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Gaming is an excellent experience, making leisure a child's play. If you want to make a foray into gaming, try applications like Gamee, which helps you earn money, play games, and refresh yourself. Gamee currency, known as GMEE, is an ERC-20 electronic currency designed to be utilized as payment, usage reward, and means of exchange in game activities played on its casual sports site.

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Gamee is a virtual currency featuring real-world applications created to serve as a source of engagement, profit, and reward by connecting different gaming genres on its network. The ERC-20 virtual coin is a fundamental component of GMEE's amusement web page approach. It is deployed throughout its activities to promote network utilization and raise the site's overall worth.

Here on site, anyone may enjoy the gameplay, earn coupons for actual prizes, and earn millions using your smartphone or tablet. Whenever players rotate the wheel of luck, they instantly earn money and get monetary incentives regularly. If you want to earn a reasonable sum of money by playing games, this can be the best platform for you.

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But, you must be thinking about how to withdraw money from the Gamee app. So, here is a complete guide to help you out.

How to deposit money in the Gamee app

To play paid games, a player needs to add money to his or her Gamee wallet. The steps for the same have been mentioned below:

  1. Visit the dashboard section of your account
  2. The tab for top-up is available, click on the same.
  1. After that, the option to add a wallet appears on the screen. You need to select the wallet you are willing to perform the transaction through.
  1. After selecting the wallet, the option to enter the amount gets displayed, and you can enter the desired amount.
  1. Next, you need to click on the continue button and the money gets added to the account.

(NOTE: Contests do not need any payment to be made from the customer’s end)

How to withdraw money from the Gamee app

Withdrawing earnings is the favorite part of every individual, no matter what the rewarding factor is. To withdraw money from the Gamee app, one must follow the steps given below:

1. Gamee application allows you to retain your earnings by PayPal. PayPal is one of the best methods to receive and make transactions.

2. Once the player has reached the minimum limit of withdrawing the rewards, he or she can retain them.

3. The individual needs to visit his or her profile and click on the account tab underneath.

4. The tab will show the player's account balance, and at the bottom, it will also feature a withdraw button, which you need to click to complete the steps ahead.

5. Once done, the amount in your account will be visible and the transaction process will begin, and you will shortly receive the funds in your PayPal account.

So, this is all you need to know about how to withdraw money from the Gamee app. Enjoy your rewards!

Terms and conditions

Read the conditions carefully, and consider them before playing a game:

1. The account created should be of a person who’s at least 18 years old or the minimum age a region takes into account.

2. The person is held liable for any third-party interference in his or her respective account. And, in such a case of misuse, the application holds the right to suspend the account without any notice.

3. The individual player should inform the application cell if any breach of a rule or ill activity has been performed from their account without their consent or involvement.

4. The company holds the right to demand certain verification documents to validate the presence and authority of the player.

These are specific, important rules that an individual player must take into account in addition to knowing how to withdraw money from Gamee app.

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How much time is required to process withdrawal in the Gamee application?

Gamee withdrawal gets settled into the PayPal account of the player, after filling in the details asked, within 30 days. After evaluating the details, this is the maximum time it takes for a transaction to get processed into the gamer's account.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

After you have looked into how to withdraw money from Gamee app, here comes the second part. The minimum amount which an individual can withdraw from this application is USD 10. Being a nominal amount, one can claim their earnings as soon as they touch the limit, and the transaction will get performed into their registered PayPal account.

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How to process the verification of the Gamee application

Gamee application withdrawal, though not a complicated process, needs complete information about the player before any declaration about payment is made:

1. The person needs to create an account by supplying the details asked.

2. Once the gamer enters all the details, he or she needs to validate the information by providing photocopies or images of the proofs.

3. A gamer needs to provide pertinent details of their PayPal account and future transactions.

4. After the verification procedure is completed, the user will be informed about the same, and then he or she can avail of the option of withdrawing the earnings from the application.

These are just some steps that a user might follow to get the task done.

Why does a Gamee withdrawal application get canceled?

Gamee withdrawal applications do not get canceled in most cases, though it might get delayed. But, if your request gets canceled, it might be due to one of the two reasons listed below:

1. Your account might not have the essential 10 dollars requirement fulfilled.

2. Another important reason for the same can be the absence of an activated PayPal account that the user might have given.

Hence, the player should avoid these two issues to receive payment.

How to cancel Gamee PayPal withdrawal

When you visit the withdrawal section of the application, the tab of pending withdrawal is displayed. After clicking on the same, a pop-up appears to cancel the request. Once the player clicks on the cancel button, the withdrawal request gets canceled.

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Benefits of using Gamee application

Gamee application provides a player with several benefits as listed below:

  1. Access to various types of games depending on the player's interest and choice of play
  2. Earning prizes by playing games, doing free spins, and earning through referrals
  3. The withdrawal threshold limit is set at 10 USD, making it more convenient for withdrawals.


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1) What are the ways of earning tickets?

Tickets in the application can be earned in several ways. Firstly, playing games is the best choice, followed by completion of missions and daily login into the application. Moreover, sharing or referring the application to friends can also be a good way to earn tickets.

2) How do sponsors offer prizes in this application?

Initially, the player can get a wheel of fortune activity or in certain countries, gamers get an offer to exchange the tickets collected for money or real offerings.

3) Is there any expiration period for the rewards earned in the game?

Yes, money in the wallet expires after 12 months, and the withdrawal is not processed in such a scenario. The prize won is removed from the player's wallet as well.

4) Do we need to file a declaration for the prize money?

The declaration works as proof that the prize money has been awarded to the right player and that he or she cannot claim it again.

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