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About the Super Cricket Rummy

super cricket rummy apk login

App NAme

Super Cricket Rummy

App Size

47 MB

Welcome Bponus

RS 76

Min Withdrawal

RS 100

Payout Method

UPI & Bank

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Features of the App

  1. Great Graphics- Despite the fact that the Super Cricket Rummy apk is small in size, the game features gorgeous graphics and images, which are an important element of the whole gameplay experience.
  2. Free signup- The Super Cricket Rummy game is available for free download across all supported devices, as well as free registration and account setup on their platform.
  3. Simple deposit and withdrawal- The game accepts the majority of popular payment methods, making easy deposit and withdrawal a reality.
  4. Multiple game options- The software includes a variety of game kinds and options that players can select and play as they see fit.
  5. Profile modification- The game also has an intriguing player profile customization menu, where you can choose between cool avatars and modify your game name.

Table of content:

Super Cricket Rummy is one of the biggest websites in India that offers online rummy games against real people. The Rummy Mania Combo app is dedicated to provide its user base with the best rummy-playing experience as well as a source of enjoyment.

Playing online rummy matches on the Super Cricket Rummy apk not only provides entertainment and difficulties but also provides the opportunity to win big prizes as part of game winnings.

The Super Cricket Rummy game is an excellent platform for both new and experienced mobile online rummy players who have chosen this software to demonstrate their abilities and skills in the online rummy category.

If you are an interested player searching for a place to start and develop your mobile rummy gaming expertise, then make sure to download the Super Cricket Rummy apk on your device. Keep reading this page to get more details on the app, its features, the Rummy Mania apk download guide and much more.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

History of the App

Within a few months, the game had hit a significant milestone in terms of player base, and it is now regarded as one of the most well-known and commonly favoured sites for playing online rummy matches in this category. The game has millions of downloads and tens of thousands of players per day on average. From the visually beautiful user interface and easy layout to the robust gameplay mechanics and awards facility, the Super Cricket Rummy is currently one of the top choices for online rummy mobile apps in the region.

How to Download the Super Cricket Rummy app for Android/iOS?

It doesn't get any easier than this for a Super Cricket Rummy Download simply follow the steps below to earn millions of awards in a single day!

1. Launch the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the App Store (for iOS users) or simply use the browser, Safari (for iOS users) and Chrome or web browser for Android users.

2. Look for Super Cricket Rummy Apk and tap "Install."

3. Your application should be installed and ready to use shortly!

How to Download the App for Windows and Mac?

1. Open the play store app/Google (on Windows) or safari (on Mac) and search for " Rummy Mania Combo Apk."

2. Go to the official Super Cricket Rummy Website and click the Install/Download button to get Palm Rummy installed on your computer.

3. After successfully installing the Super Cricket Rummy APK file, you should see the app icon on your desktop as well as in your downloads.

4. Double-click the Rummy Mania Combo app icon to begin using it right away.

How to register, log in, sign up, and create an account on the app/website?

Once you've had the Super Cricket Rummy apk on your device, simply follow these simple instructions to begin your online Super Cricket Rummy adventure.

1) Begin by installing the application using the steps outlined above. When the application has been successfully installed, launch the game.

2) Begin the application registration process by entering your phone number. An OTP will then be issued to your mobile device.

3) You should receive a 4-digit OTP on the mobile number you provided. Fill in the OTP in the appropriate slot and press the confirm button.

4) Congratulations! Your account has been established; you should have earned a login bonus!
Note: Super Cricket Rummy Apk is also simply accessible via your Facebook account.

How to play on the App?

Follow the steps below for a trouble-free installation and rapid access to the Super Cricket Rummy Apk

  1. Click "Next" again after carefully reading and accepting the welcoming instructions.
  2. When you start the app, you will now have three options for logging in before you can use it.
  3. Login with Facebook.
  4. Login using your phone number
  5. Login as a Guest.
  6. Now you can begin your game.

Did you like the simple online Super Cricket Rummy Apk? Play some rummy at one of our practice tables to learn the game, hone your abilities, and pick up some strategies for when you start playing for real money. Our practice tables are equivalent to the cash tables we offer to help you easily move from a novice with little to no understanding to a pro who is an expert at playing rummy and winning at it.

