Top Winning Tips For Big Cash(बिगकैश) To Earn Real Money in 2022

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The internet is flooded with new opportunities and means to earn money daily in the easiest possible ways. There are options to explore games and partake in quizzes, betting on sports, to taking surveys. You name it, and they got it.

But how do you differentiate the good opportunities from the bad ones? How do you know which apps offer genuine earning opportunities and which are scams?

Sadly, you can’t know unless you try. Fortunately, we have a few tricks up our sleeves so you can even benefit from those apps that may not be one hundred percent genuinely invested in helping you earn money. One such app with easy opportunity comes from Big Cash. We will share some Big Cash tips and tricks today to aid you in your quest for earning on this app.

If you want to use a legitimately good app to earn money while playing games, though, we do have an alternative called GetMega. It is a genuine site that we will discuss at the end of the article. However, since Big Cash has been making such a splash, let’s first see if we can make some money out of this app as well.


What is the Big Cash(बिगकैश) App?

Big Cash(बिगकैश) is an online gaming channel where you have access to different small and competitive games that you can play. It is a digital community for gamers wherein more and more participants play these games on a daily basis.

The small games on this platform are addictive and they don’t require a lot of contemplation. You simply have to swipe the screen or tap on targets to finish the games and keep leveling up. You can earn a substantial amount of cash as the platform says but it will require some patience and an inordinate number of games.

Games like 8 ball Pool, Rummy, Poker, etc. call for more serious and contemplative gameplay. They also require higher investments since the gameplay is much more challenging and supports multiplayer modes.

Since the app pays, let us consider some Big Cash hacks that you can use to escalate your earnings and win big. However, when we say hacks, we don’t mean using external software programs and apps to boost your income. Those Big Cash hacks don’t really work.

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How to Play Games on Big Cash(बिगकैश) Games?

If you want to play games on Big Cash(बिगकैश) and earn money, you need to first download the app from the Google Play Store. Once the game is downloaded, register using your mobile number to get the One Time Password or OTP. You can also use a valid email id or your Facebook profile for easier access.

You receive a signup bonus for registering on the app that you can use to play games directly. Once you have exhausted this sum of money though, you will have to invest cash in order to continue playing the available games.

Upon entering the dashboard of the app, you will find a list of games. You can select as many games as you want from this list and start playing them. There are games where you can virtually throw knives at cash wheels, match or shoot bubbles, 8 ball pool, card games, and several other games where the concepts and gameplays are extremely simplistic.

The more you play, the more you keep earning so choose a lot of games every day. There are also slot machines and spinning wheels. These offer additional cash rewards as well as unique power-ups and bumper prizes. You can play them on a daily basis to improve your odds by big cash hack.

You can even partake in contests and cash games on this platform to improve your odds of earning more money. They are available on the dashboard as well on the user-friendly interface.

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Tips on Big Cash Hack Trick

As we said, Big Cash is a gaming platform that offers you cash rewards. You don’t need to download external apps and software programs to increase your odds of earning because Big cash itself is a hack to earn money.

Instead, use the following Big Cash hack tricks(big cash hack download) that will allow you to make a sufficient amount of money while complying with the original idea for the app:

  • Play games on Big Cash(बिगकैश) every single day.
  • Big Cash requires you to accumulate a specified sum of money of Rs. 50 before you can make a withdrawal. Collecting this cash can take time, especially in the beginning, so pick out several apps and start playing. There is a good chance of earning on apps that you haven’t played before.
  • You get a signup bonus and referral bonuses if someone uses your code to download the app. Share your referral code across social media and social networking sites to improve your chances of receiving bonus cash amounts.
  • There are games like Poker and Rummy on this platform too. You can pick these for high-stakes gameplay and earn more cash.
  • Big Cash provides you with 25% on the winning sum, so play a lot of games. Since the earning is quite limited, you will need to improve your chances with the maximum number of games that you can play in a day.
  • Big cash is a good side hustle since the platform’s offerings are smaller as compared to its competitors. You can withdraw the money to your PayTM account and other online wallets to pay your bills.

