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What is the Dream11 app?

Fantasy sports gaming is extremely popular in India, and several apps are vying for a piece of this sector. However, one app has constantly been leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the competition - Dream11. This fantasy gaming platform has been in existence since 2008 when Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth co-founded it. In 2012, they introduced fantasy cricket gaming for their Indian users. As of 2018, the company has registered an impressive 45 million users!

Dream11 has also been the title sponsor for major competitions such as the IPL (Indian Premier League), ICC Cricket World Cups, Pro Kabaddi League, and the Big Bash League T20 league in Australia.

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Dream11 offers fantasy gaming across eight sports, which is most suitable for any fantasy sports platform in India. Participating in Dream11 is entirely legal, as it is defined as a game of skill and superior attention. Anybody who is 18 years or above can play this app. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we shall explain to users how to withdraw money from Dream11, make deposits and verify their accounts, and explain the withdrawal features that help this app stand apart. Dream11 has offered the grand prize winner as much as Rs. 2 crores before taxes for major competitions. The game has been life-changing for several users across the globe.

Now before withdrawing your money from the Dream11 app, you might be curious to know how to download and log into the app. Also, check out our post to find the best winning tips for Dream11.

Discover the best strategies and ways to play and win like a boss

How to withdraw money from Dream11?

After winning a lot of money, users must be thinking, "Can we withdraw money from dream 11" or " How to withdraw money from Dream11? Is it safe?". Yes, it is 100% safe and secure. Dream11 withdrawals are a relatively easy process. Here are the steps to do the same:

  1. Once you click on the user profile on the left-hand side, please click on the "My Balance" option. You will now see the " Winnings " option below the "Amount added" option.
  2. If your verification has not been completed, users will have to complete the same. This may take a few days. However, if your verification has already been submitted, then you can proceed and withdraw the amount.

It is that easy; a two-step method to understand how to withdraw money from Dream11. It is one of the features that make this app superior to others.

How to make deposits on the app?

Making deposits is extremely easy on the Dream11 app. Here is a representative image of what it looks like:

Users need to click on the "Add Cash" option. Then, they can select their payment method of choice, which includes credit and debit cards, Amazon pay, net banking, and internet wallets, to add cash. There is no cash addition limit available, so users who have the resources to invest vast amounts of money in reaping great rewards can do so at their convenience. Dream11 has a secure payment gateway, and users can submit their transactions safely. The transaction will be processed instantly, and the amount will be added to the user's account immediately. The Dream11 minimum deposit is Rs. 50.

What are the withdrawal methods in the app?

While we have understood how to withdraw money from Dream11, it is important also to be aware of the various withdrawal methods. So, to withdraw our winnings, compulsory verification is required. A complete verification check will involve:

  • Verification of mobile number
  • Verification of email ID
  • Verification of PAN card
  • Verification of Bank account details, including IFSC code.

Verifying all of these details put together will take approximately four business days. Once this has been completed, users can arrange for withdrawal.

Currently, withdrawal is offered to users' bank accounts. Since online digital bank accounts do not have a state mentioned, Dream11 withdrawal rules will not accept them based on their compliance rules. How to withdraw money from dream 11 to Paytm? However, Paytm withdrawals are allowed. Once a user has completed their verification on their Paytm account, they can add the Paytm account details as the linked bank details in Dream11 and then withdraw their winnings.

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Terms and conditions for withdrawing money from the app

For withdrawal of money, users need to keep track of specific basic terms and conditions which are easy to fulfill. Users need to have earned a minimum of Rs. 200/- in the winnings section to ensure withdrawal. Additionally, they need to complete account verification to ensure that they are entirely ready for withdrawal procedures.

Withdrawal screen photo representation

How to do bank account verification on the app?

For bank account verification, users need to submit their Bank account no., the bank's 11-digit IFSC code, followed by the bank's name and the branch name, as well as the state in which the bank is based. The last step is to share a photo of bank proof. That would mean either sharing a photo of a cheque having the user’s name printed on it or the player’s bank statement or the front page of the passbook. Once the details have been submitted, users will need to wait for 3 to 5 business days to complete the verification process.

Here is what completed and pending account verification looks like:

How to do PAN verification on the app?

PAN verification requires four simple things - a user's name given on the PAN card, the 10-digit PAN (Permanent Account Number), the date of birth, and a photo of the original PAN card. Please cross-check these details, as they can be edited only by Dream11 and not by the users. Once these details have been submitted, users need to wait for one business day to be verified.

Refer to the above images to see what PAN verification looks like after the process has been completed. Here, the PAN details cannot be edited, as it has been completed.

