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We are all on a quest to earn money. The global pandemic slipped a wet cloth on our finances but we are lifting ourselves up, dusting off, and getting back our financial independence.

Regardless of whether you are a homemaker or someone who lost a job that you didn’t like, or simply a college student looking for making extra cash, or even a retired individual seeking entertainment with earning potential, there are several options available out there to help you out.

One such platform is mGamer wherein you can earn coins and upgrades that you use in other apps by the simplest means. Even though this is not real cash, the money you save from investing in other gaming apps is still a bonus. Today, we will discuss some mGamer hacks and tricks(mgamer hack trick) to aid you in your quest for earning.


What is mGamer?

mGamer is a simple app with an even simpler concept. It is an online platform where you can complete small tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, etc., or playing small games. These minuscule tasks offer you a number of coins upon completion.

You have to collect numerous coins, gems, and other bonus power-ups. Once you have enough, you can use them in other, external gaming apps such as PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, Free Fire Diamonds, and similar apps.

There are several ways to earn coins, gems, and power-ups on mGamer or mgemr. The entire idea is to quickly use hacks and tricks that can facilitate smooth gameplay on challenging apps that require investments and in-app deposits.

We have a few mGamer hack tricks that you can use. Read on to find out how you can benefit most from this app.

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How to Play Games on mGamer?

In order to play games on mGamer or mgemr, you need to download the app from their official website. You will have to register on the app either using your Google ID or your mobile number. Preferably choose the contact information that you used on apps where you will utilize the coins, gems, and power-ups that you earn.

Once you have registered on the app, you will receive a signup bonus along with your referral code. Using this code, you can invite more people to the app, which will award you additional game coins, gems, and other rewards.

Now, the process to start playing games on mGamer or mgemr is easy. You can choose small games that only require you to virtually throw things or swipe and tap the screen to play. There are games like Fly Bird, Touch Piano, etc. which are super simple and extremely entertaining. Since the objective here is to earn aiding onuses for other apps, you don’t need any external programs and software to earn more. You can play games and earn these bonuses for free.

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Tips on How to Hack mGamer

When we talk about mGamer hack or mgamer trick, we mean ways to earn more coins, gems, and bonuses easily. It is a free app that allows you to collect items that you can use in other apps. Therefore, mGamer itself is a hack. You need not hack this app, Hope you get the answer to how to hack mgamer?

Now for the much-awaited mGamer tricks or mgamer hack trickthat you can use are as follows:

  • Utilize the option to refer and earn. There are several gamers like yourself who play games on Mobile Diamond, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, etc. Introduce them to mGamer and encourage them to use it in order to earn various power-ups and upgrades. It will be beneficial to them as well.
  • On your mGamer homepage, you will find a lot of activities. Identify the ones that require minimum effort and offer maximum benefits.
  • Take part in surveys as much as possible. Not only will you earn coins and bonuses from them but you will also be contributing towards improving other products and services that you use.
  • The playtime games offer coins per minute that you take part in various games. Choose these over other games since the longer you play, the more you will earn from them.
  • Don’t indulge in downloading and surveying other apps. These options will offer a lot of coins and valuable gems for downloading apps from the Google Play Store However, the action does not comply with the mGamer app even once you follow the directives precisely. Not only will you lose your chance and a lot of data space but you’ll end up getting frustrated.
  • If you play external apps where you can use the gems and power-ups, connect your mGamer platform to them so you can transfer your rewards from one app to another without a hassle.
  • If you do not play such games but want to use mGamer to earn cash rewards instead, connect the platform to your PayTM and Amazon accounts. You can convert your coins to PayTM cash wherein 1000 coins are worth Rs. 10. It is a small amount but at least it is better than zero. You can also convert them to purchase Amazon gift vouchers, Flipkart vouchers, Google Play vouchers, etc., and use them to shop for essential items and in-app features for other apps.
  • If you connect apps like Free Fire diamonds then 4000 coins are worth 50 diamonds. Similarly, for other apps, the coin conversion to power-ups is of low value but at least you don’t have to purchase them with real cash.

As we have mentioned, there is no need for mGamer hacking apps. The application is free to use and even though the reward systems are painfully slow and minute, you are getting these additional items for free. That makes it worth the while.

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Top mGamer Winning Strategy

Using the mGamer hack tricks mentioned above, you can devise your own mGamer strategy in order to escalate your chances of earning more coins. We have a detailed list of suggestions here:

  • For starters, recommend the app to as many gamers as you can.
  • Share your referral code on social media platforms and networking sites. It is even more beneficial if you can share it on groups used by other gamers on Facebook where people are looking for hacks for their own games.
  • Write a small description so people know how they can benefit from playing on the mGamer app by using your code.
  • Take part in multiple surveys to increase your count of coins.
  • Partake in the Playtime Games whenever you have a lot of downtime between work and important activities.
  • Play as many games as you can accommodate in your free time, especially easy ones where you can just swipe and tap the screen.
  • Convert coins to games like PUBG, Free Fire diamonds, etc., or gift vouchers on shopping apps instead of PayTM cash. The cash rewards are quite low but converting the coins into in-app benefits for other applications would benefit you more in the long run.

Using these mGamer hacks or mgamer tricks you can earn a small sum of money or save quite a lot. Either way, mGamer can benefit battleground gameplays. So, if you are fond of BGMI games, you might as well give mGamer a fair shot. The benefits aren’t all that much but how much can you expect from a free app, right?

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How to Benefit from Playing Games on GetMega

While mGamer hacks or mgamer trick are quite beneficial to save a few odd Rupees and earn small amounts of cash, we have another alternative from which you can benefit hundreds, even a thousand times more.

The site called GetMega is an online gaming platform where you can play your favorite games and earn real money. Not only do you make actual cash but you earn truckloads of it. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how.

For starters, you need to register yourself on the Getmega site using your Facebook account. The platform only permits valid and real profiles to play games so the outcome of the events is fair. There are no bots or fake profiles allowed so you can rest easy.

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Playing games on GetMega requires a small investment. The good thing is the games start from only Rs. 5, although they can range up to thousands. Thus, for investing a very small sum of money, you can play games for hours on GetMega and end up making thousands of Rupees effortlessly.

You also have access to certified casino games like Rummy and Poker. As you know, these games pack a lot of potentials to earn tremendous amounts of money.

On GetMega, if you do not know how to play a game but you realize that they offer high-earning potential, you can learn how to play those games. The rules and strategies are available in the app itself that you can even access during gameplay. You just have to browse through them and learn the gameplay.

Getmega holds numerous tournaments, contests, and even cash games. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional gamer, you will find something exciting. There are high-stakes as well as low-stakes options, so you can choose what you prefer as per your developing skills in gameplay.

The app has various unique features like paid leaderboards. These are different from the regular leaderboards because here you can check your ranking and performance against other serious gamers. What’s more, if you maintain 1st to 10th positions on these leaderboards, you stand to win additional cash prizes. You may even end up winning gold coins or a brand new cellphone that you can use to play more games and earn money.

GetMega is a very useful platform for people who love to play games or earn money. You don’t even have to be an enthusiast to find these games exciting and enticing. For those who love to play but can’t earn from games like Free Fire Diamond and whatnot, GetMega offers an advantageous benefit. You can spend the same amount of time playing addictive match games and other rewarding events while earning a considerable amount of cash.

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