When you're ready, start over in a rewarding competitive game and make millions!

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Types of games this App offers

super cricket download

One you have the Super Cricket Rummy Apk the app offers quite a number of game choices, such as IPL, Andar Bahar, Crash, Tiger Dragon, Teen Patti and many more.

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How to play games at Getmega?

Play the best card games with real money to win. Because we believe in secure, trustworthy, and responsible gaming, GetMega has created a platform that prioritizes trust. GetMega only accepts fully verified profiles and offers only sanctioned skill-based games. No chance, no luck; use your exceptional abilities to play cards for money!

Poker, rummy, and other traditional card games are available. There are several buy-in choices available for each game in real money tournaments and tables. As a result, no matter how ambitious your aims are, we always have something affordable to give. Take use of fluid gameplay, dependable game mechanics, and simple cash withdrawals to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Add Money

Step 1: - To begin, click the Add Cash button on the homepage and enter the desired amount.

Step 2: Click the "Add How" button below after choosing your amount.

Step 3: During this step, you must complete KYC for the first time by providing your contact information.

Step 4: - After completing the KYC, you will be taken to the payment page, where numerous ways exist to add money.

Step 5: Make a payment using one of the available payment methods. Another simple option is to use UPI.

Step 6: Your money will be credited to your gaming account immediately following a successful payment. If there is a difficulty, you can contact customer care for assistance.

Withdraw Money

Step 1: Select the "Withdraw" button on the page.

Step 2: Enter your bank information to request a withdrawal by clicking +Bank Account and providing your financial information.

Step 3: Enter your withdrawal amount in the amount box, with a minimum entry of 100.

Step 4: Click the Withdraw button to submit your withdrawal request successfully.

Step 5: You can view your withdrawal history by selecting the Bureau button after clicking the Record button on the left side of the page to determine if you have received it or not.

Types of Bonus

However, there are also daily bonus programs, weekly bonus programs, monthly bonus programs, and level bonus programs available within this VIP program that you may use to earn unlimited money, even if you are unfamiliar with all of these programs. These four are discussed in the information below.

  • Sign-in Bonus: With this, the Daily Bonus program was named after the Sign-in Bonus program. With this program, you can make money daily, which is excellent for this app.
  • Weekly Bonus: You may only take advantage of this Weekly Bonus Program if you consistently claim Daily Bonus for a week and move up to VIP 2 or 3. Otherwise, you won't be eligible for this bonus.
  • Monthly Bonus: This program functions similarly to Weekly Bonus in that you can receive this Monthly Bonus now if you have been receiving Weekly Bonus consistently for one month.
  • Level Bonus: You must be aware of this label bonus scheme, wherein you can easily claim it if you raise your VIP status.

Sign-Up Bonus

You can easily download it from the download button I have provided above. You must follow a specific procedure when registering for Super Cricket Rummy Apk to receive the Signup Bonus. You can also follow the guidance I've provided in the form of bullet points; simply read them through to achieve the greatest outcomes for yourself.

  • The Super Cricket Teen Patti App can be used by selecting the "Play as Guest" option and clicking "Continue."
  • Click the "Profile Option" to access your profile.
  • OTP verification with a mobile number is required. Save with a password and enter your information
  • The process was successful, and the bonus was received.

You receive a sign-up bonus from the firm when you download the Teen Patti Super Cricket app. You can use this bonus to win real money by playing the games for free. The company does not offer a fixed welcome incentive. Instead, you receive a new bonus by signing into this account daily. Which day you receive the bonus of Rs. 41 depends on your luck.

Safe Option

If you don't want to transfer any money you earn through our program or receive a free bonus, you can choose this option and keep it safe here. In addition, you have complete flexibility in sending this money to your bank account.

Ranking Feature

You get access to the rating feature in this application. Playing games here every day will help you move up the leaderboard. Your ranking will rise the more you participate in this game. The first number, the second number, and the people who arrive at the third number are each handed a monetary prize on behalf of the corporation. Your ranking will rise faster the more games you play here.

Refer and Earn

Invite others and profit indefinitely from their recommendations. With your referral link, which will be issued to you in the application you have registered for, you can invite others via social media.

