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Rummy Grand APk

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Rummy Grand

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Rs 100

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Features of the App

Gamers who are developing an interest in the genre of online rummy gaming can join in on the grand platform of opportunities and seamless gaming through the Rummy Grand app. The game is not just centered around new players, as the experienced online mobile rummy veterans will also find the platform offered by the Rummy Grand game to be a great place to advance their further gaming ventures.

The application comes with all the popular and required offerings that players often find or expect a rummy game app to have. One of the best parts about choosing and downloading the free Rummy Grand apk is that it holds up the authentic end of the classic 13-card Indian rummy game, through a flawless transition from real-life to online digital rummy gaming. If you are one of the two individuals mentioned above, then you should know that this game is worth checking out. You will find all additional details about the application, including a Rummy Grand app download guide, game details, playing tutorial, etc. on this page.

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GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

The useful features that you will be getting with the Rummy Grand app are listed down below:

  1. Language availability- Being mindful of the massive player base that the game has, the Rummy Grand app features multiple interface language options which makes it much easier to understand.
  2. Support system- The Rummy Grand app has a support system, which is always helping out with user problems related to the game in order to maintain smooth game flow.
  3. Easy registration methods- The Rummy Grand apk is free for download, as well as, to register. Apart from these, the app also offers popular login methods through other social accounts.
  4. Free game bonus- Players will get plenty of free bonus rewards as a part of the game’s feature, for fulfilling certain criteria.
  5. Unique interface- The game has a revolutionary interface, that is a mix between simple and classy.
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History of Rummy Grand

Rummy Grand App

In terms of skill-based games, the online rummy game category is a very popular one and the Rummy Grand app is one of the major contenders in that aspect. The game is very favored among mobile rummy players across the world and its free Rummy Grand app download is offered for both Android and iOS devices. The app is offered by Rahul Pradhap on the Google Play Store by the name of “Rummy Grand - Game Online” and for the Apple App Store, the game is called “Rummy Grand - Card Game” and is offered by Light Catcher Information Technology Private Limited. The game is a fairly new entry to this scene and was released on the android store on January 11th 2022, with the latest update, i.e. Rummy Grand apk version 0.1601.14.4, being released on June 14th, 2022. The Rummy Grand app supports Android OS 4.4 or later and iOS 10.3.1 or later.

How to Download the Rummy Grand Apk for Android & IOS?

The steps towards completing the Rummy Grand app download on your android and iOS devices are quite straightforward. In order to get it done, check out the sections mentioned below for clear instructions.

The process of Rummy Grand apk download on Android includes these steps:

  1. Head over to a browser or app store of your choice and search for the Rummy Grand app
  2. Click on the “Download” or “Install” button to commence the Rummy Grand apk download
  3. The application should start installing on its own when done through the Google Play Store. In case of downloading it through a browser, you will be required to install the Rummy Grand apk manually after the download
  4. Once the application is done installing, it will be ready.

The procedure for the Rummy Grand app download on iOS devices follows these steps:

  1. To download the Rummy Grand app on your iOS device, search for it on the app store
  2. After getting the search results, open up the Rummy Grand product page and click “Get”
  3. The Rummy Grand online game download and installation will start and finish within a few minutes and after that, you will be able to play matches of online rummy on it.

How to Download the Rummy Grand Apk for PC (Windows and Mac OS)

In order to directly download, install and play a game on your Windows or Mac OS computers, it must have a legit PC port available for download. However, this is not the case here and due to the absence of a Rummy Grand PC version, the game can not be downloaded or installed on your computer. The players can still play the game and take advantage of all its features and offerings, by getting the app on their phone and playing matches there.

How to Register, Sign Up, Log In and Create an Account on the Rummy Grand App?

After downloading and getting the Rummy Grand online game installed on your phone, you can start playing online rummy matches on it once you have made an account on the platform. The steps for making an account on the game for further Rummy Grand login purposes are listed below:

Rummy Grand Login
  1. Open the game and it will take you to the registration/login screen
  2. Select the preferred choice for account creation from the available options
  3. If you go with the socials option, that is with Facebook or Google login, then make sure to sign in to these accounts on the newly opened prompt
  4. If you go with the mobile option, make sure to enter the number, the obtained OTP and set an account password
  5. Click on the “Register” button to finally conclude the registration procedure.

These are the steps toward signing up for the game and acquiring your Rummy Grand login details.

How to Play on the App?

After the Rummy Grand app account creation process, head over to the game selection screen of the game. Make sure that you have enough balance on your account and if not, be sure to get additional funds to enter into matches. Now, choose from the game modes that are presented on the selection screen and click on them. A new lobby screen will open up with tons of game mode choices and a list of online match lobbies, sorted in a fashion of decks, maximum players, points value, total active players and minimum entry fee. Select a game mode and lobby as per your need and click on the option adjacent to it called “Play Now” and you will be soon placed at the live match table.

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Types of Games Rummy Grand offers

The Rummy Grand apk comes packed with game choices and variations for players to select from and start playing. The most famous game option on the platform is Points rummy and apart from that, the other choices are Rapid, Pool rummy, Deals rummy, 10 cards, Raises and Bet. There is another game mode offered on the selection screen, which is the “Practice” mode.

