces opportunities to win cool rewards.

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How to Download the Adda52 Rummy apk for Android & iOS?

Install Adda52 Rummy
install adda52

To start playing the thrilling game of rummy on mobile through the app, you will have to get the Adda52 Rummy app download settled first. Foremost, let's begin with the Adda52 Rummy apk download process on the android platform, the steps for it are as follows:

  1. Begin by searching the Adda52 Rummy app name on the Google Play Store or directly visit the official app website by clicking here.
  2. Click on the store page of the app and select the “Install” option. On the other hand, if you go directly through the website, you will have to scroll a bit down and click on the “Download” button to start the Adda52 Rummy apk file download
  3. The game will be downloaded and installed on its own when done through the store. In the alternative option, after downloading the Adda52 Rummy apk, you will have to click on it and install the application
  4. After the final Adda52 Rummy download and installation finish, you can open up and play the game with ease.

If you are trying to play the game on iOS, here is how you can get the rummy Adda52 download complete:

  1. Launch the iOS App Store on your mobile and make sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID
  2. Type in the app name on the search bar and open up the game page
  3. Click on “Get” to start the Adda52 Rummy app download and installation and start playing it once the task is completed.

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How to Download the App for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

As of the current time, the Adda52 Rummy app is not available for download on the PC platform. If you want to play the game on your Mac or Windows operating system then you can not do that yet. Until the official Adda52 Rummy PC version is released, you can enjoy the game’s content over their mobile platform.

How to Register, Login, Sign Up and Create an Account on the App?

After installing the rummy Adda52 apk on your phone, the game should be ready and you can start playing it online. But, before you proceed, you should get your account registered on its platform in order to seamlessly get your Adda52 Rummy login completed whenever you switch devices. Here is how to do it in four easy steps:

  1. Launch the Adda52 Rummy app and it should take you to the login page
  2. Click on the “Register” option and enter your mobile number, email id and a new password for the account
  3. After that, make sure that you have read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions and only then press “Register”
  4. Finally, provide the OTP that was sent to your mobile number and verify.
    With this, your account will be created and registered on the game platform and you can further log in to the game through your new Adda52 Rummy login credentials.

How to Play on the App?

You will need to register your account on the Adda52 Rummy online game platform to be able to play the game, this is to ensure player authenticity on the app. After you have created your account, you can start creating your in-game profile. Once that is done, you can head over to the main game menu and select between the options as per your liking. Once you choose a mode, you can select between the game variants, select the chip value and enter the online Adda52 Rummy game table. From there on, you play the game and bag some exciting rewards by winning.

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Types of Games this App Offers

The Adda52 Rummy app offers both 13-cards and 21-cards rummy along with three popular game variants. You can select from the range of Points rummy, Pool rummy and Deals rummy. Also, both types of Pool rummy are available on the platform, which includes 101 rummy and 201 rummy. All these options can easily be selected and you can have incredible fun with the game.

How to Play Games at GetMega?

If you are looking to play authentic card games over the internet and on the mobile platform, then make sure to check out GetMega. You can play the exciting games of rummy and poker on the GetMega app and go against actual experienced and skilled players in online matches. All you need to do is visit the official website of GetMega, provide your contact number and get the app link sent to you via SMS. You can then download the GetMega app through the link and start playing online rummy and poker and have the opportunity to earn real money by winning games. With over 5 million app downloads, the GetMega app is one of the most preferred online platforms to play rummy and poker online. Players can also utilize the tons of features available on the platform, like “Refer and Earn”.

Adda52 Rummy Review

Bonuses and Offers

Consider making your first payment at Adda52 Rummy with an Adda52 Rummy offer or coupon code, and you'll be one step closer to winning enticing prizes.

What is in store for you?

  • Tickets To Play In A Tournament
  • Instant Cash

Get 100% Immediate Cash up to Rs.5000 and Tournament Tickets in five days (20% of the amount deposited each day).

