How To Withdraw and Deposit Money From Rooter App?

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What is the Rooter app?

Rooter is an Indian gaming app that allows you to stream live games and predict game results to earn money. Earlier, it provided interesting content on various sports like cricket and football. However, it has been developed into a platform like Twitch used by streamers across the world. It also allows you to win money by predicting the results of live games. The winners earn coins that can be redeemed for real cash. You can also earn coins by referring the game to your friends and relatives. For each successful referral, you can earn 100 points. This gaming platform also provides the opportunity to create a fantasy team and participate in tournaments.

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How can you withdraw money from the Rooter app?

Rooter app allows you to use Paytm to complete the withdrawal process. Follow these steps to learn how to withdraw money from Rooter app:

Step 1: Open the app and log in with your credentials. Tap on the menu (three lines icon) in the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Here, you will find ‘Coupons’ option. Tap on it.

Step 3: To redeem your coins, click on the button shown in the top right corner. After that, you have to tap on the ‘Redeem Now’ button.

Step 4: After completing these steps, the amount will be successfully deposited in your Paytm wallet.

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How to deposit money on the Rooter app

You don’t have to deposit any money for earning money on the Rooter app. You only have to use the Rooter redeem code and transfer your earned coins into real money in your Paytm wallet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any methods to deposit money for this app. However, you can do a Rooter top up to buy rooter diamonds that can be gifted to your friends, who can redeem these diamonds to earn money.
To buy diamonds, you need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Open the app and click on the menu. On the top, you will find ‘Rooter Shop’. Tap on it.

Step 2: Here, you will find diamonds available in various quantities. You will have to pay for these diamonds. The prices depend on the number of diamonds that you are purchasing. Select from any of the options given.

Step 3: After selecting the diamonds, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Step 4: It will direct you to your Paytm account. After successful Rooter payment, the diamonds will be credited to your account.

What are the withdrawal methods provided by the Rooter app

To learn how to withdraw money from Rooter app, you must have a Paytm account where you can withdraw the earned money directly. Apart from this instant transfer process where you redeem earned reward points into real cash, there is no other Rooter withdrawal method available as of now.

Terms and Conditions for withdrawing money from the Rooter app

If you want to understand how to withdraw money from Rooter app without any difficulty, go through the terms and conditions:

  • If you want to cancel the withdrawal, you will have to send the cancellation request within three working days from the date of the transaction.
  • If you do not have more than 25 coins in the app, you will not be able to make a withdrawal into your Paytm wallet.
  • The number linked with your Paytm wallet should be verified on the Rooter app.
  • The KYC needs to be verified on the Paytm number for receiving the redeemed coupon cash without any issues.
  • If the wallet is not active when redeeming the coins or if the money does not get transferred within seven working days from the date of transfer, it will expire. You won’t be able to claim the money once it expires.
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How to do bank account verification on the Rooter app?

There is no need to verify your bank account by entering your bank details on the Rooter app, as the money can only be transferred to the Paytm wallet. However, your KYC needs to be verified on the PayTm app to be able to receive the redeemed money without any issues. To verify your KYC on Paytm, you can visit your nearest KYC centre. Or you can enter your Aadhaar number, verify it via OTP sent by UIDAI, and submit a few other details to complete the account verification through an online method.

How to do PAN Verification on the Rooter app?

There is no need to confirm PAN and other ID details on the Rooter app, as you will not be linking your bank account with the Rooter app. However, if your account gets blocked or does not get verified by the Rooter app, it could be due to many reasons. If you see the below screenshot in your account, it means that your Rooter profile isn’t verified yet:

The reason for an unverified account can be due to the low quality of the content that you are streaming live. It is recommended that you stream a video quality of 360p or above to get your Rooter account verified. Also, the community team will look into your account after 21 days once you see the message shown in the screenshot above. If they find your video quality satisfactory, they will automatically provide approval for your account.

Also, if you have enabled the shield mode and left it for a long time to cover the listening task, you have violated the rules of the Rooter app. Any other violations like this will result in your profile being locked by the community team.

Withdrawal time on Rooter app

If your Paytm wallet is active and KYC verified, the withdrawals will reflect in your Paytm wallet instantly. If your wallet isn’t active, it might take longer. If the money does not get credited to your wallet within seven days due to any reason, the withdrawn money will expire, and you will not be able to get it back unless there is an issue from the Rooter app Payment’s end. Contact the Rooter app support team for more information related to how to withdraw money from Rooter app.

Withdrawal fees on the app

There are no withdrawal fees on the Rooter app. It means that you can Rooter redeem the points earned on the Rooter app in the form of real cash and transfer it to your Paytm wallet without paying any fees or tax. The Rooter payment system is secure and fast.

What is the daily withdrawal limit on the Rooter app?

While learning how to withdraw money from Rooter app, you must also be aware of the daily limit. It is because the withdrawal request might not get processed if you exceed this limit. Thankfully, there is no daily Rooter withdrawal limit on the Rooter app. It means that you can redeem all of your earned coins on the same day without any issues.

Why do the withdrawal requests get cancelled on the app?

The withdrawal request may get cancelled on the Rooter app due to one of the following reasons:

  • Technical glitches or errors
  • If the user does not comply with any terms or conditions set by the developers of the app
  • Failure in the bank network or your network
  • If the name of the bank account holder does not match with the name you have provided in your app profile
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How to cancel the withdrawal on the Rooter app?

If you want to cancel a withdrawal request on the Rooter app, send an email to their support team within three days from the transaction date. The decision of accepting or rejecting your withdrawal cancellation request lies solely with the makers of the app. You will have to provide the transaction number, amount, and other details in the email. The email ID to which you can send the cancellation request is [email protected].

Is Rooter app safe?

Well the success of Rooter app speaks itself and it has became favorite platform various live streamer. Users look forward to participating in giveaways of content streamers, earning skins, in-game cash, and a lot more rewards.

People also wonders rooter app is real or fake. The answer is Yes . As mentioned before, the Rooter app rewards loyal and frequent users. So, if you watch streams of creators regularly and participate in events, you’ll receive Rooter coins. You can redeem this coin in your PayTM wallet or shop in the rooter app. In case how to withdraw money from the Rooter app is already mentioned above.

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Question Answer
Does the Rooter app help us earn money? Yes, the Rooter app gives money to the toppers of the prediction game leaderboard. Also, referring and earning followers on streaming channels also help you to earn money on the Rooter app.
Can I delete my Rooter account permanently? Yes, a Rooter account can be deleted permanently through the options provided in settings. The account can also be deleted by contacting the customer support team via email
How is the Rooter app ideal for game streamers in India? Rooter is the biggest platform in India for game streamers. Also, it can be accessed via desktop, iOS, and Android phones. It also owns several gaming IPs, and many gaming tournaments are held every week on this gaming app.
Can I chat with my followers during a live stream Yes, the Rooter app provides the facility of interacting directly with your followers in the comments section during your live stream.
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