Types of Games Rummy Grand offers

A proper platform is required in order to play cool games like online poker and rummy against genuine opponents and the GetMega app provides that for millions of gamers. The app has over 5 million downloads, a high 4.7 app rating, and is completely free to download. The application is available for download on the official GetMega website and interested players can just visit the site and click on the “Download App Now” button to finish the job. After that is done, install the setup file, create an account and start playing online games of rummy and poker on the GetMega app and enjoy the fun of a seamless gaming experience. The app also offers additional benefits, like the opportunity to earn real cash rewards, instant withdrawal of game winnings, easy deposit, and much more.

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How to Withdraw Money from the Apk

The Rummy Grand withdrawal process is safe, and the Rummy Grand Money withdrawal period is concise. The methods for withdrawing from Rummy Grand Online are as follows:

Step 1: In the Rummy Grand apk, tap on Menu in the lower right corner.

Step 2: Next, select the Rummy Grand Withdrawal option.

Step 3: There are two alternatives on the Rummy Grand withdrawal screen.

  • Withdrawal Request
  • Withdrawal information

Step 4: The following screen comes after you tap on Request withdrawal.

Step 5: Next, enter the amount to be withdrawn, which must be less than the Withdrawable Amount.

Step 6: Enter the account number of the bank account to which the funds are sent.

Step 7: In the following textbox, confirm the account number.

Step 8: Next, enter the bank's IFSC code.

Step 9: Finally, type in your name.

Step 10: Finally, click the Submit button to bring up the next screen.

Step 11: Return to the previous screen and click Rummy Grand Withdrawal details to view the transaction details.

Step 12: Your Rummy Grand cash withdrawal is complete, and the funds are credited to your designated account within 24 - 48 hours.

How to Make Deposits on the Apk

There are several secure and quick ways to make Rummy Grand deposits. In addition, players can deposit at any time of the day.

Step 1: Enter the correct credentials into the Rummy Grand application.

Step 2: Tap or click the Rummy Grand Add Cash option to enter the money into the app.

Step 3: Next, enter the amount of money to be deposited in the textbox. The lowest amount for Rummy Grand is Rs. 100.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can touch on any of the other offers on the app.

Step 5: There are numerous methods for depositing money into the Rummy Grand app.

To deposit funds in the Rummy Grand app, choose one of the following methods:

(i) Cards (Debit or Credit)

(ii) UPI

(iii) PayTM

(iv) Netbanking

Step 6: If using a Card, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Then click the Pay Now button.

Step 7: Select any of the installed UPI applications for payment or utilise the Virtual Payment Address under the UPI option. Then press the Pay Now button.

Step 8: If the Paytm app is installed, select that option to make a payment and hit the Pay Now icon.

Step 9: Select the bank in the Net Banking option, then click the Pay Now button to be redirected to internet banking to deposit the amount.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

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Bonuses And Offers

The Rummy Grand app's VIP features allow you to increase your bonus winnings. To do this, The Rummy Grand app's VIP features allow you to increase your bonus winnings. To do this, you must make the VIP selection and purchase the VIP bundle. There are three different bonuses available:

  • Daily Bonus: To redeem this offer, open the app each day and go to the Daily Bonus tab.
  • Weekly Bonus: To get your weekly bonus, open this app every week.
  • You need to open the app each month to access the monthly premium.

Players on Rummy Grand can obtain a welcome bonus in the following ways:

Step 1: Your password, contact number, and OTP must be entered.

Step 2: If you select the register option, your login will be successful.

Step 3: You will be given 50 Rupees as a welcome bonus, which you can use to buy game credits.

In step four, you can transfer these proceeds into your bank account.

Step 5: You have two additional options if you choose not to register using your mobile number.

Step 6: If you register with your email address or Facebook, you must qualify for the 50 Rupee incentive.

There is also a Rummy Grand Referral Code that players can give to their family and friends to redeem amazing bonuses! Follow these steps to refer and earn with the Rummy Grand referral code:

• The referee will immediately earn a reward if they link their online accounts on Rummy Grand.

• The referrer will receive a 30% commission on the prize if the referee prevails.

Customer Support

Rummy Grand is at the top of the list for providing gamers with excellent customer service. The complete crew comprises brilliant people with the necessary knowledge to respond to player inquiries concerning free online games. A dedicated customer support team is available to help with any problems that could arise. After they get your email or a ticket, an automatic response is delivered to you, along with the details of the issue for your reference. Their team will respond to your inquiry in a short while.


Question Answer
Can I edit my in-game name and profile avatar on the Rummy Grand app? Yes, you can change your profile avatar and game name on the Rummy Grand app.
Where is the wallet option on the Rummy Grand game? The wallet option is located on the top left side of the main selection screen.
Where is the add cash button on the Rummy Grand online game? You will find the add cash option in the middle of the main game selection screen.
Where can I check my referral bonus status on the Rummy Grand app? You can check the referral bonus status on the top right side of the Rummy Grand apk.
Where can I change the Rummy Grand app language? The app language of the interface can be changed within the in-game settings menu.

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