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Winning on the leaderboards is a tribute to your skill and unwavering devotion to achieving the top.

The JackpotCity Casino leaderboards have always grabbed players' curiosity. The thrill of pursuing Big Wins has always piqued the curiosity of players. It keeps people coming back for more. These Leaderboards help people from all walks of life, not just the rich. For all tier players, the playing field has been leveled, allowing everyone to compete and receive their fair share. A leader board is an excellent choice if you have a competitive mindset.

GetMega has 24x7 leaderboards for Card & Casual Games which include Poker, Rummy, Carrom, & GoPool. The leaderboards are both task and winning based i.e. you can top the leaderboard by both winning or simply playing. The leaderboards are hourly (called flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly.

Players upto rank 10 i.e. position 10th can win the leaderboards prizes. The entry to these leaderboards is both free and paid based on the leaderboard you opt for. Players can win upto 100,000 every week from leaderboard along with attractive gadgets such as Gold Coin, Mobile Phone, & More.

User Interface

JackpotCity Casino's colourful tables and interesting user experience will lure even the most apathetic players to the game portals. It enables players of varying skill levels to compete against one another in order to improve their abilities. Players like the ease with which they may switch between different game types since it allows them to express themselves more freely.

JackpotCity Casino is a responsible and player-friendly gambling platform. They appreciate user feedback; therefore they conducted a poll among their gamers as part of the process. As a result, they believe that increasing player awareness of their efforts to encourage fair game play is important. The games at JackpotCity Casino are fully fair and secure.

Clean and user friendly User Interface and Experience. GetMega has horizontal as well as vertical gameplay experience based on the game. For example, Poker, Carrom, Warship, etc have vertical gameplay whereas GoPool and Rummy have horizontal gameplay.

GetMega’s interface is intuitive and makes it very easy for players to interact with the games and earn.

Game Play

The goal of the game is to build sequences of sets using all 13 cards. There must be at least two sequences, one of which must be pure (i.e. not including a joker) and the other of which can be either pure or impure. Only two pure groups can develop at any given moment (same cards of different suits).

To select who will make the first move, the game begins with a coin flip. To play effective online rummy, begin by generating a pure series, then go on to the second sequence, and finally, look for more cards to complete sequences or sets.

The gameplay of GetMega is adapted for maximum entertainment and fun quotient. The gameplay is horizontal or vertical based on the game you play.

The elements of the game are optimally displayed which makes you focus on the game without worrying about anything else. The use of vibrant colors makes the key elements easy to identify and use.

Number Of Players

JackpotCity Casino is an easy to learn and play online card game. At two or six-person tables, Indian rummy is played. At two-player tables, two decks of cards are used, whereas at six-player tables, two decks are used. They can choose a card from an open or closed deck, then discard one card from the closed deck to the open deck.

GetMega has all real players which are verified using a mobile number and Facebook profile. These players can be verified using their Facebook photos.

GetMega allows only real players and no bots. GetMega has over 5,000,000+ Signups, 50,000+ Monthly Active Players, & 10,000+ Daily Active Players.

Number of Games

When it comes to entertainment value, even the most powerful casino ships in space can't compete with the JackpotCity Casino's selection of free casino slot games. And it is in the variety that one finds the variety. JackpotCity Casino is much more than a casino slot game supplier; they have a large range of casino games. From Must Fall Jackpots to Live Casino; Table Games to Roulette; Video Poker to Scratch Cards, Genesis could not possibly cram more elements into its star system of features to make it easier for customers to play online authentic casinos in India.

Master your favorite real cash games across 3 main categories i.e. Cards, Casual, & Trivia.

The games in Cards category are:
1. Poker
2. Rummy

The games in Casual category are:
1. Carrom
2. GoPool
3. ABC Rummy
4. Warship
5. Dots & Dash

The games in Trivia category are:
1. 123
2. PicMe
3. GK

Play your favourites to win exciting real cash rewards, only on GetMega!

Real Players

Only real time players who are above 18 years are allowed to play on this gaming platform.

GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles and features only legal, skill-based games and not luck or chance. GetMega is RNG certified and a member of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation).

Audio video Feature

There is no such audio and video feature in the JackpotCity Casino gaming platform.

GetMega is the only real money gaming platform in India which allows video-chat features. You can view high resolution video and HD quality sound while playing with your friends. GetMega allows all more than 8 games which can be played with video-chat features. This feature makes it the best game to play with friends & family.

Safety and Security

You'll be ready to go on a journey across the vast galaxy of over 1300 games in seconds. You'll never be far from the thrills with our easy-to-use payment options, clear conditions, and top-notch security. Begin your adventure with a boom and spin like no one has before!

You may explore and discover without a concern in the world because of the airtight safety and security. JackpotCity Casino provides an SSL connection and PCI compliant processes with increased processing capacity to ensure a comfortable journey. Contact ground control via email, phone, or live-chat for assistance or feedback!

100% Safe and Verified.

GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation, and has built a platform where safety and security are of utmost importance. Our Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics have been certified by iTech Labs, Australia, ensuring the safest gameplay of the highest standards.

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Nikhil Aimani
Nikhil Aimani
Mumbai, Maharasthra
I have tried almost all of their games & I really like their Card games. One thing I can say say that if you want to win big, practicing matters. Took some time to study Poker and Rummy, but now I am winning about ₹75,000 a month.
21 January, 2021
Behrooz Rostaye
Behrooz Rostaye
New Delhi, Delhi
I had no idea Rummy could be so much fun, yet easy to learn. I also regularly play Poker on GetMega. Playing games is fun, but playing with real stakes is so much more exciting
4 January, 2021
Nitin Chaudhary
Nitin Chaudhary
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Playing games with real stakes & real people is so much more exciting than playing alone. What makes GetMega special is that I know I am playing against real profiles - now I can play without worrying about trolls, bots or fraud.
2 February, 2021
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