Poker vs Rummy: Differences Between Poker and Rummy Games

Poker vs Rummy: Differences Between Poker and Rummy Games

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Poker and rummy are both very popularly played card games both offline and online. Both these games have a lot of differences and also a lot of similarities; the main similarity is that both games require a lot of skills to form the right strategies and win.

Poker and Rummy are played to socialize with friends. Both are fun to play and can also win you some money. The main difference between poker and rummy is the gameplay. Rummy is played with 13 cards dealt to each player but in poker, the minimum cards dealt are 2 to each player.

Through this article, we will look at both these games in a little more detail and see the characteristics that they share. Unlock the world of mobile gaming with our user-friendly poker app download, providing a convenient platform for seamless and enjoyable gameplay.

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Origin of Poker

The origin of poker dates as far back as the 16th Century. It is believed that the game of poker first started in the 16th century as a Persian game called As-Nas. But it is not the only believed origin of poker.

Many historians have challenged the As-nas theory and have suggested many different possible origins of the game of poker. The different games that poker is believed to have originated from are Poca from Ireland, Primero from Spain, Brag from Britain, and Poque from France.

Origin of poker

The poker that we play today is believed to have originated in the 1800s at the Mississippi River regions. This is when people started playing this game at gambling houses which are now known as casinos.

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Origin of Rummy

The origin of the rummy game is believed to be from a Mexican game known as cinquain, which was played for more than four hundred years. This theory of the origination of rummy game was mentioned by David Barret, in the Penguin book of card games.

The rummy game is played all around the world with almost the same rules but it has a lot of variations. Although the game is believed to have originated in Mexico from where it traveled to America and England, some believe that rummy origin in France by taking influence from the game of poker.

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Similarities between Poker and Rummy

Both rummy and poker are very popular club games that are now being played globally because of the online platforms. While rummy has many variants in the present day, poker is also played in different types and forms.

The main difference between rummy poker games is the gameplay and the way cards are dealt. In rummy at least 13 cards are dealt with each player but in poker, the minimum cards dealt are 2 to each player. However, despite the differences, there are also some similarities between rummy and poker.

Similarities between poker and rummy

Let's take a look at the similarities between poker and rummy:

  • Funnily enough the most common similarity between poker and rummy should actually be that both these games are highly misunderstood. Many people have a misconception that these games can be won only by luck. But that is not right. Both rummy and poker require a high amount of skill to win. There are a lot of rules that you need to learn and understand if you want to play these games. Also, you should be able to form the right strategies to successfully play these games.
  • Another most basic similarity between both poker and rummy games is that you can play this game with only 2 players. 2 players are the minimum requirement to play this game so you need not have a large group of people to play along with you.
  • The dealer plays an important role in both these games. The dealer is the player who deals with the card and they are also responsible for keeping calculations and scores.
  • Both poker and rummy are card games and you need to form sets and sequences in both these games.
  • The players can fold or drop out at any point in the game.
  • The players have to arrange and assess the cards they have been dealt and lay down the cards at the end of the games.

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Skills needed for Poker and Rummy

There are so many misconceptions around both poker and rummy believing that these are games of pure luck. However, you need a certain level of skills in order to play both these games successfully.

Both these games require you to learn and understand a lot of rules which you have to apply while playing. You also need to be sharp enough to form the right strategies to win the games. You need to focus and analyse before making any moves in the games.

If you want to successfully play either poker or rummy, you need to acquire these skills. Mere luck cannot help you win these games.

Differences of poker and rummy




Winning the cash be contingent upon betting

Here the outcome depends upon how strategically and how skilfully you play the game.


Result is based upon the cards you acquire in the game.

The game of rummy is mostly on how you play your cards.


More of anticipations and predictions.

Rummy is a game of estimate and computation.

How do you play poker rummy?

Beginning with the person on the left, the dealer deals one card face down at a time. When two people play together, each of them receives ten cards. Each player receives seven cards when three or four people play; when five or six people participate, each player receives six cards. The stock is formed by placing the remaining cards face down on the table.

While a game of poker is based primarily on guesswork, rummy involves more calculations and estimations. Now the question is poker and rummy the same. The answer is that both Rummy and Poker are excellent social games that may also be used to win some fast cash.

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