MyTeamRummy App Download - How To Register And Login?


What is MyTeamRummy?

App Name

My Team Rummy

App Size

78 MB

Signup Bonus

upto Rs 10,000

Min Withdrawal

Rs 100

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Features of Myteamrummy

Following are some of the features of Myteamrummy.

  • Myteamrummy offers the best-in-class 24x7 customer service support
  • Myteamrummy is completely safe as it features 3D secure payment methods for all sorts of deposits.
  • Along with Rummy, Myteamrummy offers various other games such as fantasy sports, poker, pool, Cricket battle, and more.
  • MyTeamRummy is completely legal and follows all of the established legal guidelines.

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Myteamrummy is a gaming platform where anyone can earn real money while having a good time playing Rummy and other games. It allows you and your friends to play and earn money together. In addition, Myteamrummy holds frequent competitions, giving players even more opportunities to earn money while having fun.

Along with Rummy, it also features ten major fantasy sports, quiz contests, casual games, and more. It rewards users with a cash prize directly into their game wallet with every game they win. Later, players can withdraw this money to their bank account. It supports dual languages, Hindi and English, and users can choose as per their preference.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

Learn to master the game Rummy without even spending a Penny.

History of Myteamrummy

MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of Myteamrummy. Two engineers, Vinit Godara and Sanjit Sihag founded the MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd. in 2016. Presently, Myrteamrummy has a loyal user base of over 18 million players. Recently, Virendar Sehwag, a professional Indian international cricketer, became the brand ambassador of Myteamrummy.

The management team of Myteamrummy looks forward to making online fantasy sports gaming a thrilling experience for all sports lovers. Their ultimate mission is to bring a revolution to the online gaming industry, and they intend to allow all the users to feel the thrill of the matches in real-time.

Myteamrummy App Download for Android and iOS

1. Downloading on Android

Follow these steps for the Myteamrummy app download on Android:

  1. Go to the Myteamrummy website from your Android mobile browser for Myteamrummy apk download.
  2. To start the download of the Myteamrummy App, click on the 'Download our Android App' button on the website's homepage.
  3. After it finishes, open the Myteamrummy APK file and hit the 'Install' button.
  4. If it asks for installation permission, grant it and click on the 'Install' button.
  5. The app will begin to install after you grant the permission, and once the installation is complete, it will open Myteamrummy.

2. Downloading on iOS

Follow these steps for the Myteamrummy app download on iOS:

  1. In the App Store's search box, type in 'Myteamrummy.'
  2. Click on the first result, "Myteamrummy."
  3. After the Myteamrummy's dedicated page opens, click the 'GET' button.
  4. The download of the Myteamrummy app will begin.
  5. You can open Myteamrummy once the download finishes.
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How to Play Myteamrummy for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

Unfortunately, Myteamrummy is not yet officially available on Windows and Mac OS platforms. However, users can install an Android simulator on their pc, and play Myteamrummy on it.

How to Register, Login, Signup, and Create an Account on Myteamrummy

Follow the below-given steps to complete the Myteamrummy login or sign up.

  1. Open the Myteamrummy app after completing the Myteamrummy App download process by following the above-given steps.
  2. On the first page of the app, click on the ‘REGISTER” button.
  3. Enter your mobile number and click on the ‘SEND OTP’ button here.
  4. Afterward, the app will send you a One Time Password on the entered mobile number to verify it, enter it to verify your mobile number.
  5. After verifying your mobile number using OTP, you will be signed up on the app. You can now press the Start button and start playing and earning on Myteamrummy.

How to play on the App?

Rummy is commonly played with two decks of cards, each containing two jokers. The app deals 13 cards to each player and stores two piles of cards in the center where players can pick and discard cards accordingly. One deck is hidden (face down), while the other is visible (face up). The cards in the closed deck are face down and therefore not visible, whereas the open deck is made up of all of the players' discarded cards and is visible to all of them. To win the game, players must gather the correct amount of cards in the correct order.

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Types of Games the App Offers

Myteamrummy features a variety of Rummy. Each variety of game has various entry fees and prize pool options. It features 13 Card Rummy Game, 7 Card Rummy Game, and 2 Joker Rummy Game. Each variety has a slightly different set of rules, and players can select and play any variety at their convenience.

How to Play on Myteamrummy (Specific Game)?

First, follow the steps mentioned above for the Myteamrummy app download on your device. After that, open the game and choose the game you wish to play. All participants will receive 13 cards when the game begins, with one wild joker card chosen at random. Arrange your cards in basic order now. You can choose a card from the close-set or discard one of your cards from the open-set during your turn. You win the game when you create two valid sequences: a pure sequence and additional sets by grouping 13 cards. The winner gets the money according to the prize pool of the game.

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How to Earn Money Using Myteamrummy?

You can play Rummy on Myteamrummy and win a lot of money if you have the necessary skills to win a Rummy game. Furthermore, Myteamrummy provides a variety of other games, which players can play and earn money. You will earn reward money for each game you win. To win the games, though, you must possess the necessary skill set. So, if you regularly apply your expertise and knowledge of the game, Magic Rummy can help you make a lot of money.

GetMega: A single spot for fun and income

GetMega is an online gaming platform that raises the bar on online gaming. It allows gamers to chat with their friends while playing games with them. Furthermore, GetMega offers various games from which players may choose their favorites. It also provides an opportunity for all participants to make money.

