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Brief About Osom Rummy

App Name

Osom Rummy

Welcome Bonus

Rs 10

Refer & Earn

Rs 10

Referrral Commission

Rs 10

Min Withdrawal

Rs 100

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Features of Osom Rummy

One of the most popular card games is now playable over the internet, and you can join in the fun with the help of the Osom Rummy app. You can play rummy and similar game variations against several other online players simply by downloading the Osom Rummy on your phone. It presents users with a thrilling experience of playing rummy, tagged with golden opportunities of winning prizes as a part of the game’s reward function.

You can win real cash on the game platform and maintain the chance of getting a certain amount as a sign-in bonus. There is more than one reason to select Osom Rummy as your gaming app for competing or casually playing rummy on the go. In this article, let’s look at the Osom Rummy download process, the history of the app, its features, and other information.

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osom rummy download

The Osom Rummy app is one of the most convenient and secure platforms to place rummy for Indian gamers. The features of the app are:

  • Responsible gameplay system- Osom Rummy app places its World Class Anti-Fraud system, Strict fair play policy, and daily deposit limit to ensure responsible gaming habits.
  • Security- The Osom Rummy app offers complete ID privacy and data protection, payment security, and RNG certification.
  • Player support- You can always ask for help from the Osom Rummy game customer support staff, working 24x7 to assist. Most of your game-related queries will be resolved in a few seconds, and there is support for instant withdrawal.
  • Online play- The Osom Rummy provides online matchmaking support, allowing you to face opponents across areas.
  • Game variants- You will get enough choices of rummy variants on the Osom Rummy app and win cash daily from your selected choice of game mode.
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History of Osom Rummy

osom rummy app

The Osom Rummy, an online card game, is one of the famous options for playing rummy and winning cash prizes. The game was developed and maintained by Rubik Cube Technology India Private Limited. This company registered its website in later 2019 and released the game in the following few months.

They started the app as an online casino game, mainly targeting the Indian market, but within recent years, the app has grown much wider in that sense; with easy playability, real cash prizes, and free download, the app also offers other games on their platform, like fantasy cricket. With over 9,00,000 online players and numerous application downloads since its first launch date. If you are a beginner, the Osom Rummy app will be a proper place to learn and hone your skills.

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Video of How to Download the App

This video highlights the Osom Rummy app download process.

How to Download the Osom Rummy Apk for Android & iOS?

som rummy app download

If you want to play the fantastic game of Osom Rummy on your mobile devices, you can do so without worrying about its availability. The Osom Rummy game is offered for both Android and iOS platforms, and here’s how you can get your Osom Rummy app download for Android and iOS settled, respectively.

For Android users, the Osom Rummy apk download process steps are as follows:

  1. Search for “Osom Rummy” on the Google Play Store. You can also head to this link for the official Osom Rummy game website to get your Osom Rummy download settled.
  2. After you find the app page on the store, press “install” to initiate its download and installation process. To download the app through the official website mode, you must first download the Osom Rummy apk file and then open it to start its installation.
  3. The overall Osom Rummy apk installation will not require more than a few minutes to set up, and after it finishes, you can open up the application and start your rummy game journey from there.

For iOS users, the Osom Rummy app download follows the traditional method:

  1. Open up the App Store for iOS, click on the search bar option, type in “Osom Rummy,” and then proceed to search
  2. After the search results, you will find the Osom Rummy app from the developer Rubik Cube Technology India Private Limited.
  3. Click on the app name, ensure you are signed in with your Apple ID, and press “Get” to begin the Osom Rummy app download.
  4. The installation will automatically finish after the download is settled, and you can finally get started with the Osom Rummy game.

How to Download the Osom Rummy Apk for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

The Osom Rummy apk is unavailable for Windows and Mac OS platforms. As there is no PC version of the game, Osom Rummy is not playable on computers at the current time. But you can enjoy the game to its full potential by playing it over the mobile platform. If you are curious about a possible release of Osom Rummy for P, C, you should contact the game developers for more information.

How to Register, Login, Sign Up and Create an Account on the Osom Rummy App?

The Osom Rummy app registration procedure is simple; you can easily create and customize your account within the game by following simple instructions. Here is how you can get the task done:

  1. First, open up the Osom Rummy online game after the download. The app should take you straight to the main screen of the Osom Rummy game.
  2. Select the top right icon with an avatar at the main menu to open the User profile settings. You can change your display picture and rename your profile from here. After that, you must link your email ID or phone number with the Osom Rummy app for withdrawal purposes.
  3. Select the “Wallet” option from the bottom menu on the main screen and choose the “Fill KYC Documents” option.
  4. In the KYC window, you can verify your mobile number and email address, upload a photo ID proof copy, and press “Submit.”