That said, the Big Cash platform itself is stringent about disallowing profiles that use apps and programs as Big Cash hacks. True, such options are available in the market but your Big Cash account will be terminated and all your winnings will be void.

Instead, use our Big Cash tricks or big winner app tricks to earn a lot of money and secure your finances by playing games.

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BigCash App Refer and Earn:

  • First of all open Bigcash app.
  • Click on Invite and Earn on the menu and tab.
  • Tab on Share with WhatsApp.
  • You will get ₹11 when your friend installs the app.
  • Please ensure that the user registers with his/her exact Facebook profile.
  • When user add ₹100 or more cash, you will get ₹5 more.

Top Big Cash Winning Strategy

Although you cannot use any Big Cash hacks to enhance your earnings, there are still a few good strategies that could help. We have a few suggestions for your winning strategy:

  1. Use the referral program to your advantage and accumulate as much free gaming money as possible in the initial stages. You can try out new games and see how they work for you.
  2. Play more of 8 ball Pool, Poker, and other card games as the earning potential are better on these apps, especially if there are multiple participants.
  3. Strive to win the games with good technique.
  4. For 8 ball Pool, practice making trick shots and long shots.
  5. In Poker and other card games, learn the gameplay thoroughly before you delve into high-stakes games.
  6. You can play small games like fruit cuts, throwing knives, etc. for small amounts of cash playing entertaining solo games.

Big Cash is a decent platform to make money even if the earnings are in small amounts. You need to have patience in order to make a substantial sum of cash on this platform.

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Benefits of Playing Games on GetMega

While the Big Cash app is quite enticing, there is another competitive platform called GetMega which is a much easier and user-friendlier site. The GetMega site is also an online gaming platform where you can play games in different genres and make a substantial sum of money.

The benefit of playing games on GetMega is that it’s not just a side hustle. Their major attractions are the casino games like Rummy and Poker and Casual table games like GoPool and Carrom. These games offer much higher odds of winning and you can play them for hours with amateurs and professional gamers alike.

There are several benefits of playing games on GetMega, namely:

  1. GetMega’s signup bonuses and referral programs are optimized to help you get started on your quest to play games and earn money.
  2. The site only allows genuine and verified profiles to play games. No fake profiles ad bots are allowed to rig the games. Therefore, you can be assured that any amount of money that you win will genuinely come to you.
  3. There are specialized quiz games like 123 to test your mathematical abilities, GK to test your general knowledge, and Pic Me to evaluate your analytical and visual skills.
  4. You have access to certified casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em poker and others where you can embark upon a professional poker career, much like several accomplished poker players around the world.
  5. There are casual games like Fruit Kaat, Dot and Dash, Warships, etc. which are fun to play while you earn money from them.
  6. You can also play competitive casual games like Pool, Carrom, ABC Rummy, etc. These will help you refine your skills in table sports and interactive games while aiding in your quest to earn large sums of money.
  7. There are paid leaderboards where you can check your ranking and skills against serious players. If you manage to keep up your rank within the 1st to 10th positions, you can even earn surplus cash prizes as well as gold coins, mobile phones, etc.
  8. You can learn how to play games that you don’t know. The strategies and guidelines are available on the GetMega platform itself to encourage you to earn more from rewarding gameplay.
  9. You can learn new strategies from other players.
  10. There are interactive communication channels so you can play games with friends and family while chit chatting and having a good time.

GetMega is a much better platform to play games and earn because their games are optimized to support earning opportunities. Create your profile in three easy steps and get it verified to start playing on a genuine gaming site. You can easily earn Rs. 500 to thousands in a single day, which is really great.

GetMega is one of the excruciating real-money gaming app that is developed in India, and has a great user's interface. It allows only real players. Download the app now! With 10,000+ daily players on the app, you can win up-to Rs 1,00,000 everyday.
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