Dream11 withdrawal time

The Dream 11 withdrawal time takes approximately three business days for transactions below Rs. 2,00,000/- as well as those above it. Moreover, these withdrawals are processed relatively smoothly, and users will receive a notification on their email for the same.

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Withdrawal fees of the app

Users who have won Rs. 10,000/- or more in a contest need to pay a fee that comprises 30% entertainment tax and a 3% cess charge plus specific surcharges. However, from Dream 11's end, there are no fees, and once the taxes have been deducted, the remaining amount is transferred to your linked bank account.

How much money withdraw from Dream11?

Dream11 offers the highest withdrawal limit amongst all fantasy apps in India. Users can opt for up to 3 withdrawals per day. The minimum withdrawal from dream11 should be at least Rs.50/-, whereas the maximum amount is set at an astonishing Rs. 1 crore.

Why do withdrawal requests get canceled on the app

Withdrawal requests can be canceled for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • There has been some unusual activity from the user's account.
  • The user's account could have been hacked.
  • The details were reverified at the time of withdrawal, and it was found that there was a mismatch. E.g. There is a name mismatch between the user's bank account name and the name on their PAN card.

While the cancellation of withdrawal requests is extremely rare, Dream 11 will get back to you and tell you why your withdrawal request has been canceled. If they have not alerted you to the same, kindly contact them at their online contact center.

When will the withdrawal get processed?

Dream 11 withdrawals up to Rs. 2,00,000/- get processed on the same day, whereas those above this amount will get processed by the next business day. However, the amount will be added to your bank account within approximately three working days for both of these instances.

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How to cancel the withdrawal request on the app?

Users may choose to cancel their withdrawal requests for various reasons, such as waiting to receive a more significant amount of issues with their linked bank account. In such cases, players can contact Dream11's support team, responding promptly within 24 hours. Users can visit Dream 11's help center and send a help request to customer care after logging into their accounts. They can also contact Dream 11 by sending them a direct message on their Twitter or Facebook pages.

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1. Are users awarded any cash bonuses?

Dream 11 is one of the best platforms for offering cash bonuses. Whenever a user invests an amount in playing fantasy sports with this platform, the user's level increases. At every 10th level, the user receives a cash bonus valid for 15 days. For example, at level 120, the user receives an Rs. 125/- cash bonus, at level 150, a Rs. 250/- bonus, and so on.

Besides these bonuses, some quizzes take place on the app. A considerable number of selected winners stand a chance to win cash bonuses. They also offer a referral bonus of up to Rs. 500/- per friend invited by the user to their platform.

2. Does Dream11 offer discounts?

Sometimes, Dream 11 offers discounts if there is an upcoming festival or a major tournament. For example, a user who deposits around Rs. 700/- for a major tournament could receive Rs. 99/- as a cash bonus. Dream 11 also has plans to include more discounts and promotional offers this year.

3. What is Dream11's "Invite Friends" program?

When a user invites a friend on Dream 11, you will earn a Cash Bonus of up to ₹500 for each invited friend whenever that same friend joins a contest. Such users also stand a chance of earning a Cash Bonus that will be exactly 10% of their invited friend's total entry paid per match from the added amount. Even for invitees, there are great offers in-store. When they register on Dream11 using their friend's invite code, they have the potential to unlock multiple discount Coupons & Passes worth ₹200.

The first of these coupons will be credited to the invited user's account right after they complete the registration process. Meanwhile, the subsequent discount coupons will be credited to your account once the previous one has been used.

The following are the different types of discount coupons and passes that users can unlock:

Discount Type

Discount Percentage



Discount Coupon A

75% off on contests above 1000 members



7 days

Discount Coupon B

50% off on contests above 1000 members



7 days

Discount Coupon C

25% off on contests above 1000 members



7 days

Discount Pass D

10% off on all contests



14 days

4. How can I keep my Dream11 account safe?

Keeping your Dream 11 account secure is of paramount importance to us. Here are 5 essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not share your OTP with anyone. No one working at Dream 11 will ever ask you for any OTP, so please don't share it with anyone.
  • Do not share sensitive information (like your mobile number, email ID, PAN number, Bank account number, etc.) with other players on the Dream 11 platform or outside our platform.
  • Do not download unverified and unauthorized apps that you don't trust. We do not promote any of these apps.
  • Dream11 does not share Cash Bonus, Discounts, or Vouchers on other platforms nor send any such communication via post/mail. We provide our players with Cash Bonuses and other discounts from time to time, but these are given directly only on the Dream11 App, so do not trust apps that promise to provide you with Dream11 cash bonuses, discounts, or vouchers.
  • Please report any fraudulent activity immediately to us via the Helpdesk. If you have shared any details with another person, please report such activity to us.
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