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Sports is not only a form of entertainment but also a source for earning. Whether you are on the field playing 6the game or sitting at home or at a sports bar watching with other fans, it can still make you money.

How you ask??

Well, there’s more than one way for that.

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There are apps that allow you to play various games and those that allow you to partake in a little legal betting action. Then there are sites like Fan Duel that facilitate creating Fantasy Leagues. Think of IPL but in a scaled-down model.

A fantasy sports app like Fan Duel allows you to create your own fantasy team with the players that you presume are the best in their field of work. You invest a sum of money to design this team and if your odds pay off, then you earn from it too.

The problem is, not all apps and sites like Fan Duel offer the best earning potential or benefits to their users. Some are simply not suitable to support the needs of the participants, which is why fans and sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for Fan Duel alternatives. Hence, today, we have compiled a list of apps and sites that you can use to partake in games, bet on sports, or create Fantasy Leagues to help you earn money.

Discover the best strategies and ways to play and win like a boss.

List of Apps Similar To Fan Duel

There are several other apps like Fan Duel which facilitate Fantasy Leagues and betting. There are even Fan Duel competitors that allow you to partake in several high-stakes games yourself so you can control when and how you gamble with your money.

Let us take a look at the top Fan Duel alternative apps that you can use to your benefit:

1. GetMega

The best app like Fan Duel is GetMega. True, the concepts of these apps vary but GetMega tops the list because not only do you have huge margins for winning real cash but you get to manage your money all by yourself.

This online gaming platform allows you to play Trivia games like ‘123,’ ‘Pic me,’ and GK. You can also play casual games like Dot and Dash, Warship, etc. You may even partake in bar games like Pool, Carom, ABC Rummy, and more. The best part, however, is their legalized casino games like Poker and Rummy.

The concept is as simple as its user interface. You play games, you win, and you earn. Unlike apps such as Fan Duel where you have limited control over the outcome of the event, on GetMega, you play the games yourself. Therefore, you choose which games to enter, when to bet on yourself, and when to fold. That is what makes it the best gaming channel of all time.

Whatever money you earn on this platform, you can easily withdraw via online gateways such as Google pay, PayTM, etc. You also have intense earning opportunities that will astound you.

2. My 11 Circle

This is a similar app like Fan Duel but with a huge twist.

My 11 Circle not only allows you to partake in building your own Fantasy Leagues but their payment plan is extraordinary. They use multipliers instead of ratios for payments. It makes it simpler to calculate your prospective earnings if you win. Therefore, before you invest, check the multiplier that they are offering and invest your money accordingly.

Let’s say, you invest Rs. 2000 on your league and the current multiplier is 3. Thus, when you win, you earn Rs. 6000 flat.

There is another interesting aspect of this app. Not only can you build fantasy leagues in the traditional way but you also have alternatives. Since this app only works with Cricket Leagues, you can choose the top 5 bowlers for a bowling League or the top 5 batsmen for a batting league. It improves your chances of winning.

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3. Mobile Premier League

If you want to enjoy more apps like Fan Duel which have something more to offer, then you can opt for Mobile Premier League or MPL.

This app allows you to create fantasy sports leagues and even bet on sporting events. It is a relatively free app because you do need investment in the form of in-app coins but you can earn these coins. Watch videos, download an app, and finish other menial in-app tasks. You can also invest money directly, which makes it a lot easier, and faster.

MPL also allows you to play various casino games. Although they lack popular choices like Blackjack and more, you can still find a game to pass the time while you wait for the League results to come in.

4. Dream11

If you are looking for apps like Fan Duel for Football, then you may like Dream11. This particular app is quite similar to Fan Duel but it allows participation in more sporting events.

At the initial stages, Dream11 was crafted to accommodate cricket enthusiasts to take part in Cricket Fantasy Leagues. However, with time, the app has facilitated Leagues in Cricket, Kabaddi, Baseball, and Football as well.

