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Brief About Octro Rummy

Octro Rummy APk

App Name

Octro Rummy

Signup Bonus

Rs 10

App Size

24 MB

Min Withdrawal

Rs 100

Min Deposit

Rs 25

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Features of Octro Rummy

These are some of the vital Octro Rummy features that you will be getting via the app:

Octro Rummy APK
  1. Beautiful visuals and UI- The Octro Rummy app is very well made and organized in terms of visuals and graphics. As for the user interface, it enforces a simplistic approach, which is a great addition for old and new players to get habituated with.
  2. Smooth gaming- The general gaming experience on the Octro Rummy app is very stable and balanced. The app can work over slower data connections and there will not be any lag or stutter during online gaming.
  3. Real opponents- The opponents that players will be facing off against are real ones, so there are no worries about going face to face against the computer or AI.
  4. Game modes- There is a decent selection of game mode choices offered on the Octro Rummy app, which makes playing on the Octro Rummy apk always fun.
  5. Rewards- The Octro Rummy offers tons of rewards in terms of match winnings, as well as, for free, which is an amazing feature for all players.

Table of content:

Octro Rummy is a massively popular online rummy gaming platform that implements the widespread 13-card Indian rummy format. However, the app also offers 21-card rummy for interested players, who are looking to play with the classic design of the game.

The Octro Rummy app follows and abides by the set rules and regulations of the actual rummy game, which makes it much easier for new and veteran players to make their way into the online platform. The Octro Rummy apk is a very low-storage and data-consuming app, that is available for free download on popular mobile platforms.

The game comes with plenty of exciting and cool features, which makes playing online rummy on mobile, fun and exciting. Getting the Octro Rummy download is also a simple task, and if you are looking for a detailed guide on this matter, along with other crucial details of the app, then go through the entirety of this page.

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History of Octro Rummy

Octro Rummy App

The Octro Rummy is a very popular online rummy gaming app, offered on mobile devices running on Android and iOS, along with the support for PC. The app is listed on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as “Indian Rummy Teen Patti Rummy,” and it has tons of great user reviews. The Octro Rummy was released back on January 31st of 2013, which makes it one of the oldest contenders in this whole genre. The app is offered by Octro, Inc. and they keep on managing and updating the game to this date, with the latest version being 3.06.42 released back on June 9th, 2022. The latest version of the game on the iOS store is 3.06.46, released back on August 23rd, 2022. The game supports Android OS 6.0 or later and iOS 10.0 or later.

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Video of How to Download the App

The video below is regarding the Octro Rummy app download, which you can refer to for more details on this subject.

How to Download the Octro Rummy Apk for Android & iOS?

The Octro Rummy online game app can easily be downloaded on Android and iOS devices through their respective app store pages. Here is a detailed instructions list for the Octro Rummy app download stated in the following.

The Octro Rummy download procedure for Android devices includes these steps:

  1. Head over to the Google Play Store and search for the Octro Rummy app
  2. From the results, open up the official store page of the app and click on the “Install” button
  3. The Octro Rummy download and installation process will begin and be complete shortly after
  4. Once the installation completes, the Octro Rummy app will become available for usage.

The Octro Rummy app download process for iOS devices includes these steps for its completion:

  1. Open up the Apple App Store on your device and look for the Octro Rummy app
  2. Click on the official Octro Rummy app store page and select the “Get” button to start its download and installation
  3. As soon as the installation concludes, the Octro Rummy app will become usable.

How to Download the Octro Rummy Apk for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

The Octro Rummy PC version can be efficiently downloaded on your computer and you can start your online rummy journey on the app. The Octro Rummy for PC is also developed and published by Octro Inc. and was released back on December 9th, 2014. The application size is quite small and it can be smoothly downloaded. The procedure of the Octro Rummy app download on Windows and Mac OS can be accomplished by following these steps below:

Rummy Octro
  1. Launch the Microsoft store or any equivalent app store page on your PC
  2. Search for the Octro Rummy app for PC and click on the official app store page
  3. Hit the “Get” button to add it to your library and then install the app on your computer
  4. After installation completes, open it up and start playing rummy on the Octro Rummy app.