You can make 5% and 30% commission on all referral taxes. When you refer friends to play games, and the app deducts a portion of the game's cost, this is the tax amount. This implies that the more players you refer to the Ultimate Cricket Rummy App, the more money you can make.

A fantastic and original income program is the share and earns scheme. According to this, you would receive just Rs. 100 for each reference you make. The Ultimate Cricket Game Rummy App states that you can receive Rs. 100 for every invite made using your referrals.

This system is based on who can download the Super Cricket Rummy Game Apk and add money to their account. You can receive a share of Rs. 100 for each recommendation you make, and you will be paid this sum if your referrer adds cash to their account totaling Rs. 1000 or more.

Progress Bonus

The Super Cricket Rummy Game App creators established the progress bonus, the newest reward system. With this new rummy app, which also gives you a 41-bonus upon registration and offers a progress bonus, you can earn one additional gift.

When your referral income for the current week exceeds your referral income for the previous week, the Progress is considered to have occurred. After that, you will receive a Progress Bonus that may be redeemed for cash immediately into your bank account.

VIP Bonus

You can access VIP additional features on this application. You may assert that you will receive a free bonus by logging in here regularly. You can obtain a Sign-In Bonus and a Daily Bonus under VIP Bonus Features. Monthly Bonuses, Level Bonuses, and Weekly Bonuses You will receive various plans as part of the VIP incentive. Furthermore, the perks vary depending on the plan you choose.

To access VIP extra features, your account must receive a minimum of 500 recharges. In addition, you can recharge here up to a maximum of 1000000 to access VIP additional features. After you recharge your account with a minimum of 500, your VIP Bonus account is enabled. After activating your VIP Bonus account, you may start claiming your daily free bonus.

VIP Plan


Weekly Bonus

Monthly Bonus

Level Bonus






















₹1.50 L





₹2.50 L





₹4.50 L





₹7.50 L





₹11.50 L




VIP 10

₹16.50 L




VIP 11

₹23.50 L




VIP 12

₹32.50 L




VIP 13

₹43.50 L




VIP 14

₹56.50 L




VIP 15

₹71.50 L




VIP 16

₹89.50 L




VIP 17

₹1.105 Cr




VIP 18

₹1.345 Cr




VIP 19

Rs.1.615 Cr




VIP 20

Rs.1.915 Cr




Weekly Bonus

Like the Progress Bonus, the offer depends on how much you create from your refer and earn program during a given week. The more money you generate through your referral program, the greater the amount you can receive as a weekly bonus.

You already know how much you can make as a weekly bonus, but I'll still tell you about it because you can make at least Rs. 500 each week. Nevertheless, you'll be startled to learn that you can make a maximum of Rs. 200,000 each week.

The weekly bonus also has a table that you may peruse to learn everything there is to know about it. Every week's Monday brings adjustments to the weekly bonus, which you can then redeem by selecting Weekly Bonus from the Refer and Earn page.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
Question Answer
Is it legal to play online cash games? GetMega is a real money gaming platform where you can only play skill games. Participating in skill competitions for cash rewards is permitted in India, except in the states of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, and Kerala, which prohibit any form of gambling.Because these skill-based games are played with real money, please review our Responsible Gaming standards to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience.
How is the victory amount determined in GetMega's Rummy cash games? When a player declares successfully, their points are reduced to zero. The overall score is determined by adding all of the leftover points from the other players. The total amount won is calculated by multiplying the total score by the point rate and subtracting the rake (a very small percentage fee deducted by the platform).Because Rummy is played with real money, please review our Responsible Gaming standards to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience.
How quickly can I learn how to play Rummy? Rummy is primarily a skill-based game. While various players learn at different rates, the basic rules of Rummy are simple to grasp. You will easily improve your Rummy skills with simple practise and observation.GetMega's tables begin with 1 buy-ins, allowing you to play real cash Rummy games at a level of comfort that suits you.
How do I cash out my winnings? You can cash out your wins by going to Wallets and selecting the 'Withdraw' option. The withdrawal process in Super Cricket Rummy is very smooth and easy and if the player faces any problems they can contact the customer care for support.

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