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Classic Rummy

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Rs 50

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What is Refer & Earn?

Rummy connects individuals of various ages. It makes no difference if your relatives are having a game night at a celebration with their friends or you, along with your friends, are enjoying "trivia nights." Rummy has been a medium for social engagement ever since its inception. And at the moment, online rummy is prevalent everywhere.

Classic Rummy is the home of thousands of Indian rummy enthusiasts. They benefit from unparalleled rummy opportunities and rewards. Along with many other advantages, you get a 200% Game Cash bonus on your first deposit when you create an account. The increasing use of high-speed mobile gadgets and the internet in India is driving the growth of Classic Rummy.

A nice feature provided by Classic Rummy is their Refer and Earn promotion! If your friends believe you could be encouraged to install the Classic Rummy APK, please ask them to provide you with the referral link. You can join any of your buddies using a referral code and earn as much as Rs. 15000* in cash back! That is a big incentive for bringing your pals. One of the finest apps for making money in India is classic rummy.

You may play online rummy with your pals and make money while you do it, in addition to enjoying the game itself!

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How To Refer & Earn on Classic Rummy

Referring to a friend is a simple task on Classic Rummy. If you'd like to refer and friend and earn money, follow these steps:

1) Use the Classic Rummy app on your mobile device to promote its refer and earn program.

2) Your mobile device's app screen tilted automatically when you opened the Classic Rummy app.

3) Now, visit the refer and earn feature by clicking the hamburger button on the provided page.

4) Copy the Classic Rummy referral code and WhatsApp it to your buddy.

5) You can make up to Rs 1500 when your friends successfully install the Classic Rummy app.

Here's what happens once the referee uses your Classic Rummy referral code:

1. A gamer with a brand-new Classic Rummy account will receive a Rs 51 registration bonus after signing up on the Classic Rummy bonus platform.

2. Referees who connect their gaming accounts effectively with the Classic Rummy referral code will receive rewards immediately.

3. If the referee wins, the referrer will get a 30% commission on the award.

4. Only winnings are deposited to the game's connected savings account; sign-up and referral bonuses are not.

5. A minimum withdrawal into a bank account of Rs. 100 is also available to the customer.

Referral Winnings in Classic Rummy

On Classic Rummy, the bonuses can be earned in increments. You can receive more referral bonuses the further your buddy wagers. The following describes the referral bonus's full structure:



Referral Bonuses


Your Buddy makes their 1st Purchase

Rs. 1000


Your Buddy wagers 500 Rupees of Money



Another Buddy wagers 500 Rupees of Money



Another Buddy wagers 500 Rupees of Money



Another Buddy wagers 500 Rupees of Money



Another Buddy wagers 500 Rupees of Money


Total Referral Bonus


For introducing 10 friends, you could make up to Rs. 25,000 at this rate. So, spread the fun of enjoying with generous incentives with all of your buddies by inviting them! now recommend your pals!

Referral Cashback Table In Classic Rummy

On Buddy's Gameplay of

You Earn

Your Total Earnings






















1. The promotions will proceed according to the table provided above.

2. No winner may convert a stated prize into playing cash; all awards must be provided to them in the same form.

3. Any promotion comes with its Terms and Conditions, and to take advantage of each offer, a user must meet all Terms and Conditions.

The first step in earning Referral Cashback is when your friend makes his first deposit and begins playing. Depending on your friend's gameplay, you receive immediate money back as indicated in the Classic Rummy Cashback Table.

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