Make sure to have an active and stable internet connection available on your computer in order to start playing matches of rummy against real players, across the world.

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How to Register, Login, Sign Up and Create an Account on the Octro Rummy App?

The game developers offer free account creation procedures on the Octro Rummy platform, to make it more accessible for the players. In order to create your account on the game and have it registered, you will need to follow these steps:

Octro Rummy Apk Login
  1. Open the Octro Rummy apk once the installation process concludes on your respective device
  2. Right after the loading screen, the app will present a login screen, where it will present you with three options
  3. Select the preferred method, between Facebook sign-in or a Google sign in
  4. Complete the necessary account log-in procedure on the newly opened prompt and it will be linked to your game account.
Sign in Octro Rummy

This will conclude the account creation and registration process and you will not be needing additional Octro Rummy login credentials as your Facebook and

How to Play on the App?

After downloading and installing the Octro Rummy app on your devices, move right over and launch the app. You may create or register a new account on the platform or continue further with a guest one. On the main Octro Rummy game screen, you will be presented with a few game mode choices and you will have to make the choice. Once the pick is finalized, click on the game mode preferred and fix the slider to the chip value you are looking for. After that, the game will take you to the online rummy table, where other players will connect shortly after. Keep in mind that each game will require a certain entry value, so in case you are low on account balance, you will have to add the required funds.

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Types of Games Octro Rummy apk Offers

Rummy is the primary type of game offered within the Octro Rummy apk. Other than that, there are a few game modes included within the app. To start off with, players will be able to enjoy the fun of player 13-cards and 21-card rummy on the app. Apart from these, there are two other game modes to select from, one is the tournament mode for additional competitive fun and the other one is the private or custom game mode, which you can play with your friends.

How to Play Games at GetMega?

If you are searching for an online platform to play the game of rummy and poker on mobile in a seamless fashion, then the GetMega app is a great choice. The app comes with tons of features and benefits and is free for download, which players can get done through the official website of GetMega. After visiting the website, just click on the “Download App Now” option to get it completed. Carry on with the app installation and account creation and you will be ready to play online games of rummy and poker against verified player accounts and earn real cash rewards. The games on the GetMega app are fair gameplay certified and the app has more than 5 million downloads and tons of cool features, like instant withdrawal, customer support, and lots more.

Referral Program

Through the referral programme, you can earn rewards for helping spread the word about this app. Promoting this app and getting as many people as possible to use it will give you the best possible earnings potential. In this app, for every person you recruit, you'll earn a commission of 10. If the same customer makes another deposit into his account, you'll receive his 5% commission in a separate transaction. This commission is ongoing and real-time as long as the customer keeps funding his account.

  • If you're interested in making money, the referral programme is for you. Start by copying your referral link and posting it on your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter).
  • More people who join as a result of your efforts will increase your earnings potential. You can easily deposit the money you earn from the referral programme into your bank account. On the main screen of the 3A app, select the Withdraw button.
  • Your current deposit and withdrawal totals will be displayed.
  • To withdraw your funds, select that option and enter your bank information.
  • For withdrawals, you can set up UPI, IMPS, or NEFT options.
  • Next, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit your request.

Daily Bonus

  • Try your hand at Teen Patti each day, and you'll be rewarded with a free bonus. You can increase your winnings by playing more.
  • Launching the 3-Patti app daily will increase the number of bonus chips you receive.
  • 7 days of continuous play will yield the highest possible daily bonus. If players keep up their daily play from the eighth day, they will receive the maximum bonus free chips.
  • When a player doesn't play for a day, the counter rolls back to day 1.
  • As you progress through the game, your daily bonus will increase. (A level 10 player and a level 20 player will receive different daily bonuses, with higher levels receiving larger bonuses.)
  • Join Facebook, and your progress will be saved indefinitely.

