London Rummy - How to play and rules of the game

London Rummy - How to play and rules of the game

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Rummy is a well-liked game in India. There are many different variations of rummy. In this article, we, at GetMega, will explain the London rummy. We have separate articles on the basics of a rummy card game and on rummy tournaments. Click here if you want to read them.

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What is London Rummy?

London rummy is a variation of rummy that is very popular in some parts of the world, especially in the UK. It is also known as Kalookie in the UK. There are other versions of Kaluki in Jamaica, Northern Europe, etc but this article will focus on the London rummy.

How to play London Rummy?

This variation is played by 2 to 5 players and uses 2 decks of card (52+1 joker each)

Cards have to be melded in a way similar to other rummy card games as follows:

  • 13 cards are dealt with each player.
  • The rest of the cards are placed face down on the table (stockpile). The top card from the stock is placed face-up beside it (discard pile)
  • The player left to the dealer plays first and so the game continues in a clockwise direction.
  • During your turn, you can take 1 card from the stockpile or discard the pile and you must discard 1 card.
  • In your hand, meld the cards (forming sets or sequences)

London rummy is different from the traditional rummy game in “coming down”.

How to play London rummy
  • Once the total value of a melded set is 40 or more you have an option to lay these cards face up as declared sets. This is called "coming down"
  • This will reduce your in-hand penalty points accordingly.
  • You can choose to come down anytime you want
  • If you plan to draw a card from the discard pile then you must use it immediately within a set and place the set on the table.

What are the rules of London Rummy?

As we mentioned earlier, the basic London rummy rules are similar to any rummy card game.

In this section, we will mention the special London rummy rules.

London rummy rules
  • The first set must be at least 40 points. Once you have declared your 40 points, you can lay down sets of any value
  • You can add to the set already declared (called go-ers). For example, you can add 10 ♠ to K♠Q♠J♠. You can do this once you have come down and made your own set of 40 points. This will reduce the potential penalty points.
  • You can use the joker instead of any card. If the joker remains in your hand at the end of the game, you get a 15 points penalty.
  • You can reuse a joker which is a part of a declared set provided you can replace the joker with the actual card and you have crossed 40 points. You must immediately use the joker and cannot hold it for future use.
  • If one player disposes of all 13 cards and then discarded, then he is the winner. The other players must add up the cards in their hands (points). The winner gets 0 points.
  • Any player getting 150 points is out of the game altogether. The player remaining at the end of the game is the winner.

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