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Who doesn’t like sports right?

Be it Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Football, even Kabaddi, Hockey, or Tennis for that matter. They are all fun, entertaining, and a great way to forget about your troubles of the day. They are distractions, motivations, and so much better for the human soul than watching soap operas.

Rooter is an app that provides sports information for all the games that you enjoy. You can customize the feeds like Google and receive updates about international sports, national sports, and even college and school sports.

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Whether you are a gambler or a sports enthusiast, Rooter definitely has something to keep you entertained. Earn Huge with Top Winning Tips For Rooter in 2022.

However, it begs a big question. What do you do with the information? If you’re a gambler, you can make money out of making informed decisions when choosing your odds. Nevertheless, there are others who have the sports info but no means of making any money out of it. Moreover, get to knw How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Rooter Now!

Well, we have a solution. You can collect all the information from apps like rooter and place your bets, or you can partake in games by yourself and earn money while the rooter jaisa apps keep you informed about the sporting industry. Moreover, get a complete step by step guide on How To Withdraw and Deposit Money From Rooter App?

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List of apps like Rooter

We have a list of apps like Rooter that you can use to either play games and earn money or improve your odds of winning bets. Let’s take a look at them:

1. GetMega

GetMega is the online gaming platform that everyone is talking about these days. Unlike most apps on this list that only provide information on sporting events with no means of making money out of it, GetMega is a direct channel to earn cash while playing games.

You don’t have to play games like cricket and Football on the app. There is a variety of options from trivia games where you answer simple questions to casual games like Dot and dash that we used to play as children. Only, the difference here is that you can earn money from playing these games now.

You also have access to casino games such as Poker and Rummy. If you are even remotely into gambling on sports then you know just how much better playing these casino games is. The winning potential is entirely in your hands and you can earn in thousands of double-digits.

There are also paid leaderboards wherein you can check your own rank rather than those of sports teams. You can bet on yourself by partaking in these paid leaderboards and if you rank among the top 10 contestants, you receive additional cash and cool prizes.

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2. CricBuzz

As you probably guessed from the name, CricBuzz is a rooter like apps that provides tons of information pertaining to the exciting world of cricket.

The app is available on iOS and Android platforms, therefore, you can access it from MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and even your smart Android Television sets.

CricBuzz provides regular updates on both domestic and international cricket matches. If you’re a sports gambler then the information on this app can help determine the picks for your next betting action. You can also get live streaming updates for live betting for quick in-play bets. The app also has a series of articles to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the Cricket universe.

3. Sports Keeda

Another exciting app for cricket updates is Sports Keeda. This apps like rooter is optimized to bring you all the information on domestic and international cricket games from around the world.

The app is suitable for cricket fanatics because it provides valuable information on all types of cricket matches. You can stay updated on international innings, T20, Indian Premier League or IPL games, International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup events, and everything else in between.

It is a good platform to stay updated on current as well as futuristic predictions in the game of cricket. You can access the app on both iOS and Android platforms so it’s not a problem.

4. Yahoo Sports

An entertaining, as well as informative sports app, is Yahoo Sports. Not only can this app be downloaded on your smartphones and tablets but you also have a website version where you can access all the information on your laptop or PC.

Yahoo Sports, unlike CricBuzz and Sports Keeda, is not limited to information on Cricket games alone. You can find a wide range of personalized sports updates much like apps like rooter. You can even get international sports news on games like Football, Hockey, Badminton, tennis, and whatnot.

The best part is, you get live updates on this app and the website at all times. You can use the valuable information for betting as well as entertaining yourself.

5. The Score

Another all-encompassing apps like rooter that is available on iOS and Android platforms alike is The Score. This app brings you every bit of information you would want to know about the sports games you like, the players in those games, the scores of these games, and valuable statistics.

Not only can you use this app to stay updated on the current sports news but you can also use the latest information to choose your betting odds. Since you have information on the games and the players, you can predetermine picks that are going to soar. You can even choose your fantasy league players based on the overall performance of various teams.

This app is both entertaining and provides greater opportunities to aid in your quest to earn money from sports.

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How to make money from these apps similar to Rooter?

As we have mentioned, you can make money from apps like Rooter otherwise receiving pointless sports information, even for fun, in these times of economic hardship won’t be very productive. So, let us discuss a few ways that you can make money from these apps.

In order to start making money with rooter like apps, you need to first choose the kind of app you prefer or the possible combination of them. If you want to enjoy sports for its simple purpose of entertaining and engaging gameplay, then you can always use the GetMega platform side-by-side to play your own games and earn money. Here’s what you do:

  • Install rooter like apps on your PC or hook them up to your smart TV.
  • Now access the GetMega site on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Choose the games that you can play while listening to the updates of your favorite sports. We suggest choosing casual games like Pool, Dot and Dash, etc. that don’t require a lot of attention but still help you earn money.
  • Collect the cash you make from playing games and when the end of the updates, invest the money you earned in casino games to multiply them by a hundredfold.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the information you get from apps like Rooter toward betting advantages, here’s what you can do:

  • Run apps like Rooter on your smart TV or PC or Laptop.
  • Install your betting apps on your phones and tablets.
  • If you are preparing to place bets in the upcoming events, make notes of all the important information shared by rooter-like apps. These will help you with the picks and you can choose appropriate odds accordingly.
  • If you’re partaking in live betting then monitor the updates closely because they will help you make wise decisions about your bets. With live streaming information, you can determine which odds in live betting are more beneficial.
  • Place your bets wisely based on the information. Your gut won’t always know which players are performing well. Betting is about using real money. Don’t waste it by taking guesses. That’s how people lose.

So, you see, even though apps like Rooter provide quite the sports entertainment, you can rig it to benefit you much more than just listening to how players on the field are performing. When you optimize your hobbies to make money, that’s when you start seeing real changes in your lifestyle.

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How to play games and earn money on GetMega?

GetMega, as you know, is an online gaming platform that encourages people to earn money by winning diverse games. There are several games from which you can choose your suitable options and earn tremendous amounts of cash.

If you prefer trivia games, then you have quizzes based on mathematics, general knowledge, and visual skills. If you like casual bar games and table sports, you have online versions of carom, pool, dot and dash, and a lot more. If you have a knack for casino games though, that’s where the real abundance is.

If you have enough money in your account now, you can start playing games immediately. If you don’t just transfer a little amount to your GetMega wallet so you can start earning.

Now choose a game you like. If you find the concept of a game exciting but don’t know how to play, access the guidelines and strategies on your dashboard to learn it. When you feel like you know enough, choose low-stakes games, which luckily start from a mere Rs. 5. Aim to win the games and have the money credited to your GetMega wallet.

If you already know how to play high-stakes games, then delve right in. You can make thousands with a single tournament or contest. Once you have enough money, withdraw a majority of the cash via secure payment gateways such as Google Pay or PayTM but keep some in your GetMega wallet to play more games.

Do you see how simple it is to earn money now? All you need to do is play games and get paid.

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