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These days we hear a lot about NFTs, YouTube automation, etc. as alternative means of earning money. A job is no longer the accepted norm to bring home the bread.

However, these technological means may not be suitable for everyone, right? We all have our own strengths, hobbies, and skillset and that’s exactly why apps like Dream11(ड्रीम 11) introduced another alternate earning platform. Given how invested we all are in sporting events and playing games, it is only plausible that we make a living out of it.

Gone are the days when people said, “That’s not going to make you money. Shut down the TV.” Now, sports can make you money and we are about to tell you how you can use these apps to achieve that.

What is Dream11(ड्रीम 11)?

Before we get to know how to win, let’s get to know the app.

Dream11(ड्रीम 11) is a fantasy sports app that was designed to help cricket enthusiasts dip their toe into the world of cricket betting but in a legal way while fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The concept of this app revolves around indulging in fantasy sports. You invest a little money to choose an upcoming match, pick players that you think are going to perform outstandingly, and wait to see if your predictions were any good. Since you are only investing money to build your team, it is not really gambling but if your dream team performs well, you get paid for it.

Dream 11(ड्रीम 11) offers the unique opportunity to choose the best players in a certain match instead of heavily relying on the team selected by the Cricket council. You can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the players and use them to create your own team of super 11 cricketers.

While Cricket has served the app well and has seriously excited the fantasy league participants of this nation, over time, the developers added more sporting events like Football, Kabaddi, etc. to the mix. Now, not only can you build your own cricket team but you can also choose your favorite Footballers and players in other sporting events.

It is a really neat concept which is why our sturdy former captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, decided to endorse the app.

Get to know the finest Poker tips and tricks which can let you earn.

How to Play the Game on Dream11?

In order to start playing games and participating in fantasy leagues on Dream 11(ड्रीम 11), you first need to download the app. Once you do that, you need to register either using a valid mobile number where the app can send your OTP or using your Google account.

You also need to connect the app with your PayTM account since you need to make deposits and withdrawals. It is best that you use your mobile number as it entitles you to a quick verification process.

Now that your account is set up, add some money and look for upcoming matches on the platform. You will need to invest in order to choose a specific match in which you want to build your dream team. Based on your selection of sporting events, the app will generate a long list of matches. You can choose the one you find intriguing and move on to the next step.

Depending on the upcoming match that you chose, the app will highlight the players who are expected to play at that match. This is when you start building your team. Assuming that you are up-to-date on all the information pertaining to the sporting events, players’ statistics, and other important factors, you need to choose the best players for your team.

Although the rules for every sporting event and every match within will differ, the concept remains the same. So, let’s keep it simple and discuss cricket matches to understand what you need to do.

When you select your team, you need to have batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders if they are available. You will be picking the best players and assigning a captain and vice-captain for the team as well. This has a purpose, we will explain in a few seconds.

Once you have your team ready to deploy, you have to wait for the match to start in real life. According to your selections, the app will evaluate the players’ performances during the match, which will win you points. These points decide how much money you make.

There are contests, private leagues, public leagues, and a lot of in-game options that you can choose from once you get started. Just bear in mind that you need to select an effective dream team so you earn more points and thereby more money.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Win Dream11(ड्रीम 11)

Now that you know how to partake in Dream 11 fantasy leagues, let us continue with a few Dream 11 tips that you can use to increase your chances of earning. We will assume the example of cricket going forward so we don’t lose perspective.