VIP Bonus Card

Becoming a VIP member grants you access to exclusive benefits, such as the Weekly Bonus. Bonuses each month and based on your level

  • First, launch King Rummy and select the VIP tab.
  • Choose to Buy by pressing the appropriate button.
  • You can now make deposits of Rs.500 and up.
  • Once you make the payment, you will be treated like a VIP.
  • The funds are suitable for gambling purposes.

How to Play Games at GetMega?

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!

Octro Rummy Review

Bonuses and Offers

Octro Rummy members get a bonus each week. There will also be a weekly bonus payment made to you that is 10% of your gross weekly income. There aren't a lot of strategies involved in Bonus Octro Rummy games.

This premium service is available for players, so use it to increase your bonus earnings. You'll earn extra rewards if you log in every day. Remember to log in at least once weekly to maintain your weekly reward. The monthly bonus is automatically credited to your account as long as you log in at least once per month.

Withdrawal & Deposit

The Octro Rummy app has a wide range of acceptable deposits, from 10 Indian rupees to 1 million. The money will be deposited into your account as soon as they process your payment.

Once you get to the main menu, select "ACCOUNT" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your account balance can be increased by clicking the "Add Money" button in your profile.

Put in the amount you want to spend beyond what is strictly necessary. Ten Indian Rupees is the bare minimum, and one thousand is the utmost that can be deposited.

The next screen will prompt you to choose a payment method. Payment options include charging purchases to your phone, using a credit card, debit card, or even directly from your bank account.

Just fill out the form and hit the "Add Money" button to make a deposit.

Please click the "CONTINUE" button to continue with your online purchase.

A Look at Octro Rummy's Withdrawal Procedure

By referring your friends to the game, you can quickly and painlessly cash in your winnings from Drive Rummy and the rewards you've earned. There is no need to provide documentation to verify a bank account balance. You don't need to show any identification. Just stick to these simple instructions:

To withdraw funds, select the "Withdraw" tab.

A drop-down menu allows you to choose between a bank withdrawal and a UPI withdrawal.

After entering your name, account number, bank name, and IFSC code click the Save button to send this information to the bank. Select UPI, then enter the UPI ID and select Save.

Go ahead if you want to take out the money showing in Withdrawable. To start a withdrawal, pick an amount and hit the Withdraw button.

Withdraw the funds from your account in under two minutes.

Leaderboards & Tournaments

The app hosts several different tournaments and leaderboards. Octro Rummy has quickly risen to the top of the online rummy game rankings. Aside from the Leaderboard, Octro Rummy also has several time-sensitive specials. Rummy is the most popular form of card game.

These games can take many shapes and are enjoyed all over the world. In card game poker, players stake their money on the relative strengths of their hand combinations, with the winner being determined by the game's rules. To win, players must be the first to form melds (combinations of cards) of three or more cards, called sets or runs, and to declare victory. Rummy players from all over India can look forward to a tonne of action on India's Best Rummy App tables.

Customer Support

This is one of the best Teen Patti apps available, making it easy to find answers to questions. You can reach out to them via WhatsApp during the day for service inquiries. Customers are also encouraged to contact them via Telegram. They have a 24/7 service centre where customers can get help. The Octro Rummy phone number can be found on their website.

They take extra precautions to avoid any potential blockades to ensure you have a good time playing Rummy. That's why they aimed to address most of the questions that might come up while you're playing the Octro Rummy. Octro Rummy's website provides multiple contact options. Several different phone numbers can be used to reach them.

Question Answer
Does the Octro Rummy app support sign-in through a Google account? Yes, the Octro Rummy apk supports sign-in through a Google account.
Is it necessary to create an account on the Octro Rummy app to start playing? No, you can play the game via a guest account, however, it is recommended that you register an account on the platform for Octro Rummy login purposes in the future.
Where can I get the Octro Rummy app for my Windows PC? You can get the Octro Rummy app download settled for your Windows PC from the Microsoft Store.
What format of rummy does the Octro Rummy game offer? The Octro Rummy online card game offers both 13-cards and 21-card rummy for players.
What iOS version does the Octro Rummy app support? The Octro Rummy app supports iOS version 10.0 or better.

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