The app is fairly easy to use and you can create your own league for any of these sporting events with a small investment. If your league wins, then you earn a sum of money that you can either transfer to your bank account or to any of your primary online wallets.

5. LeagueX

If you like IPL and have dreamt of having your own team like the industrialists, then you are in luck. This Fan Duel jaisa app specializes in creating IPL leagues. This is to say that it only deals with cricket, however, it particularly assists to indulge in IPL-like events.

The app is gaining popularity slowly, with massive competition against apps and sites like Fan Duel, MPL, and Dream11. Still, it has a quality service to offer. You can earn from your Fantasy Leagues based on IPL on this app and withdraw the money to your PayTM account.

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How to Use Apps Like Fan Duel To Earn Money?

The concept for Fan Duel-type apps is to allow you to earn money through games and sporting events. We spend a lot of time entertaining ourselves with these sources so why not use the vast knowledge that we have accumulated to make a few extra bucks.

On the face of it, Fan Duel-like apps are easy to use but there are a few things you need to bear in mind if you want to make any money out of them. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find yourself an app that best suits your preferences. If you like cricket, then choose a cricket fantasy app. If you like Football, choose apps that allow you to create Football leagues. If you are interested in multiple sports, choose an app that allows diverse gameplay.
  • Dip your fingers in arbitrage and see if there are multiple apps that can accommodate your needs. Sometimes, you find better offers on one app while another provides great odds. There may also be similar apps like Fan Duel but with a twist that lets you partake in gameplay rather than wagering on other players’ potential.
  • Create your personal accounts on this app.
  • You also need separate bank accounts for your savings, daily expenditure, and sporting and gaming needs. This will not only help you track and balance your finances but also avoid spending what you can’t lose on these sporting adventures.
  • Learn everything you can about the sports and games of your choice. If you’re delving into Fantasy Leagues or betting on events, then you need to know the sport in and out. If you are playing games to earn, especially casino games or bar games like Pool, learn the tips and strategies to win.
  • Now, take some time to get to know the apps and sites like Fan Duel. There are various features that differ from one app to another. They also have an alternative method of earning, beneficial promotions, and a lot more to offer. Make sure that you know how to take advantage of these added features.

Apps similar to Fan Duel can really help you earn a lot of money if you take some time to identify your best course of action. We personally suggest apps and sites that allow you to play games yourself because they give you better control over your money.

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How to Benefit From Playing Games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming channel, as you know by now. While other sites like Fan Duel allow you to bet on other people’s potential, which is highly risky, GetMega lets you bet on your own set of knowledge and skills. You can test yourself with Trivia games or play popular table and board games like Pool, Warship, ABC Rummy, etc. Not just that but you can also partake in casino games to earn tremendous amounts of cash.

Here’s how you can benefit from playing games on GetMega:

  1. You have a wide range of games. Not only can you partake in games that you know well but you can also find new games and learn them on the platform itself. All the rules and guidelines are available on your dashboard.
  2. They offer a signup bonus and substantial bonuses for each successful referral. You can refer to the game across social media and networking channels to improve your odds of earning more gems, which actually have a monetary value.
  3. You can play games against amateurs and professionals alike. Sometimes you beat amateurs and earn loads or you learn new strategies from professionals. Either way, it is a win-win.
  4. There are live communication channels so when you play with friends and family, it’s like they’re right beside you.
  5. There are a number of contests and tournaments wherein you can earn a lot by winning the game. There are also cash games if you don’t want to take high risks yet.
  6. You can partake in paid leaderboards to improve your chances of earning more cash or winning exciting prizes like mobile phones, gold coins, and whatnot.
  7. The games start from a mere Rs. 5 so you invest less and earn a lot more.

There are several other in-game benefits that the GetMega platform offers. You will neither be bored nor will you have any regrets. If anything, playing games yourself instead of relying on others will help you earn more money than sites like Fan Duel.

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