How to Get the Adda52 Rummy Bonus:

  • Select 'Add Money.'
  • Input the deposit amount as well as the Poker bonus code.
  • Select a payment method (Pay through UPI/Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Online Wallet) and select 'Continue.'
  • Finish the transaction.


  • To use the bonus codes, mobile verification is required.
  • Adda52 Rummy reserves the right to change or discontinue this promotion without giving players notice.

Withdrawal & Deposit

If you are unsure whether you want to withdraw cash from your new Adda52 Rummy account, then follow these steps:

After completing your KYC, you can withdraw money from your wallet anytime. You could perhaps pay using one of two methods:

  • UPI
  • PayTM

Alternatively, after completing the KYC process, you can transfer funds into your bank account right away.

Step 1: Launch the Adda42 Rummy Mobile App and navigate to the 'Buy Chips' tab.

Step 2: Click the "Withdrawal" button and enter the desired amount.

Step 3: Enter the details for the bank account, wallet, or UPI where you would like your money deposited.

Step 4: Send your request, and you will receive the requested amount immediately or the following day.

Please submit your request by noon. The Adda52 Rummy system will process your request. This ensures that you get your money on time.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with the Adda52 Rummy customer care contact number!

Here is a step-by-step guide to depositing Adda Rummy 52 app:

Step 1: At the top of the screen, select the 'Add Cash' button. When playing mobile rummy, this option is most likely to be at the top or bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Enter the deposit amount. If you are a first-time depositor, a pop-up window with deposit amounts ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs.1000 will appear. If you wish to deposit more or less money, enter any other amount.

Remember that the Adda52 Rummy minimum deposit is Rs. 100.

Step 3: To continue to the payment gateway, click the "Continue" button. Banking on the internet

  • Credit Cards
  • Cards de crédit
  • Paytm
  • UPI and all major e-wallets are supported

Step 4: Insert your banking information and press the Continue button.

Step 5: A new window will direct you to a safe payment system where you can finish your transaction and continue playing your favourite game.

Leaderboards & Tournaments

Adda52 Rummy organises different Rummy tournaments on its website to give the rummy game a competitive edge. They have developed a set of rules to govern these Rummy tournaments. Furthermore, in their ongoing efforts to improve your Rummy experience, they have created some new Rummy tournament rules. However, to make your entry to these tournaments, they have clearly stated the management of new games.

  • To register for a rummy tournament on Adda52 Rummy, you must pay a pre-determined buy-in. The time and date of the tourney are also set and can be found in both the "Match" Lobby and the "Promotions" section. Only players registered for a tournament before the start time are eligible to participate. Late registration is not permitted in rummy tournaments.
  • The price of any rummy tournament that runs on Adda52 Rummy is determined by the collective buy-in of that tourney and is specified in the "Tournament" lobby.
  • No table can hold more than six players, but 4 to 6 gamers can play on each table throughout the tournaments.

Contact the Adda52 Rummy customer care number for more information about tournament rules!

Customer Support

Adda52 Rummy customer care is always eager to help, but they're also always looking for new ways to make every minute you spend on their site enjoyable and memorable! If you have problems while playing their rummy games, you can always contact them for immediate customer service/support. If you're already playing the game, you can contact Live Support or send an email to report an issue.

If you are dissatisfied with the response, you can always call them on the Adda52 Rummy customer care contact number to clarify any queries you have about gameplay, rummy rules, or any other issue that needs to be addressed and resolved.

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Question Answer
Is there any registration fee on the Adda52 Rummy app? No, there is no registration fee on the platform and you can start playing by downloading and installing the free Adda52 Rummy apk on your phone.
Does the Adda52 Rummy app have RNG mechanics? Yes, the Adda52 Rummy app does have RNG certification
Is the Adda52 Rummy app available on the Google Play Store? Yes, you can download Adda52 Rummy app on the Google Play Store
Does Adda52 Rummy feature online games? Yes, players will be able to play Adda52 Rummy online on their platform.
Do I need my email id and contact number to register on the Adda52 Rummy app? Yes, you will need your email id and contact number to register on the Adda52 Rummy app.

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