What Is 10 Card Rummy: How To Play, Scoring, Rules, And Winning Tips

What Is 10 Card Rummy: How To Play, Scoring, Rules, And Winning Tips
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Rummy is a well-liked game in India. There are many different variations of rummy. In this article, we, at GetMega, will explain the 10 card rummy. We have a separate article on the basics of a rummy card game. Click here if you want to read about card game with 10 cards and learn rummy card game how to play.

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What is 10 card rummy?

10 card rummy is a short version of the basic rummy card game. It is played by 2 to 6 players. As per rummy rules 10 cards, for more than 2 players 2 card decks (each having 53+Joker) are used. For 2 players, one deck of 53 cards is used. This game is similar to 13 card rummy. Generally, 10 card rummy is more interesting with more than 2 players. It is quite popular as it is a fast game and offers quick rewards.

How to play 10 card rummy

The objective and 10 card rummy rules

Like any rummy card game, card game with 10 cards is also a draw and discard game. Your goal is to make valid groups of cards (meld) by improving the hand you were originally dealt. To do this, you have to pick and discard cards from your hand.

To know about, melding and discard pile, please refer to our article on Rummy - The Card Game

How to play 10 card Rummy Online?

Lets learn to play 10 card game, to become a pro in the game.

  • 10 cards are dealt with each player
  • The dealer selects 1 card randomly as the joker/wildcard.
  • The rest of the cards are kept on the table face down
  • The dealer also takes the top-most card from the rest of the cards and places it face-up on the table. This becomes the discard pile.

Rummy card game Rules: 10 Card Game

  • During your turn, you can draw cards from the pile or pick up any card discarded by your opponent.
  • You have to discard 1 card as the number of cards in your hand remains constant.
  • In case you do not pick up/ discard you will lose 20 points (at the beginning of the game). During the game, this penalty goes up to 40 points. If you miss more than three turns, then you can lose 40 points.
  • You must form at least one pure sequence. A pure sequence is a combination of cards without any jokers. Example: A♠ 2♠ 3♠ or 2♦ 2♥ 2♣ 2♠
  • The other groups can be impure. Eg- 2♦ 2♥ Joker
  • If you have valid groups, you can declare “finish” or “rummy”,
  • If your hand has valid combinations (called valid declaration), then you are the winner
  • Remember to be sure that your melding is valid. In case of an invalid declaration, you can lose 60 points

To know more about pure/impure sequences and valid/invalid sets please refer to our article on Rummy - The Card Game

Examples of 10 card rummy Sets and Sequences

10 card rummy players usually form sets and sequences with playing cards. Here we list the examples for sets and sequences for you to understand better and rummy win 10 card game.

Sets Example:

In 10 card rummy, when three to four cards of exact same value but belong to different suits are put together, then they form a set.

Example of sets in 10 card rummy

Sequence Example:

In 10 card game rummy, when three or more consecutive playing cards of the same suit are put together, then they form a sequence.

Example of sequence in 10 card rummy

Wild Card Jokers:

There are many more jokers than the already printed jokers and that is often called wild card jokers. For example, if ♥Q is selected as a wild card joker randomly, then all the Queen (Q) cards will be considered as jokers.

Example of wild card jokers in 10 card rummy

Scoring parameters and point calculation

Points of each card

  • Cards 2-10- Points equal to face value
  • Ace, K, Q, J- 10 points each
  • Joker- Value of the card it represents

In 10 Cards rummy, you can get a maximum of 60 points.

You will win a cash amount based on the points of your opponents. Each point has a value in cash (pre-determined)

Let’s understand through an example=

A-20 points

B- 30 points

C- 40 points

You- winner

Each point= INR 2

Your winnings= (20+30+40)x2 =INR 180

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Differences between 10-Card Rummy and 13-Card Rummy

Differences between 10-Card Rummy and 13-Card Rummy
Many of us are unable to find the differences between the two but there exists some that you might find complex but in reality, aren’t!

a. Both the games are played with 2 decks of cards but the major distinguishing point is the number of cards used in it. The number of cards handed to each participant is 10 in a 10-card rummy and 13 in a 13-card rummy.

b. In rummy 10 card game rules, the creation of a second card sequence is completely voluntary and not mandatory whereas, in 13 card rummy, one additional sequence must be created in addition to the one pure sequence.

c. Due to the creation of an additional sequence, the 13-card rummy is much slower in terms of speed and that is why in 10 card rummy, a player is more likely to finish the game at a faster pace.

d. The maximum points you can avail in 10 card rummy is -60 whereas the figure is -80 in the case of 13 card rummy.

Variants of rummy 10 card

There are many types of 10 Card rummy. The main 3 types are Point, Pool, and Deal Rummy.

10 card rummy variants
  1. Point Rummy
  2. Pool Rummy
  3. 101 Pool Rummy
  4. 201 Pool Rummy
  5. Deal Rummy
  6. Best of 2
  7. Best of 3
  8. Best of 6

Point Rummy

This is a single-deal game with points. The value of each point is predetermined. The winner gets cash equaling to the total of points of all the other players multiplied by the rupee value of the points.

Pool Rummy

This is a very popular version of online rummy (also called Syndicate) and can be played by 2-6 players

101 & 201 Pool Rummy are the most popular versions of pool rummy. In both versions, any player reaching the predetermined points (101 for 101 rummy and 201 for 201 rummy) is automatically eliminated from the game. The player who does not get eliminated and has the least points is the winner.

Deal Rummy

This is also popular in online card rummy games. Here, you can play a fixed number of deals, usually 2, 3, and 6. The game is played for the number of deals determined. The player with the lowest points at the end of the deal is the winner.

Best of 2 deals is a very easy way to win money as you have to play only 2 rounds to win. Do you want to try your skills at Best of 2 deals 10 rummy card? Play contests and tournaments with 100,000+ players and win more than 10,00,000 on GetMega Rummy app. Download the Rummy app now!

Tips to win the game

This section will help you to learn skills especially if you are a beginner at rummy. Follow these tips and become a seasoned 10 card rummy player in no time!

  • See what other players are doing- Observe what cards they are discarding. This will give you an idea of their hand. Seasoned players often hold onto cards to prevent other players from picking them.
  • Read up the rules- GetMega has many articles on 10 card rummy rules and also on basic rummy card game rules and skills. Read our articles to gain better insight
  • Play online- Playing online allows you to play with a variety of people of different levels. You can easily pick up tips from other players simply by observing them!
  • Practice makes perfect!- The more you play the better you understand the strategies.

Advantages of playing rummy on GetMega

GetMega offers you the following advantages-

  • Different tables ranging from ₹1 to ₹4000 and beyond to suit all types of players
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With this, our article on 10 card rummy rules comes to an end! Why not try the rummy card game on GetMega! There are more Indian card games that are equally popular. Play contests and tournaments with 100,000+ players and win more than 10,00,000 on GetMega Rummy App. Download the Rummy app now!

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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