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Ever since the pandemic shook the world economy to its very core, people have been looking for alternate means of earning. Rightfully so because as humans we have the most potential for adaptability to just about anything.

You see, people have a lot of knowledge. Schools, colleges, and life itself teach us so much but we don’t end up using most of it because they are trivia. However, if you could make money out of the brain full of information that you have, wouldn’t it be neat?

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In the light of these circumstances, zupee all games and apps like Zupee gold have been revitalized. The app is a trivia quiz game that provides a means to earn money by answering questions. While Zupee Gold itself is a unique app that features quizzes in different subjects, there are more zupee apps that also provide earning potential.

Today, let us take a look at some of these apps and how you can make money from them to create a side hustle or even make a living out of them. Get a complete guide on How To Download, Sign-In And Register On Zupee Gold.

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List of Apps Similar to Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold-like apps are designed to encourage people not only to learn but to use that information to earn. It is probably the best category of gaming because you get more than money out of it. You get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Also, get a complete guide on How to Withdraw and Deposit Money from Zupee Gold.

Here are other apps like Zupee Gold that you can use to make money:

1. GetMega

This is a unique and unarguably the best app like Zupee Gold out there.

GetMega is an all-encompassing online gaming channel with the potential to earn real cash by playing various games.

In accordance with our theme, let’s start with the trivia games.

GetMega offers three kinds of trivia games. One is based on general knowledge, thus dubbed ‘GK.’ The second is based on your skills in math, thus appropriately named ‘123.’ The third is a picture-based game called ‘Pic Me,’ which challenges the visual and cognitive functions.

Each of these games is highly addictive and entertaining. Not to mention, they have the potential to help you earn more cash than you can anticipate.

But that’s not all.

GetMega also has a series of other casual and casino games like Pool, ABC Rummy, Carom, Rummy, Poker, Dot and Dash, Warship, and a lot more to offer. When you get tired of answering questions, just switch to one of these games and make huge amounts of cash.

All the money that you make on GetMega you can easily withdraw using payment gateways such as PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

2. JusPlay

This is a tougher Zupee Gold competitor.

JusPlay is a platform similar to apps like Zupee Gold wherein you can participate in trivia quiz games and earn money. The game is live with a host who asks 11 questions. You will have a limited time period to answer each question correctly to stay in the game.

Much like other apps like Zupee Gold, the prize money allocated is divided equally among all the participants who got the questions right. However, since the questions are a lot tougher as compared to similar apps like Zupee Gold, the pool of worthy contestants is pretty shallow. Therefore, your earnings will be much better.

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3. Qureka

Qureka is a slight variation on apps like Zupee Gold. Much like Zupee, it sets itself apart from its competition in two distinct aspects.

For one, on Qureka, the host only asks 10 questions while most other game shows have 11 questions. The prize money of a limited amount, i.e., Rs. 20,000 is distributed to all the winners who got all 10 questions right.

Don’t get discouraged by the amount though. Qureka has mega quiz prizes of Rs. 100,000. These mega-events are held once a month but the earning sum is quite substantial. On a daily basis too, you could end up earning a good amount of cash for barely 2 minutes of answering questions.

4. Loco

A high-earning trivia game and a worthy Zupee Gold competitor is Loco.

It is a live trivia game hosted by Gaurav Kapur who really has a sense of humor, thus making this gameplay fun and interesting.

There are two games conducted daily, one in the afternoon and one at night. You need to answer the questions correctly to stay in the game. The prize money that Loco gives out to its participants is pretty significant. The good news is, they are working on accommodating more players and increasing the sum of money that they offer.

All in all, it is a good platform to make some extra money by answering questions.

5. HQ Trivia

It is the mother of all trivia games available on the internet.

This Zupee Gold alternative actually introduced the trivia gaming concept in the United States. The app is a live quiz contest and it starts at 1:30 in the night because of its significant connection to the States.

The game is pretty much based on knowledge of that region therefore, it is quite challenging for Indians. Thus, you will find fewer competitors on the app and the prize money, which is a substantial amount, is converted from dollars. That just means your income will be more than you anticipated.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any hacks to access the game. It is available in India at all times.

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How to use Apps like Zupee Gold to Earn Money?

As we have mentioned, Zupee Gold-type apps promote knowledge and earnings. Therefore making money from these apps is a realistic goal that you can look forward to achieving on a daily basis.

Most of the apps similar to Zupee Gold feature live quiz game shows with a host. The host asks a number of questions and you have a limited time frame to answer them correctly. Each similar app like Zupee Gold has a specific timing for holding their quizzes and a predetermined sum of prize money. The prize is distributed equally to all the people who answered the questions correctly after the results are evaluated.

You can still earn a substantial sum of money from these apps if you follow the strategies below:

  • Register on Zupee Gold and other sites like Zupee Gold. Since the quizzes mostly have distinct timings, you could participate in them all and win more money every single day.
  • If you are good at general knowledge but not in specific subjects then opt for Zupee Gold alternative apps. You can take part in multiple general knowledge quizzes without having to worry about Chemistry, History, etc.
  • Read GK books and gather as much knowledge as you can. These apps all require small investments but they are worth it when you win the quiz contests. Study up and prepare to emerge victoriously.
  • Choose a couple of apps that have fewer competitors. This way your winning sum will be more than what you would make on apps like Zupee Gold.
  • Practice answering questions in a limited time frame. Zupee gold competitors may have varied time frames for you to answer the questions accurately. Develop a habit to facilitate quick processing in your brain so you can answer the questions correctly and on time.
  • Most Zupee Gold jaisa apps offer extra lives to stay in the game when you get a wrong answer. You can collect multiple extra lives for backup by simply promoting and sharing the app with other trivia enthusiasts. Use this to your advantage.
  • Find Zupee Gold alternatives that have simple user interfaces and non-distracting elements. They will help you keep your focus during the quiz and provide correct answers more easily.
  • Lastly, always, always keep a calm mind so you can identify the answers correctly.

Earning money on apps like Zupee Gold is much simpler than you think. If you just exercise your mind and compartmentalize your knowledge, there is real potential to earn good money on these platforms.

The quizzes on apps like Zupee Gold hardly take about two minutes but the prize money is substantial. Diversify on different apps and keep earning more money every day.

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How to Benefit From Playing Games on GetMega?

An online gaming platform like GetMega allows you to play various types of games on a single site so you can earn more money without having to shuffle through multiple channels. Keeping on par with the purposes of this article, there are several subjects for trivia games on this channel, each with tremendous potential for earning.

The Getmega site is extremely user-friendly so you can easily navigate through it to find your way. With that in mind, let us discuss a few ways you can benefit from using this platform for all your gaming needs:

  • Following that, you receive a referral code that you can share with everyone on your social networking and social media sites.
  • Now, you need a little money in your account to play the games but that’s another benefit. The games on GetMega start from a mere Rs. 5 and you earn almost a hundred times that amount in no time by simply winning the games.
  • There are multiple trivia games but there are also casual games and casino games. Trivia games end quickly. You can use the rest of your time to play these other games and make thousands in a day.
  • You have access to a special kind of leaderboards known as paid leaderboards. They are updated constantly on a monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. If you can keep your position among the top 10 contenders on these lists, then you can win additional prizes like cash, gold coins, and cell phones.

There are several real benefits to playing games on GetMega. It is one of those optimized channels that have the potential to launch your career in professional games as well. Start playing ad you will love it.

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