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Playing games to earn cash…

Doesn’t that sound like heaven already? And you can do it at any time from any place.

Yup! Now you can earn money simply by playing games all day across various platforms with other gamers. If you still find it hard to believe, check out these amazing apps like Big Cash rummy app and websites that allow you to indulge in fun and entertaining games. In return, you earn tons of cash.

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List of apps like Big Cash

You must have heard of the Big Cash games. Big cash is an online gaming forum that allows you to partake in various tournaments and casual games for fun and earning money. While big cash is an entertaining platform, why limit your earning potential to just one app?

Here’s a list of apps like Big Cash that you can try out for fun and to contribute to the family income:

1. GetMega


It is the ultimate money-earning game app wherein you can play Rummy & Poker. You get a signup bonus and referral bonuses that you can use to play various games.

There are constant tournaments and contests on this website and app, some of them start at a mere Rs. 5 buy-in value. When you win the game, the money is credited to your GetMega wallet.

Once you have more than Rs. 25 in winnings, you can withdraw the money using any secure UPI channel. The best part of Getmega is that you get to play with genuine amateur and professional players. Therefore, you can learn new strategies to improve your game and win big. The platform is very stringent about allowing verified profiles so you know that you will earn money for sure if you just win the games.

2. WinZo Gold

winzo gold

This is a Big Cash-like app that supports just as many games and has the potential to earn good money.

To begin with, Winzo offers signup bonuses like GetMega that you can use to start playing instantly. You can partake in quizzes and tournaments, whatever tickles your fancy, to improve your chances of winning.

If you run out of your signup bonus, you can earn some more by referring people or simply top up your wallet. Of course, just like Big Cash rummy app and similar apps such as GetMega, Winzo offers genuine earning. Therefore, you need money to make money.

Whatever you win from playing your favorite games, you can simply transfer to your PayTM wallet or bank account through UPI channels.

3. Paisa Premier League

paisa premier league

PPL is a contest app in which you can partake in various games. Each contest only allows two to ten players to participate therefore your chances of winning are good.

Much like any live contests, only the first three ranks win the prizes so you need to ensure that you win in the first, second, or third position. You have to invest to play so be careful about which contests you play in.

Once you have more than Rs. 50 in winnings, you can withdraw the cash to your bank account.

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4. Top Quiz

top quiz

As the name probably gave it away, Top Quiz is a quiz app. You can partake in various quizzes by buying into them with in-app coins. You can either invest money to buy these coins or you can earn them by watching videos and completing small tasks.

When you answer the quiz questions, you need to aim for a good rank. That is what determines your winning sum of money. You see, multiple people partake in the quizzes and the prize money is distributed based on their ranking. Therefore, you need not necessarily come first but you need a good rank in order to earn a substantial amount of money.

Once you have more than Rs 10 in winnings, you can withdraw the amount to your PayTM account.

5. Taxaal


If you like spin games then Taxaal is definitely in your wheelhouse. This Big Cash-like app provides you with 10 coins as a signup bonus. You can use this money to start playing the game.

You will find a spinning wheel with the numbers 0 to 9 much like roulette that spins for half an hour. During this time, you can make probable guesses as to where the indicator will point when the wheel stops spinning.

You can bet coins on the number of your choice but you must only invest in multiples of ten. If you made the right choice, and luck is on your side, then you win double the amount that you invested. If you were wrong, then you lose all the coins you invested in the incorrect numbers, so we suggest not to diversify your coins to try your luck. You will lose more than you win.

Any money that you make on Taxaal, you can withdraw to your credit or debit cards, bank account, UPI id, or online wallets. The amount must be more than Rs. 10 though for you to start claiming your prizes.

6. Zupee Gold

zupee gold

Zupee is one of those apps like Big Cash like apps that offer good earning potential but this is more of a quiz-based platform rather than playing games. You need a little investment to partake in these quizzes but if you have extensive knowledge about a subject then why not use it to make some money, right?

You will receive a signup bonus and there are referral bonuses as well on Zupee Gold. You can use these bonus amounts to start a quiz. Quiz game participation is available for as low as Rs. 1 all the way to thousands. Needless to say, if you answer the questions correctly, you are rewarded with cash.

You can withdraw your Zupee earnings through your PayTM wallet once you have more than Rs. 60 in your account.

7. Fun and Earn


This is a great app for playing games. Unlike other gaming apps, Fun and Earn has carnivals. This means, you can partake in a carnival with one or two players as opponents, and if you defeat them, then you win double the amount you invested.

Fun and Earn also has Bumpers, which are more or less like tournaments except you get only one chance. You can invest as low as Rs. 10 or as high as Rs. 4000. If you win, your amount is doubled, and if you lose, well, you lose your money.

There are also free carnivals every day in which you can participate with no investment. When you’re low on Fun and Earn cash, you can participate in these carnivals to win some money to start playing actively again.

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Increase your knowledge through this blog and earn money online:

How to make money from these apps similar to Big Cash?

The primary concept of all these apps and websites is to facilitate new and innovative ways to earn money. Playing games all day and earning cash is like a dream come true for anybody. All you need is a computer, or a mobile phone, or just a tablet and you can start earning.

Now that you know where you can play, let’s see how you can make money from Big Cash jaisa apps that you can use for this purpose.

  • Start by determining what sort of games you like to play. Do you like casual games for fun where money is a bonus or do you aim to earn?
  • Choose a platform that offers good payments for playing your favorite games. If you are a gaming enthusiast with a penchant for earning big then Big Cash like appsand similar apps such as GetMega, WinZo, and Mobile Premier League are more to your preference.
  • Register on these platforms that offer a substantial amount of entertaining and earning games. We personally recommend GetMega because you’ll have more than one earning option.
  • Play to win. Make sure that you know the rules and exercise emotional control during gameplay. Aim to win with a calm mind and you will end up earning a lot of money.

So, you see, earning money while playing games on apps like Big Cash rummy app is not only possible but encouraging. You can partake in several games, prepare yourself for live gaming, and earn while you learn. If this isn’t an easy way to make money, then no one knows what is.

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How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming channel that offers Big Cash-like games that you can play. Actually, there is more earning potential here so let’s see how you can play and earn money through the GetMega website and app.

Here’s how you start playing games on the GetMega platform:

  • Create your account on GetMega. Use your Facebook id because all the accounts on the platform are verified for monetary security and Facebook makes it easier to check your profile.
  • Now select your game. What do you like? There are trivia games, casino games, and casual games. Choose the game that you know well or at least you’re confident that you can play. If a game entices you and you don’t know how to play it, you’re in luck. GetMega has a series of game rules and strategies that you can use to learn and develop your play. It is available on your dashboard.
  • Once you know which game you want to play, find it under the drop-down sectionals or you can opt for cash games and tournaments available on your home page. The participation buy-ins are as low as Rs. 5.
  • GetMega also holds special contests that you can win for additional cash and rewards.

And there you have it. Simple and sophisticated ways to start playing elegant games on GetMega to earn cash.

P.S.: If you are really good at gaming, we suggest you join the paid leaderboards. If you can maintain your position among the top 10 gamers, you stand to win more prizes, including gold coins and brand new mobile phones.

So, what are you waiting for? Get gaming already.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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