  1. You can use a lot of (ड्रीम 11) Dream 11 tips to make a quick buck but the primary step to participating in Fantasy leagues is to know the sport. You need to learn everything you can about the event in which you want to create your dream team. Be it cricket, kabaddi, baseball, football, and anything that tickles your fancy, just start learning everything about the game.
  2. Next, you need to learn about the app. If you are a fresher to fantasy league apps, take some time to browse through all the features, promotions, offers, etc. It will help you navigate quickly and make decisions in critical moments during the ongoing match. If you have used a fantasy league app before, you still need to browse Dream11 from end to end because each app has its own method of doing things. Their features offers, and even the common functions will differ greatly.
  3. Study up on the players. Stay updated on their progressive performance, equipment usage, injuries, accidents, etc. All the Dream11 tips can’t save you if you put your money on a losing team.
  4. Find contests that suit your specific expectations from the app.
  5. Using the Dream11 tips we discuss, select more than one match. However, in the initial stages, shuffle through the different matches offered and shortlist the ones where the odds of winning are better, then choose one and invest in it.
  6. Once you get the hang of the app and begin to predict the outcomes of various matches, evolve your game by diversifying your investment in several matches.
  7. You have an option to choose players with different strengths. Don’t fill up the slots with all-rounders alone. While they are valuable assets, it means they are good at everything. However, a Jack of all trades but master of none won’t be able to knock down wickets all the time or hit sixers for every ball. Balance your team with players of diverse capabilities.
  8. Select your captains and vice-captains carefully. These players may not be the All-stars of the team in real life but they affect your score. When these players score extraordinarily, you are awarded more points than what you get for regular players.

If you follow these Dream 11 tips, they will definitely improve your odds of winning the matches and earning more money. Fantasy apps are not a shortcut for earning but a means to award sports enthusiasts to use their vast knowledge to make money.

Before we discuss winning strategies, you need to know that there are no shortcuts or Dream 11 hacks that you can use. Sports betting is illegal which is why apps like Dream 11 have found innovative ways to bypass that and still allow sports aficionados to indulge in some betting action. Using Dream 11 hacks such as apps and programs will identify your account for conducting unlawful activities, thus barring it. You will lose all your investment and past winnings too.

So, instead of looking for Dream11 hacks, consider using the Dream11 tips mentioned above. You will earn money in lawful ways.

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Strategy for How to Win in Dream11 to make Money

Considering the Dream11(ड्रीम 11) tips that we have shared, we have a unique strategy that you can use to win in Dream11 fantasy leagues:

  • Choose the top four batsmen in both teams as your star players.
  • Select the four best bowlers.
  • Pick two or three all-rounders.
  • Select one or two wicket keepers based on the number of remaining slots.
  • Make sure to choose all your players based on progressive statistics, not average scores. That means you need to pick the ones who have a consistently good track record even if their overall average is lower than others.

This winning strategy in Dream 11(ड्रीम 11) is optimized to ensure that you select players who are sufficiently motivated to do better. Some players take time to develop which affects their average scores but their consistency will aid you in earning more.

You also need to have a balanced team of all types of players. Thus, your odds of winning will be much higher as compared to those who select teams of only all-rounders.

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Benefits of Playing Games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform much like Dream11 except here you don’t have to hold your breath and cross your fingers, hoping that the players you bet on are actually going to come through.

On GetMega, you will find various trivia games, casual games including virtual table sports, and casino games. You can play and win on your own to earn money. The platform has a standard policy of only allowing verified accounts to play therefore no one gets cheated on GetMega. There are several benefits to playing games on this platform such as:

  1. They provide a substantial signup bonus followed by a referral code. You can use this code to invite other players and for each invite, you get more rewards.
  2. Their diverse games keep you entertained for long hours while you earn from them.
  3. You can sharpen your mind or develop your skills in popular games like Pool, Poker, Rummy, etc.
  4. You can learn new games on the same platform using their in-app guidelines and strategy.
  5. Embark upon a journey towards professional online gaming.
  6. Take part in paid leaderboards to evaluate your skills against the best players.
  7. Maintain your position consistently among the top 10 contenders on paid leaderboards to earn additional cash and advantageous goodies like mobile phones and gold coins.
  8. They use secure channels like Google Pay and PayTM for all your deposits and withdrawals.
  9. There are regular contests, tournaments, and cash games to keep earning exponentially.
  10. You have access to both high-stakes and low-stakes games regardless of your gaming level.

There are a lot more benefits to playing games on GetMega. From the get-go, you will find that there are supreme opportunities to keep earning more and more money on a regular basis. Eventually, you can turn your side income into a full-time source for earning.

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