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The Indian education system has prepared us our entire lives to know so much information. We love to learn and even though we don’t use all that information on a daily basis, our lifelong potential for learning never stops. Also, Learn the Best Loco Hacks For You To Play And Earn Money.

However, if we could use this information to make money, wouldn’t that be amazing? Moreover, Get Step by Step guide with Images on How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Loco?

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With this idea in mind, apps like Loco came into existence. They host trivia games wherein you can answer questions and win money. Although Loco is a very popular app, the problem is, with time the earning potential reduces because there are more and more people joining in the fun. That’s why today we will talk about some other apps like Loco that you can use for similar purposes. Also, get a complete guide on How to Withdraw and Deposit Money from Loco.

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List of apps like Loco

As we have said, you can use apps like Loco to earn money. Here’s a list of more apps like Loco and even websites that you can use:

1. GetMega

Apps like Loco that offer opportunities to earn are plenty. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, then GetMega is the platform for you.

You can partake in quizzes to win a lot of money but that’s not all.

GetMega also has an array of casual and casino games. It is a one-stop platform where you can enlighten your mind, test your skills, and earn huge amounts of cash through diverse gameplay.

There are contests and tournaments constantly held on this platform. You can improve your chances of earning by participating in them. Once you have a substantial amount in your GetMega wallet, you can easily withdraw the cash using secure payment gateways such as PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.

2. Qureka

A beautiful quiz and trivia game among apps like Loco is Qureka. The concept of the game is very similar to Loco as well with the only difference being that you have to only answer 10 questions.

Qureka holds two daily trivia challenges with Rs. 20,000 in prize money, which will be distributed amongst the people who answer all the questions correctly. However, they also give out Rs. 1000 to the top three rankers who answered the questions faster than everyone else.

The app also holds a monthly challenge where the prize money is Rs. 100,000, so train yourself throughout the month to participate in this Mega event.

Much like Loco, you must answer all the questions correctly in order to stay in the game. There is a trick though. You can use your referral and invite friends and family. You get extra lives for successful invites and you can use them to continue the game if you happen to give a wrong answer.

The Qureka quizzes are held once at 2:30 pm and the other at 8:30 pm. You can log in and participate in the amazing quiz contest to earn a good sum of money, especially if you aim for the first three ranks.

3. IQ Live

Do you know the television personality, Rohit Roy? He is the host for IQ Live.

The game has a similar premise as other apps like Loco wherein you need to answer 12 questions to win your cash prize. The games are hosted once at 1:30 pm and once at 9 pm daily.

The unique thing about IQ Live is that unlike Loco it offers an app in the iStore too so iOS users can also stand a chance to win money in this general knowledge trivia game.

The prize money offered is the same as Loco but you can still win a handsome sum if you answer all 12 questions correctly.

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4. BrainBaazi

BrainBaazi is a simple platform for playing three popular Loco-like games.

You can choose to play Brain Baazi itself which is a trivia game. You can play Brain Poll wherein you choose the most popular options through educated guesses. You can also partake in Brain Bingo, which is a casual board game but you play with multiple online gamers.

Brain Baazi, which is the main event, is a quiz game with a quiz master. You will have to answer 11 questions one after the other and you will roughly get 10 seconds to answer each of them. The time challenge makes it fun and entertaining, not to mention, highly rewarding.

The Brain Baazi live game begins at 9 pm so you can log in and play. You need to provide the right answers in order to stay in the game.

Much like Loco and Qureka, Brainbaazi also offers lives in exchange for referrals. You can stay in the game longer to improve your chances of winning.

5. Zupee Gold

A unique option among apps like Loco is Zupee Gold. It is a live quiz game although there are no specified timings for these quizzes.

Zupee doesn’t have hosts to ask the questions. Instead, you receive them in text layout which makes it a lot easier to concentrate. The best part is, if you get a question wrong then you don’t get eliminated from the game. You can continue to answer, although your rank would be lower so you might not win the prize money.

Another feature of Zupee is that they don’t just ask questions pertaining to general knowledge. You will find fun trivia questions based on subjects related to science, arts, history, geography, etc. Just check the app for updates on when the next quiz will be held and register yourself to partake in an exciting event.

6. JusPlay

Last but definitely not least, you can try your luck at JusPlay. This is among those apps like Loco that have the same premise of answering 11 questions correctly to win a cash prize. Much like Loco, the total cash money is divided among all the participants who answered the questions correctly and the sum is credited to the JusPlay account. You can withdraw it to your PayTM account on a weekly basis.

However, the reason we mentioned JusPlay at the very end is that the questions on this platform are tougher as compared to other apps like Loco. You need to have a real fortitude for general knowledge in order to win the prize money.

On a positive note, the increased level of difficulty makes it tougher for a large number of people to win. Therefore, the amount is distributed among fewer people, which makes each participant’s piece of the winnings, a lot more.

If you think you have the skills to partake in this tougher trivia game, log onto the platform at 7:30 pm and start playing.

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How to make money from these apps similar to Loco?

Loco and similar apps offer a very simple concept. If you are knowledgeable about a subject, or ten, just answer trivia questions and win money. Most of these Loco-type apps and websites generate a sum of money that is divided among the people who answer all the questions correctly. However, there are some that really appreciate participants on their timing or ranking.

Regardless, you can win a lot of money, and here’s how:

  • Start by creating an account on your chosen Loco-like app.
  • If the app requires a small investment to participate, add the amount to your wallet. Apps similar to Loco that provide genuine sums of money usually have an entry fee to start the quiz.
  • Now choose the topic of your trivia. Some apps do not allow for choosing, you just need to participate in contests. However, GetMega, which is a similar apps like Loco, allows you to choose from three different types of trivia games.
  • Aim to answer all the questions correctly to win. If you encounter questions that you don’t know, don’t fret. Calmly answer the rest and take it as a learning experience. You will get them in next time.
  • Once you have completed the quiz, wait for the results and check your ranking.
  • If you earned from the quiz, the money will be in your wallet. Similar apps like Loco often have a weekly withdrawal wherein your money is credited to your UPI accounts on the seventh day. You may also have the option to transfer the money yourself whenever you want.

That’s as easy as it is to make money from playing Loco-like games. You sharpen your brain, learn new things, develop skills, and earn money. Neat huh?

P.S: If you time yourself perfectly, then you can partake in almost all the quiz games on the apps mentioned above. It will definitely improve your chances of earning a good sum of money on a daily basis.

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How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega is an app much like Loco except you can participate in more than just trivia games. You have options for casino games and casual games as well to improve your earning potential.

Here’s how you play games on GetMega:

Just like any other apps like Loco, you must start by creating an account on GetMega. The platform only allows people with verified profiles to participate so that everyone has a fair chance. There are no bots and fake accounts allowed. In order to simplify the verification process, use your Facebook account to log in.

Next, go to the menu and take a look at the drop-down options. You will find casino games here. Choose the one that best tickles your fancy and you will be led to the game section.

Here’s an idea – If you don’t know how to play a game, don’t skip it. Instead, seek out the rules and guidelines that are on the app. You can easily learn how to play a certain game that you like but don’t know. It will improve your chances of earning.

Now that you’ve chosen the game, there are a few options. You can choose to play the basic game or you can partake in several contests and tournaments. You will often find these on your dashboard but, on the off chance that you don’t, you can find them in the game sections.

All that is left is to select an affordable option and start playing. You can buy into games for as low as Rs. 5 on GetMega or you can select options for higher amounts. Make the choice and start playing.

The platform is highly user-friendly so you will definitely have fun navigating through various options to find what you like. Get started immediately to earn tons of money by playing entertaining games.

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