What Is 3 Card Rummy: Learn The Rules, Setup, And Tips To Win The Game

What Is 3 Card Rummy: Learn The Rules, Setup, And Tips To Win The Game

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Rummy is a very popular card game both in India and in other countries. Different versions of the rummy card game are played in various parts of the world. We at GetMega, are bringing to you some of these different versions of rummy such as London rummy, 500 rummy through a series of articles. In this article, we will explain the 3 card rummy and three cards game rules.

We have also covered the basics of a rummy card game in separate articles. Please click here to read all our articles on rummy card games on our blog.

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How to play 3 card rummy?

3 card rummy is also known as Vegas Three Card Rummy. It is a variation of poker and is very popular in casinos and online gaming. A standard deck of 52 cards is used in the 3 card rummy. The object of the rummy 3 game is to get lower points than the dealer. To achieve this, your card's value must be less than the dealer’s cards. Then you can win the bet.

How to play 3 card rummy

What are the 3 card rummy rules?

3 card rummy is a simple game. Here are the three card rummy rules that you need to know while playing 3 card game online:-

  • It is mandatory to place the ante bet (Ante Bet is the initial bet you have to make before any cards are dealt in order to compete against the dealer)
  • The bonus bet is optional. It will payout according to the total points of your hand. If your points are less than 12, you win the bonus bet. Unlike Ante betting, you do not need to beat the dealer to get the payout.
  • You and the dealer both get three cards each.
  • Your cards are dealt face-up and the dealer’s cards are face down.
  • You can either fold or place the bet (Folding means you don't play further, i.e., out for the hand)
  • If you opt to bet, then the dealer shows their cards
  • The Ace is the lowest card
  • The person with the lowest card wins the bet.

Now lets understand the value once you are familiar with three cards rules.

Card values in 3 card rummy:

2 to 10 = Face Value of card

K, Q, J= 10 points each

Ace= 0 Points

3 of a Kind = 0 points

2-card suited run = 0 points

3-card suited run= 0 points

Possible hands in 3 card rummy

3 cards rummy rules are a must to know. The pairs and sets are as follows:
Pairs and sets are terms used to describe two or three cards of the same sort. When these cards are discovered, their value is reduced to 0. The example will set out a clear understanding about 3 card rules:

  • 7♥-7♠-7♦ = 0
  • 2♠-4♥-4♣ = 2
  • 5♦-A♣-A♥ = 5

Suited Runs

A suited run in 3 rummy occurs when your cards are arranged by suit, either two or three of them. These have a value of 0 as well. The example of three card game is as follows:

  • 6♥-7♥-8♥ = 0
  • 9♠-10♠-Q♣ = 10
  • 1♦-2♦-6♠ = 6

Tips to win 3 card rummy

Rummy 3 cards is a simple game and you can learn to strategize very quickly. We at GetMega will show you how to play 3 cards game of rummy and give some tips to increase your chances of winning the 3 card rummy game.

Tips to win 3 card rummy
  • You should bet only if the total points of your cards is 20 or less
  • If your hand value has 21 points or more then it is better to fold.
  • Also, remember that the dealer’s cards’ value must be 20 or less in order to qualify.
  • If your hand is 20 or higher you can win only if the dealer does not qualify for the hand. In such a case, your chances of winning are very less and even if you win, you will get only the ante bet. So it is better to fold.
  • It is a good idea to make a bonus bet. If your score is 12 or less then you get to win more. The probability of getting 12 or less is relatively higher.

Vegas three card rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy can be considered as a poker version of the 3 card rummy. It is very popular at online casinos which use Cryptologic and Real Time Gaming software. The 3 cards rules of rummy are similar to Three Card Poker but the scores are calculated differently and there is no ante bonus.

Bonus Bets are allowed. If you get 12 points or less you win the bonus bet. In case you fold, then the bonus bet is lost.


You will win if your total points are less than the Dealer’s or the dealer does not qualify. You can win if the dealer doesn’t qualify against the Raise. You can also win the Bonus Bet if your points are less than 12.


You lose if you fold or the Dealer gets lower points. You can also if you Raise but the Dealer gets lesser points. If your points are more than 12 then you lose the bonus bet.

3 Card Rummy Payouts:

In 3 card rummy, an additional amount can be secured with the different values of points. The bet payout table is:

  • 0 Score – 4:1
  • 1-5 Score – 2:1
  • 6-19 Score – 1:1

A bonus bet can be made via playing the 3 card rummy. The most advantageous thing is that there is no requirement to beat the dealer so as to receive the pay-out.
Also, check out the bonus bet payout table as below:

  • A-2-3 of the same suit – 100:1
  • 0 Score – 25:1
  • Score 1-6 – 2 :1
  • Score 7-10 1:1
  • Score 11-12 4:1
  • Score 13-30 – loss

Advantages of playing rummy on GetMega

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Question Answer
Can you have a 3 card straight in rummy? You can have a 3 card straight in rummy. It falls under the category of a pure sequence where a group of three or more cards is placed in consecutive order.
Is 3 jokers a rummy? Rummy consists of a grouping of cards known as sets and sequences both of which don’t contain Jokers.
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