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Who doesn’t enjoy playing Ludo or ludo supreme or supreme ludo game, right? We have beautiful childhood memories of game nights when the family gathered around the coffee table and there were no elders or youngsters. We were all competitors.

In order to bring back those amazing days, apps like Ludo Gold Supreme were introduced, but wait, there’s a twist.

Now, when you play Ludo Gold Supreme you can earn money. Today, we will tell you all about the ludo gold hack or Ludo Supreme Gold hacks, or ludo supreme gold games that you can use to make anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 1500 in a day.

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What is Ludo Supreme Gold?

Ludo Supreme Gold app was created by CashGrail Private Limited, the company that also gave us the unique quiz game app called Zupee Gold. They have a tendency to indulge in creating apps where users can make money by partaking in interesting and easy challenges.

The Ludo Supreme Gold app was designed as a variation on the traditional board game but with opportunities to earn money. The ludo supreme gold app in itself is pretty simplistic and features a multiplayer platform to play the game. You can play the Ludo Gold Supreme game 0r supreme ludo game with friends, family, or even random strangers on the internet.

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How to play the game on Ludo Supreme Gold?

In order to play the game and use ludo gold hack or Ludo Supreme Gold hack(लूडो सुप्रीम गोल्ड हैक) tricks to earn money, you first need to download the game from their website.

Here’s how you start playing the game on Ludo Supreme Gold:

  • Start by visiting the official website of Ludo Supreme Gold and downloading the application on your phone or tablet.
  • Now register yourself on the ludo supreme gold app using a valid contact number where you can receive your One Time Password or OTP. You can also use a Google account to sign in.
  • Once you are properly registered, you can look for Ludo tournaments on the ludo supreme gold app. There are also small challenges that take about ten minutes to finish the game.
  • You need to deposit some money in order to take part in the games.
  • Choose a tournament or challenge that entices you and start playing the game.
  • Remember, you have about 15 seconds to make your move. If you don’t make a valid move, then your turn is skipped.
  • The player who finishes with the highest score wins the game; that is if the game isn’t completed within the allotted time.

One of our Ludo Supreme Gold hacks(लूडो सुप्रीम गोल्ड हैक) comes in here. Always be alert when playing the game. If you skip your turn three times, you are eliminated from gameplay. It’s not a huge loss per se but you do need to invest money in order to play, so might as well make the most out of it.

Rules and Instructions for the game of Ludo

  • No need to roll 6 to start playing.
  • If you roll a 6, you get another turn.
  • If you roll a 6 three times in a row, you will miss a turn.
  • If you land on a safe box, the opponent's token cannot bite you.
  • If an opponent's token hits your token, your token will be sent back to the starting point and all points on that token will be lost.
  • If you skip your turn more than twice you lose the game
  • If you do not play your turn within 10 seconds, you forfeit your turn
  • If you roll a 6 three times, you have to skip a turn.
  • If an opponent's token falls on the same box as yours, you will lose all points collected by that token
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How to hack Ludo Supreme Gold with tips and tricks?

Since the Ludo Supreme Gold gameplay is pretty basic, there’s only a handful of tips and tricks that you will need. Here goes:

  • Use your referral code to invite more people so you can collect the referral bonus.
  • Never skip your turn. Be alert and roll the dice quickly to finish your turn.
  • Only download the ludo supreme gold app from their official website to prevent scams and fraudulent activities.
  • Don’t download apps for Ludo Supreme Gold hacks. You will undoubtedly earn a lot but then the app will ban your account so you can’t even withdraw the money that you won fair and square.
  • Play the game quickly by training your mind for identifying strategic moves.
  • Practice playing Ludo Classic on a timer against friends so you can develop your timing problem.
  • Use the winning strategies that we are about to discuss below to earn more points, and thereby more money.
  • Take your turns quickly. That way, even if your opponents take time, you will get a few extra seconds to make an additional move before the timer runs out, thus granting you more points.

As long as you don’t use any applications and hacking tools for the game, you only have to strategize and finish before your opponents within the limited time frame. You just have to race forward to earn more points and strive for the first position.