After the KYC is verified, your Osom Rummy game account will be created and linked to your mobile number and email address. You can then use either of those to complete your Osom Rummy login.

How to Play on the App?

After the Osom Rummy apk installation finishes, you can start the app on your phone. Then, you can either begin by creating an account or play as a guest. You will then have to select between the game modes available on the lobby tab in the middle of the bottom main menu.

After making the game type selection, you must choose the terms of the game lobby you wish to join. Then click on the desired lobby, pay the minimum entry fee, and join the game online. This is how simple it is to start playing on the Osom Rummy app.

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Types of Games Osom Rummy apk Offers

The selection and variations of games offered over the Osom Rummy game platform are more than adequate. You have a fine selection of game choices and can select between them whenever you like. At the main game lobby menu, you can choose Cash and Practice mode matches. The game options are Points, 101 Pool, 201 Pool, Deals (Best of 2 and Best of 3), and 10 Cards.

How to Play Games at GetMega?

The real fun of playing card games begins on the GetMega app with their Poker and Rummy game selections. You can get the app link from the GetMega website and install it on your phone. On this app, you can compete against actual players who have been polishing their skills online.

The fun and joy of playing Poker and Rummy on GetMega are as real as the cash rewards you can win. The games on the GetMega app are Fair Gameplay Certified and are legally approved. You can quickly and securely withdraw your winnings through direct bank transfer, UPI, or online wallet options. The games start from an affordable price point, and the GetMega app has many exciting features, like in-app audio chatting functionality.

Osom Rummy Review

Bonuses and Offers

Here are a list of Osom Rummy Referral Codes

Refer and Earn Bonus

Earn 10% of your friends winnings in your Refer and Earn

Download Offer

Download the app and earn amazing coupons and cash prizes

Withdraw & Deposit in Osom Rummy

The Osom Rummy app has a wide range of acceptable deposits, from 10 Indian rupees to 1 million. The money will be deposited into your account as soon as they process your payment.

  • Once you get to the main menu, select "ACCOUNT" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Your account balance can be increased by clicking the "Add Money" button in your profile.
  • Put in the amount you want to spend beyond what is strictly necessary. Ten Indian Rupees is the bare minimum, and one thousand is the utmost that can be deposited.
  • The next screen will prompt you to choose a payment method. Payment options include charging purchases to your phone, using a credit card, debit card, or even directly from your bank account.
  • Just fill out the form and hit the "Add Money" button to make a deposit.
  • Please click the "CONTINUE" button to continue with your online purchase.

To withdraw funds, select the "Withdraw" tab.

  • A drop-down menu allows you to choose between a bank withdrawal and a UPI withdrawal.
  • After entering your name, account number, bank name, and IFSC code click the Save button to send this information to the bank. Select UPI, then enter the UPI ID and select Save.
  • Go ahead if you want to take out the money showing in Withdrawable. To start a withdrawal, pick an amount and hit the Withdraw button.
  • Withdraw the funds from your account in under two minutes.

Leaderboard and Tournaments

The app hosts several different tournaments and leaderboards. Osom Rummy has quickly risen to the top of the online rummy game rankings. Aside from the Leaderboard, Osom Rummy also has several time-sensitive specials. Rummy is the most popular form of card game.

These games can take many shapes and are enjoyed all over the world. In card game poker, players stake their money on the relative strengths of their hand combinations, with the winner being determined by the game's rules. To win, players must be the first to form melds (combinations of cards) of three or more cards, called sets or runs, and to declare victory. Rummy players from all over India can look forward to a tonne of action on India's Best Rummy App tables.

Customer Support

This is one of the apps available, making it easy to find answers to questions. You can reach out to them via Osom Rummy Customer Care number during the day for service inquiries. They have a 24/7 service centre where customers can get help. The Osom Rummy contact number can be found on their website.

They take extra precautions to avoid any potential blockades to ensure you have a good time playing Rummy. That's why they aimed to address most of the questions that might come up while you're playing the Osom Rummy. Osom Rummy's website provides multiple contact options. Several different phone numbers can be used to reach them.

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Question Answer
Does the Osom Rummy app offer an in-app customer support system? Yes, the Osom Rummy game app does come with an in-app customer support system for assistance.
Is there a welcome bonus offered for the Osom Rummy app? Yes, there is a one-time welcome bonus offered on the Osom Rummy app.
Is KYC necessary for withdrawal on the Osom Rummy app? Yes, KYC is necessary for withdrawal on the Osom Rummy app.
Does the Osom Rummy app require internet service to operate on my phone? Yes, to download Osom Rummy app and play on it, you will need to have an internet connection.
Can I play the Osom Rummy game from anywhere? Yes, you can play the Osom Rummy game from anywhere as long as it is allowable by your local government.

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