By allowing all participants to chat with their pals while playing, GetMega makes the games more entertaining and participatory. Furthermore, getting started with the game is quite simple, and players may choose a game from the list and play with their friends or compete against other players. To chat with pals, all players must maintain their front camera and microphone turned on.

GetMega has a variety of games available, including poker, rummy, carrom, pool, GK, 123, and more. Furthermore, gamers may withdraw money from the app in as little as 60 seconds using UPI, Paytm, or straight to their bank account.

MyTeamRummy App Withdraw Money

Follow the instructions below to get money from your MyTeamRummy account:

  • Select the link labeled "My Wallet" in the footer to access your wallet.
  • Click the link labeled "Withdraw Money" on the page.
  • Pick "Instant Withdrawal" or "Instant Paytm Withdrawal" as the withdrawal method and enter the desired amount when placing an order.
  • Choose the Withdraw Now button.
  • Please note that your PAN Card and Bank account must be verified before requesting a withdrawal from your MyTeamRummy account.

Add Cash on MyTeamRummy App

MyTeamRummy is a virtual wallet where real money may be added and used to play various Rummy games.

  • Select the corresponding tab at the very bottom of the app to access your wallet.
  • To deposit money into your MyTeamRummy account, select "Add Cash" and type in the sum you'd want to invest.
  • Simply enter the amount and select your preferred mode of payment.

Cashback Bonus on MyTeamRummy App

Anyone making their first purchase through the MyTeamRummy app during the promotion period will receive a cash reward equal to 100% of the purchase price. This is how the user can take advantage of the deal:

  • To access your MyTeamRummy account, please log in.
  • To take advantage of the deal, go to the cashier's page, click "Add Cash," and deposit at least 100.
  • After a successful purchase, the promotion will be implemented mechanically, and the cash bonus will be added immediately.

Refer and Earn on MyTeamRummy App

You may now play Rummy with your pals over the internet. You can "Play with Friends" on MyTeamRummy. Have fun with your pals while competing in exciting rounds and winning big.

MyTeamRummy is an incredible upgrade to one of the best social games you can play online, Rummy. MyTeamRummy features four unique game modes: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Raise Rummy.

Depending on the setting, you and up to five other players can start the game for as little as four euros. You can even have a live conversation with other players. It's unbelievable how simple and awesome it is.

MyTeamRummy Reiew


With MyTeamRummy, you get to track all your gaming progress with the amazing leaderboard features.

The MyTeamRummy leaderboard gets updated after every game. The leaderboard tells you about how well or worse you have ranked amongst other players on the platform. The leaderboard score basically depends on the sports acumen and the number of times players have played the games.

User Interface

The fact that MyTeamRummy has always lived up to fans’ expectations cannot be denied. The UI of the app is very smooth and intuitive. And to be honest and fair, it so much simple when you visit the application page, and you see so many features jotted down in an organized manner. Besides this, you would also see that the app offers a great experience to the users. All kudos go to the simple and intuitive UI of MyTeamRummy. Overall, MyTeamRummy always strives to offer all excitement of the game with great graphics and ease-to-use UI.

Game Play

For playing the games online, you need to install MyTeamRummy on your chosen device. And then, you must register with that platform in order to win real cash and rewards.

MyTeamRummy developers made sure that the players enjoy the games to the maximum. The app has different gameplay for every type of rummy. Overall, the gameplay is intuitive, entertaining and the display is visually pleasing.

No of Players

There are different equirements of players according to the different types of rummy games. You need to play suitable games in accordance with your skills and acumen.

No of Games

There are different types of rummy games available in MyteamRummy, and they are:

  • Points Rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Raise Rummy

Real Players

The app lets only real and verified players play the game.

Referral Reward

The rummy gaming platform gives an intriguing opportunity of getting referral rewards. The refer and earn feature happens to be amazing. Nothing gets compared to this. All you need to do is to refer your friends or family member and earn real cash.

For this reason, you need to refer this code: M6Z0QR3PXY. As the player uses the code and signs up, a referral reward is offered to you.

Signup Bonus

Users can apply for the welcome bonus that MyTeamRummy offers. When someone signs up for the very first time, a bonus gets applied to that account. With such an intriguing feature, it helps gamers to win more real cash with higher chances of winning the games.

Safety & Security

The app is safe & legal in India. In fact, with regard to the government guidelines, these online rummy games with the app happen to be a game associate with skills.

So, it is recognized as a legal game that includes skillful and fair gameplay. Hence, the online thirteen-card games offered by the company are completely legal. The rummy games online are secure with the MyTeamRummy app.

The developers are highly concerned about maintaining the safety and privacy of users. It uses secure payment gateways and at the same time encourages responsible gaming amongst all the players.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
Question Answer
Are online cash games legal in India? India has made it legal to participate in skill-based games for monetary prizes. However, some states like Nagaland, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka, Assam, and Kerala do not consider the act illegal and thus do not allow any money-based games.
Is KYC verification necessary for playing games? Yes, KYC verification is necessary for the withdrawal of your earnings.
When can I join contests? You can join contests before it approaches their deadline.
How to withdraw my winnings? You can withdraw your winnings by navigating to Wallets and clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
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