What Is Paplu Rummy: Learn Everything You Need To Know


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What is Paplu rummy?

Paplu card game is basically Indian Rummy with the introduction of three fun characters, the Paplu, Upplu, and Nichlu.

Not only are these fun to say but each card is actually an important part of the original Rummy gameplay, which requires players to make sets and sequences. Only, in the Paplu card game, you need to make 3 sets of only three cards each, and the remaining cards are arranged as a ‘run.’

Now, before we discuss how to play the Paplu rummy game, we need to explain what these characterizations mean. So here goes:

As you know, Jokers are a major part of any variant of rummy. These wild cards, which are determined when the dealer places the first card from the deck, facing up onto the table, can be used in place of any card to make a set.


First of all, let's understand Paplu Meaning, Paplu is the card that has a rank higher than the wild card but belongs to the same suit. Therefore, let’s say if 8 of the clubs is the wild card or joker then the 9 of clubs is the ‘Paplu.’


Next, the Upplu is the card that is two ranks higher than the wild card but belongs to the same suit. So, if 8 of the clubs is still our wild card then 9 of the clubs is the ‘Upplu.’


Lastly, the Nichlu is the card that is one rank below the wild card. Therefore, continuing as 8 of clubs as the wild card, 7 of clubs would be your ‘Nichlu.’

Cute as they are, these Paplu, Upplu, and Nichlu are variants of jokers that can help you win the game quickly.

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How to play Paplu rummy?

Playing Paplu Rummy is a little difficult due to the 3 sets that you need to build, which makes it all the more fun.

To start with, all the players at the table are dealt 13 or 21 cards based on the variant you’re playing. Once each player has organized their cards to their liking, the player to the right side of the dealer draws a card from either the open deck or the closed one. If they like it, they keep it and discard another card from their hand that is not suitable. If they don’t like the card they drew, then they put it on the table, facing up.

This continues till one player who has successfully built 3 sets of 3 cards each and arranged the remaining cards in their hand as a ‘run.’ They announce that they are finished and if their sequences and sets are valid, they win with zero points. The other players are then required to pay the winner an amount equivalent to the points in their hands.

The idea is, a losing player who has cards that are not arranged in sets is awarded points based on the loose cards. Therefore, always start building one or two sets first using your wild card, Paplu, Upplu, and Nichlu so the points awarded will be fewer even if you don’t win. So start playing Power Paplu, and challenge your friends.

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