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In recent times, in an attempt to make money, we have seen a sudden surge in the use of betting apps and websites. While Betway is where legit betting takes place, there are several other apps like Betway that you can use to make money. It is not just about partaking in a little betting action, you also take matters into your own hands and play games to win cash.

Today. Let’s take some time to look at such incredible applications that can help you earn money from the comfort of your home.

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List of apps like Betway

Apps and sites like Betway encourage people to delve into popular sporting events. Whether you like to watch Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, etc., or enjoy playing Poker, Rummy, and other such gambling activities, they are a means to earn cash. If you can find legitimate platforms to do so, why not try, right?

Here’s a list of similar apps like Betway where you can earn money with a little harmless gambling by playing games or betting on sporting events:

1. GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform wherein you have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands instead of relying on the abilities of others to make you money.

The GetMega site and app offers a wide variety of trivia games to enhance the capacity of your mind, casual games for those boring days and house parties, and even casino games in which you can earn a whole lot of money.

The best part of GetMega is that not only do you have complete control over your wins and losses but you can learn new games to play. If you don’t know how to play games like Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em, then you can simply access the in-game guidelines to learn. These games have true potential for high earning so learning the games while playing alongside amateur and professional players introduces you to new strategies in gameplay.

When you win games on GetMega, the money is accumulated in your game wallet. You can easily withdraw the cash using secure payment UPI such as PhonePe, Google Pay, etc., or continue to play more games to earn more money.

2. Bet365

It is an acclaimed site for sports betting. Bet365 offers betting options on several live games conducted worldwide.

The market potential and earnings on this app are huge. You can bet alongside beginners and professional gamblers on really good odds to earn a substantial amount of money.

The lowest betting odds is 1.2 and your earning odds can increase a thousand times that. You can withdraw this amount easily through secure payment gateways when you feel like you’ve earned a sufficient amount of money.

3. Casumo

Apps like Betway that offer options to play games are truly entertaining and incredible. One such Betway alternative is Casumo.

This betting site is good for beginners and professionals alike. Although you need verified accounts to place bets and the verification process takes a while, the app in itself is good for betting. You will come across a lot of good, well-paying odds to place your bets and earn well.

Casumo, much like GetMega, also has a casino section. While you wait for your bets to pan out, you can partake in several casino games and earn more money by winning.

You can withdraw your money from Casumo within 72 hours which is considerable since the app provides high returns.

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4. 4Rabet

Another good betting site for beginners is 4Rabet. This site offers plenty of good earning opportunities through betting on Indian sporting events and is fairly easy to use.

The user interface befits modern themes keeping up with current styles. It also has incredible betting picks for your earning options. True, their customer service could use some work and they should indulge a little more into providing promos. Nevertheless, you can earn a substantial amount of money on this app, which is easily withdrawn to your bank account.

5. 22Bet

If you are a pro-level sports gambler looking for incredible earnings on football games then this is the site for you. Among sites similar to Betway, 22Bet has an outdated user interface but who cares as long as they provide good odds for winning large sums of money.

You can check for the best possible betting odds on Football games and use any UPI channel to place your bets. If you win, the money is deposited in your account that you can transfer to your bank at any time or continue to place more bets in the future.

This site is not optimized for beginners though so if you don’t know a lot about betting, it is safe to try other beginner-friendly sites and apps.

6. Dream11

Dhoni being the brand ambassador for the app has done a lot to promote it. Dream11 is a true betting site for professional gamblers and beginners.

The app is optimized for cricket betting but in recent times, it has also been delving into other sporting events. You can place your bets with really good odds and if you win, the percentage of income is substantially high. If you lose though, your entire betting amount goes to the app.

This is a legit and quite popular option for betting. You can win and withdraw your cash to your bank accounts using secure UPI channels or simply transfer them to online wallets.

7. 10Cric

This is a good site for beginners wherein you can place legitimate bets on Indian sporting events throughout the year. There are several in-game promotions and bonuses available to help you out.

Although it is a viable betting site well-optimized for beginners and pro gamblers alike, there is a small drawback. The commissions applicable on your winning are a bit high so place your bets wisely.

You can bet on various cricket odds and if you win, you can withdraw the amount to your bank account.

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How to make money from these apps similar to Betway?

Betway and similar apps have presented this generation with a massive potential to partake in sporting events, table games, and card games that they like to earn money. Seriously, if you are proficient in a subject, why wouldn’t you want to make money out of it, right?

We absolutely love when people like to take charge of their conditions and work towards financial freedom. Hence, if you’re looking for ways to make money via apps like Betway, we will tell you how you can do it for maximum benefit. So, here goes:

  • Find an app that best suits your needs. Do you prefer to bet on the abilities of others or do you like to be in control? If it is the former, then opt for Betway, a similar app like Betway such as Bet365, or Dream11. If you prefer the latter, play games on Betway alternative Getmega.
  • Create an account on your preferred app or website. If you like to partake in betting, it is good to create accounts across multiple channels to increase your odds with arbitrage. For GetMega, you can have a single account on this site and earn a lot anyway.
  • Once you have a brand new profile, set up a separate bank account to associate with Betway competitors. This way you can track all your betting and gaming expenses as well as the earnings without indulging your savings.
  • Select a game you know really well. If you’re betting then make sure you understand the sport, the odds presented for placing bets, and any live-action bets that are generated. If you’re playing the game, learn the rules and strategies of gameplay before you start.
  • Devise strategic planning to improve your odds of winning. When betting, look through several options on different channels to ensure that you’re getting the best possible odds thereby the most winning potential. When playing, make sure that you take some time to plan out your moves and keep your opponents on their toes.
  • Aim to win and collect the cash.

Do you see how simple it is to make money with apps like Betway? If you have a tendency to make blind bets, then you may find yourself losing more than you win. However, if you have a passion for games and sports, and you know them in and out, you can seriously win a lot of money.

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How to play games on GetMega?

Playing games on GetMega is less challenging than you think. The platform is highly user-friendly and the user interface is very simple. Here’s how you start playing games on Getmega:

  • Initiate an account on the platform using your Facebook ID to simplify and quicken the verification process.
  • Once your account is set up, you will receive a sign-up bonus.
  • You can share your referral code with friends and family to earn additional rewards for each referral. If you do this enough, you will accumulate a substantial amount in your account to start playing a lot of games.
  • Find a game that appeals to you. If you like brain enhancement, then there are trivia games based on general knowledge and mathematics. If you like casual bar games then you have options of Pool, ABC Rummy, Carom, Dot and Dash, even fruit cutting games like Fruit Ninja. If you prefer casino games that have higher stakes and great earning potential, you have options for Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em. You can find these games in the drop-down options in the menu.
  • There are several tournaments and cash games on your dashboard too. These games start at as low as Rs. 5 for small-stakes. If you prefer high-stakes games, then you can enter high-stake tournaments and contests as well.
  • Buy into the game of your choice and start playing.

It is easy to play games on GetMega and earn tremendous amounts of cash. You can also partake in their paid leaderboards for additional cash prizes and rewards.

GetMega is India's favorite real-money gaming app with best in class interface and real players. With 10,000+ daily players on the app, you can win up-to Rs 1,00,000 everyday. Download the app now!
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