Is ludo supreme gold safe or not?

Yes! It is absolutely safe and legal to play Ludo on Ludo Supreme.

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Top winning strategies for the ludo supreme gold app

As we all know Ludo is a very simplistic game. It consists of four colored houses and four coins for each house. The aim is to run around the board using your coins and reach the finish line.

Still, there are a few Ludo Supreme Gold hack(लूडो सुप्रीम गोल्ड हैक) tricks that you can use for a winning strategy and come first in the game. After all, it is a prerequisite to making money, so here goes:

  1. You need to roll sixes in order to get out of the house and run in the race. As soon as you roll a six, get a coin out of your house. Even if there is one running around on the game board, have another coin waiting.
  2. That brings us to strategy number two, sprinting. When you have one coin that is advancing forward, keep moving that till you reach the finish line. Finishing the race for one coin will also get you more points.
  3. Next, the remaining coins that are sitting on the home slot come into play. Count the number of slots between your home slot and the opponent’s home slots. If you roll the dice and get two consecutive sixes, move one of the home coins to an opponent’s home slot. It brings you that much closer to finishing the race with another coin.
  4. Since rolling the dice is going to give unpredictable results, strategize beforehand while your opponents are taking their turns.

As we said, the game is simple and so are the Ludo Supreme Gold hacks. You can play the game with integrity and a little strategy in order to tip the game in your favor. Use these tips, ludo supreme gold hack, and strategies to win yourself a substantial amount of cash rewards.

ludo superem gold

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is a gaming platform that allows you to play online with friends, family, and random strangers.  It offers a wide range of games that you can play and earn money.

There are Trivia games like 123 (a math game), GK (a general knowledge quiz), and Pic Me (it tests your visual and analytical skills).

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Then there are the casino games. You can legally play Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker on this platform to win a truckload of cash.

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There are several benefits to playing games on GetMega. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. The GetMega site offers you rewards when you sign up using your Facebook account.
  2. There is an excellent referral program on the platform wherein you can share your code with your contacts on social networking sites and social media channels.
  3. Although it is a gaming app, the developers are quite strict about playing the games legally and with integrity. Therefore, the platform only allows verified users to play games and no bots or fake profiles are permitted.
  4. There are a variety of games so you will never get bored.
  5. There are investments required but the games start at Rs. 5 so it is not a really big investment.
  6. There are also high-stakes games available for players who wish to make large sums of money.
  7. If you are in doubt about how to play a high cash-earning game like Poker or Pool, you can find the guidelines and strategies available in the app itself.
  8. When you are just starting out, you can practice playing with fellow amateurs in cash games. Wait till you develop your strategies then move on to contests and tournaments.
  9. There are regular tournaments for various games so you can keep winning a lot of cash.
  10. You can take part in their daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly paid leaderboards. If you maintain your rank among the top 10 players then you can earn additional cash prizes and cool rewards like cell phones and gold coins.
  11. You can take the golden opportunity of playing casino games like Poker to improve your skills. It is a good start towards a career in professional poker playing tournaments. Many international poker players started their careers in online poker games too.
  12. You can perfect your strategies for virtual table sports. Go Pool, in particular, offers separate color codes so you can identify your object balls on the small screen. Eventually, you realize when to take trick shots, spin the cue ball, the amount of force needed, etc. These skills are transferable to live tables as well. So, once you learn the games to perfection, you can play in live Pool tournaments.

There are so many more benefits to playing games on GetMega that if we list them, we’ll be here till tomorrow. That is why we will say this: Register yourself on the site and start participating in your favorite games. Once you see how easy it is to earn money on this platform, learn more games and keep playing.

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How To Withdraw and Deposit Money From Ludo Supreme Gold how-to-withdraw-and-deposit-money-from-ludo-supreme-gold
Ludo Supreme Gold Jaisa App - The Best Ones To Play And Earn Money ludo-supreme-gold-jaisa-app-the-best-ones-to-play-and-earn-money
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